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Posted by Darxide on June 4, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on June 4, 2014
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Blue Mountain Old Joseph (200, 630) XP359 650 PAX16 670  BB2
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Tier 1

Objective: Get Old Joseph’s Dreamcatcher

The dreamcatcher is hanging on the trailer awning behind you.


Objective: Travel to the ancient Wabanaki burial mound

The burial mound is at (605, 635).


Tier 2

Objective: Use the dreamcatcher to catch an Ancestor’s Nightmare

You will have to target one of the fast moving black clouds called Ancestor’s Nightmare. I find it easiest to do this by standing in one spot and pressing the tab key to auto target one while also spamming right click on the Dreamcatcher in your inventory.

Dreamcatcher_04Eventually this will spawn a Nightmare Emenation.

Dreamcatcher_05These mobs are very easy and only have basic attacks.

Tier 3

Objective: Capture more nightmares

Once you kill the first Nightmare Emenation, you must repeat the process again five more times.

Tier 4

Objective: Return the dreamcatcher to Old Joseph

As you approach Old Joseph a cutscene will trigger.

Tier 5

Objective: Check the notebook near Old Joseph

The notebook is on a chair underneath the dreamcatcher you picked up earlier.


Tier 6

Objective: Pick up the eyes of the Gorestreak Ancient

Objective: Gather ashes from a Spectre

Objective: Find a Wabanaki Guide’s feather

Objective: Find Wabanaki herbs

The notebook will list off four ingredients you need to gather. The herbs are the closest, located right inside the shop in the trailer park at (245, 640) next to the Venice vendors.

Dreamcatcher_07Next, head up the stairs behind the shop at (255, 625).

Dreamcatcher_08At the top, as you enter the “Authentic” Wabanaki village, look to your right. There are Gorestreak Ancient enemies that direction. Kill one to get its eyes.

Dreamcatcher_09Once you have the eyes, head out of the village to the southeast. You will come to a steep cliff. At the bottom you will find woods filled with spectres. Kill any five spectres to receive their ashes.

Dreamcatcher_10While still in the woods, head south for the final ingredient. Near the large stone at (360, 430) you will find a collection of zombies named Wabanaki Guide. Kill one of them to receive the feather.


Tier 7

Objective: Place the ingredients next to Old Joseph’s fire

Return again to the trailer park. Next to Old Joseph’s trailer there is a campfire and a stump at (190, 630). Use the stump to place the ingredients on it to trigger a cutscene.


Tier 8

Objective: Inhale smoke from the fire

Use the campfire. This will give you a buff that causes you to hallucinate in strange colors.

Objective: Find the portal to the afterlife

The portal is up the hill at (160, 690).


Objective: Enter the portal to the afterlife

Simply walk into the portal to get teleported to the afterlife.

Objective: Find what torments the ancestors

Fight your way along the path. At (295, 800) you will find the Hound of Corruption.


Objective: Battle the Hound of Corruption

Fight the Hound of Corruption being careful to avoid it’s attacks. It will transform the Wabanaki villagers around it into shadow creatures that will also attack you.


Objective: Find the Hound of Corruption

The Hound will teleport away. Continue along the path until you find the Hound.

Objective: Battle the Hound of Corruption

Once again, battle the Hound until it teleports away.

Objective: Track the Hound of Corruption to its lair

Continue along the path until you once again find the Hound.


Objective: Finish off the Hound of Corruption

Defeat the Hound one final time to complete your mission. You may exit the afterlife through the large portal nearby.


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