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Last Will and Testament

Posted by Bernyy on January 10, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on January 10, 2014
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Blue Mountain Handwritten Note (145,215) XP40 010 PAX3 330  BB1
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Objective: Examine the note

The note is right where you pick up the quest (144,219), read it.


The note’s content will now show up and will give you your next objective.


Objective: Investigate the fate of the Turners

The Turners location is at the south of the car at Kraken Point (172,131).


You should then arrive near a house, it’s actually the Turner’s house. To advance in your quest, you will have to target one of the mobs near this same house, you will then have a new goal for your mission.


Objective: Put George Turner to rest

Objective: Put Ellie Turner to rest

Objective: Put Gage Turner to rest

Objective: Put Johanna Turner to rest

Objective: Put Nick Turner to rest

You must kill all the family in order to complete your quest. First and foremost, George Turner is behind the house at (181,79), kill him (be cautious though, they all have a good amount of health like boss-type, that one particularity is that he has a high defence rating thanks to his buff so risks of glancing against him are high.)


Your next target, Ellie Turner, is a female zombie running at the left of the house at (206,105), watch out for her as she can summon an other family member to kill you (like Johanna or Nick) and regenerate her HPs.


Gage Turner is at the right of the house running around like her sister. He is a male zombie at (149,138) and, like Ellie Turner, can summon from one to two other family member.


Now you have probably killed Johanna while killing Gage or Ellie if not, she’s at the far left of the house near the road at (191,142) and, like her siblings, can summon one or two other family member (unless you have already killed them and they didn’t respawn at that time). (Watch out for ‘Rigor Mortis’, it gives her one buff stack that increases her defence rating in addition to summon an other Turner.)


The last Turner you must hunt down is Nick Turner, the writer of the note, he is patrolling around the house and he is a big zombie Boss type at (178,112), he will not summon an other Turner but watch out for his small AOEs (Area of Effect) and, after killing him, your quest is complete.

You probably saw on your way to the car before picking up the quest a mob called ‘Annie Turner‘, you don’t need to kill her in order to accomplish your quest she is just a track to find this same quest and it will play a really scary ‘danger’ sound when you will be on your way to the car.
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