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The Haunting

Posted by Kaul on August 27, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on September 16, 2013
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Blue Mountain Eleanor Franklin (844,296) XP320 090 PAX16 670  BB2
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The Haunting

Tier 1

Objective: Find historic facts about the mansion

What you are looking for is a book on the second floor at (839,289). Interact with it.

The Haunting 1.1

Objective: Examine the mirror in the attic

Find the staircase in the next room and reach the attic. Interact with the mirror at (861,283). You will have a loading screen pop-up.

The Haunting 1.2

Tier 2

Objective: Examine the calendar

Find it at (260,399) on the wall in front of the stairs. As usual, interact with it.

The Haunting 2.1

Objective: Find Ella in the alternate mansion

Come back to the first floor and approach the closed door between the lounge and the dinning room.

The Haunting 2.2

Objective: Obtain a key to the basement

Find the Housekeeper and kill it. It will drop the key, take it.

The Haunting 2.3

Objective: Free Ella from the basement

Come back to the closed door and interact with it.

Objective: Return to the attic and touch the mirror

Simply come back where you originally come from and interact with the mirror again. You will be attacked by the Butler on the way.

The Haunting 2.4

Tier 3:

Objective: Examine the calendar

Still at the same spot.

Objective: Find Margaret Delapore

Find her on the porch at (541,841).

The Haunting 3.1

Objective: Find Thomas Delapore

You will find a lot of fake Thomas running around, approaching them will spawn monsters. Run straight for the real one in the backyard. He is standing in front of toys and Arkham the cat at (549,766). Interact with him.

The Haunting 3.2

Objective: Return to the Delapores inside the mansion

Come back to the mansion’s second floor.

Objective: Protect Margaret and Thomas

Attack Jonathan Delapore and kill him.

The Haunting 3.3

Objective: Return to the attic and touch the mirror

Find the mirror in its usual spot.

Tier 4

Objective: Examine the calendar

Same spot as usual.

Objective: Find Keaton Walker

Find it on the second floor at (857,289). Danvers is watching over him. Interact with the corpse.

The Haunting 4.1

Objective: Find Frida Diaz

Go to the first floor and notice Saugus showing you the way. Enter the room to find Frida. Simply approach her.

The Haunting 4.2

Objective: Protect Frida from Billy Lee

Kill the Billy Lee’s Manifestations.

Objective: Find Harriet Braun

You will find her in the backyard, hidden in the Family Crypt. Interact with the door at (855,208).

The Haunting 4.3

Objective: Escort Harriet Braun to safety

On the way to the entrance, you will be attacked periodically by Billy Lee’s Manifestations. They spawn when you reach certain checkpoints, so make sure to stop and kill each of them before moving on.

The Haunting 4.4

Objective: Return to the attic

You will be attacked by more Billy lee’s Manifestations on the way back. Don’t try to outrun them, kill them.

Objective: Kill Billy Lee

In the attic, you finally encounter the real Billy Lee. Kill him.

The Haunting 4.5

Objective: Touch the mirror

It’s time to head back home. Interact with the mirror.

Tier 5

Objective: Examine the calendar

It’s at its usual spot at (853,275).

Objective: Touch the mirror again

Come back to the mirror and touch it again to end the mission.

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