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They Are Called Darkness

Posted by Darxide on June 23, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on October 9, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Blue Mountain Slain Wabanaki (410, 690) XP44 960 PAX3 330  BB1
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Tier 1

Objective: Destroy an ak’ab burrow

Objective: Kill Firstborn Ak’ab

Objective: Destroy ak’ab cocoons

Objective: Search for survivors

The ak’ab burrow is located at (490, 640). It is NOT the Royal Burrow. If it is already destroyed you will have to wait for it to respawn.


You must kill 10 Firstborn Ak’ab (which includes every ak’ab in this area) and 7 cocoons. It’s best to find a group of cocoons first and destroy them. Ak’ab will spawn from the cocoons to help towards the 10 you need.


You can find survivors scattered all over the area. There are too many to list. When you rescue a survivor it will follow you around for a short time attacking anything that you do. You can have multiple survivors following you, but since they only stick around for a short time you are better off spending your time finishing the mission rather than trying to gather an army.


Tier 2

Objective: Destroy the Royal Ak’ab Burrow

The Royal Ak’ab Burrow is located in the center of the area at (475, 690). At certain intervals, a Firstborn Ak’ab will spawn from the burrow. This will happen twice. Once you destroy the burrow, a Firstborn Ak’ab Queen will spawn.


Objective: Kill the Firstborn Ak’ab Queen

The Ak’ab Queen has a very large AoE it will drop on the ground. Avoid this while dodging it’s dash attacks. Once you’ve killed the Queen your mission will be complete.


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