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War of the Totems

Posted by Kaul on September 6, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on September 16, 2013
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Blue Mountain Sasquatch Chief (741,110) XP213 410 PAX13 330  BB2
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Tier 1

Examine the spirit tree

Simply walk into the tree behind the mission giver.

Follow the trail from the spirit tree

The trail will bring you to (810,186) where ak’ab are busy desecrating totems.

Kill all Venous Brood Corruptors near the brown totem

The corruptors are the ak’abs spiting on the totem at (810,170). Take them all out one by one.

Kill the Venous Brood Defiler near the brown totem

Killing the last of them spawned the defiler. Take it out.


Tier 2

Continue deeper into the ak’ab infested area

Continue east from there toward Joanna’s Trail.

Kill all Venous Brood Corruptors near the yellow totem

The yellow totem is at (872,160). Kill the ak’abs spiting on it.


Kill the Venous Brood Defiler near the yellow totem

Again, wait for him to spawn and take him out. Not for a walk, mind you, out of existence, that is.

Tier 3

Destroy Broodmarks (4)

Go east of the totem, right on Joanna’s Trail, for some payback. You will find a Broodmark at (922,122), your second at (891,155), another at (958,155), and your last at (957,120), with also one at (943,83) if needed, very close to your next objective. Beware, each broodmark destroyed will spawn an hostile ak’ab.


Tier 4

Destroy the Royal Ak’Ab Burrow

Go into the ravine just south of the last broodmark, and you will find yet another broodmark that you can ignore and your objective, wrapped around a tree at (939,37). Destroy it. You will, of course, be attacked while doing so, nut don’t worry, you won’t have the whole ak’ab army on your butt.


Kill the Venous Brood Prince

The prince was home though, and the big guy was quite fond of his palace. Show him how you end the bloodline.


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