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The Tenacity of Tyler Freeborn

Posted by Vikestart on August 12, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on August 6, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Blue Mountain Inside Guardian Cave (305,930) XP398 940 PAX20 000  BB8
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This mission is located inside the Guardian’s cave instance which is only accessible during The Research of Tyler Freeborn.

Tier 1

Objective: Go to the Orochi encampment

Exit the cave and head for the marker on the map. Use the code 0943786 to unlock the front gate.


Objective: Find traces of Tyler Freeborn

Go to the nort-west part of the encampment. There should be an open truck with a monitor and a camera inside it. Head inside and click on the camera.


Tier 2

Objective: Examine the nearby research laptop

Input Option 1 and then Option 2 to advance the mission.

Objective: Get a normal human blood sample

Find a Hydrogen sulfide canister, for example the one lying by some crates at (700,800) near the entrance of the nearest research tent.


Then go behind one of the research tents and use the canister on the ventilation system. We went to the one at (670,785) first.


Now hurry! Enter the tent and quickly grab the blood sample.


Objective: Get a filthy human blood sample

Repeat the same process for the other research tent with Orochi agents inside it, then grab the sample.


Objective: Get a second filthy human blood sample

The last sample is inside the research tent with no Orochi agents in it. Grab it.


Objective: Confirm the results using the first blood sample

Objective: Confirm the results using the second blood sample

Objective: Confirm the results using the third blood sample

Use the microscope located on the other side of the room. You will have to use it 3 times.


Objective: Read the experiment results and conclusion

Head back to the truck with the camera inside of it, and read the experiment results by using Option 1 and then Option 3.

Tier 3

Objective: Head to the CDC Camp

Go to the location marked on the minimap. Once there, your mission becomes:

Objective: Find a respirator

There is a box with respirators in it at (890,705). Pick one up.


Objective: Read the crumpled note

Simply click on the note lying at the bottom of the box. It will mention a map.

Tier 4

Objective: Head to Whale Watch

Well, Whale Watch is west of the Trailer Park, thus on the other side of the Blue Mountain, so either run or /reset.

Objective: Find a bathymetric map

You will find the map on the top deck of the boat.


Objective: Go to the shallowest part of the ocean

Go to the location marked on the map.

Objective: Examine the camera


This mission turns into The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn upon completion.

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