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Posted by Bernyy on January 5, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on January 5, 2014
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Blue Mountain Paul's Note (261,677) XP44 950 PAX3 300  BB1
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Tier 1

Objective: Examine Paul Gamelin’s note

The note is right in front of you where you pick the quest, interact with it (261,677)


The note indicates your next destination: the Golden Wigwam Casino and your mission objective will be update:

Objective: Go to the casino construction site

The casino construction site is at (257,821), you can leave the Wabanaki Trailer Park from the north to quickly arrive at the casino, it’s at the north of it anyway


You should then arrive here, if you expected this place to be a luxury casino, you are just plain wrong, it’s a building site for a casino which seems to be into bad hands now !, we have yet to find the entry of it, it’s at (296,846)


Now, you’ll probably see three side-quests, i strongly advice against taking them since these are Lair quests: Long story short, the Lairs are places which are composed of strong monsters, you can’t fight them by yourself and it’s advised that you bring friends or other players with you (a minimum of five or ten people with a full set of QL10 blue gear at least will do the trick.)


After your entry in the casino itself, your mission objective will progress:

Objective: Gather three propane tanks

Objective: Gather three potential weapons

Objective: Gather seven water bottles

Fortunately, you won’t have to kill the mobs in the casino in order to obtain these items but, you will have to sneak your way through to avoid the mobs and gather the items.

You can find a propane tank at the storey of the casino, you can get in by climbing the ladder which is at the right of a lorry with trunks on it (the ladder is kinda covered itself by other lorries) at (262,803)


And this is how a propane tank looks like and which you will find once you are at the storey. Remember, you will need three of them


By locating the lorry with trunks, you probably saw some highlighted items on the floor, those two items are the water bottle, seven of them are required for the mission (283,798)


And on the left of this same water bottle near the lorry, there is a pick-axe, this pick-axe would surely make a great potential weapon for your mission! You must obtain three of these in order to accomplish the quest.


Now that you know what the items looks like, several possibilities are open to you: You can either search for them all over the casino (look at the green circle area in your map, the area which is covered is in this area where you can only find those items) or you can wait for the items to respawn after picking them up, you will have to wait two minutes in order for them to reappear that possibility can spare you from having to look all over the place.

Note: You can also find packs of water bottles, those packs will grant you more than one water bottle for your mission and will speed up the accomplishment of your mission.

Objective: Bring the supplies back to the Madahândos’ trailer

You just have to go back to where you took the quest (261,677)

Once you are there, interact with the door of the caravan near the Madahândo brothers.


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