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Off the Menu

Posted by Kaul on September 16, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on September 16, 2013
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Blue Mountain Joe Madahândo (251,677) XP189 460 PAX10 000  BB2
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Tier 1

Objective: Examine Franks’ notebook

It’s right beside Joe, can’t miss it. Simply interact with the notebook.

Off the Menu 1.1

Objective: Pick up a bottle of sedatives

You will find them in the cabin nearby, at (245,648). Just pick one.

Off the Menu 1.2

Objective: Find some tender ak’ab meat

This time, you will have to travel a bit forther. Travel east, pass the Wabanaki village, and you will rech Ak’ab territory. Find an Ak’ab to slay in order to obtain its tender meat.

Objective: Go to Bonecracker’s lair

You will find the lair near Salomons’ road and a pumpkin field at (497,771).

Off the Menu 1.3

Tier 2

Objective: Place the ak’ab meat near the lair

Interact with the empty spot in the middle of the bones at (496,775).

Off the Menu 2.1

Objective: Prevent zombies from eating the bait

Simply kill all zombies attacking you or the meat.

Objective: Add sedative to the bait

Interact with the meat.

Objective: Hide on top of the lair and wait

You have 30 seconds to get on top of the lair. Once you are up there, Bonecracker will spawn.

Off the Menu 2.2

Objective: Kill Bonecracker

Ideally, you would want for him to take a bite, but if you feel confident enough, you can attack him as soon as he pops out of the lair.

Tier 3

Objective: Go to Bloodfang’s lair

Head east and, past the nearby house, head south-east.

Objective: Cut yourself on the pike and use your blood as bait

Simply interact with the highlighted spike.

Objective: Kill Bloodfangs

Your target will appear right outside the lair with some impressive pyrotechnics. You can either applaud or kill him. I would recommend the latter.

Off the Menu 3.1

Tier 4

Objective: Approach Silent Trickster in the bog and try to kill it

The bog is far east, past the road. It is a dangerous place and you don’t want to go through it, so head for the CDC camp (Marianne Chen on your map) and then go south-east from there. You will run into a Wendigo seemingly asleep or dead in front of a lair at (936,646). Interact with it.

Off the Menu 4.1

Objective: It’s a trap! Kill the real Silent Trickster

You will be attacked by the real Silent Trickster. You know what to do, defend yourself! He will disappear during the fight, only to come back after a little while.

Tier 5

Objective: Go to Elder Warcry’s lair

You now have to move further into the bog. As you proceed south, hang your left but don’t go into that tunnel half-way.

Objective: Spike wendigo heads to provoke a fight

3 highlighted spikes in front of the lair, you know what to do with them. They actually count as one single interaction object.

Off the Menu 5.1

Objective: Kill Elder Warcry

Show him who is the boss and be done with it.

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