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Open Season

Posted by Kaul on August 20, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on September 16, 2013
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Blue Mountain Paul Gamelin (235,640) XP299 690 PAX16 670  BB2
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Open Season


Objective: Examine the Gamelins’ hunting map

In the very room you start your mission in, you will find a map on a nearby table (233,640). Interact with it.

Open Season 1.1

Objective: Get to the cemetery and kill zombies

You have 10 minutes to get to the cemetery and kill 10 zombies there. The entrance is located west from your position, on the hill past the caravans at (160,696).

Open Season 1.2


Objective: Go to the Authentic Wabanaki Village

The main entrance to the village is at (342,689), your next objective awaits you there.

Open Season 2.1

Objective: Kill Gorestreak wendigo

Simply enter the village and kill 5 of the designated enemies. Any “Gorestreak” enemy will do. Don’t forget to check inside the huts too.

Open Season 2.2


Objective: Go to the ak’ab nesting grounds

You will find your next objective north-east of the village, in the forest nearby. Simply come back to the village entrance and head east from there.

Open Season 3.2

Objective: Kill Firstborn Ak’ab

Once again, you will have to kill multiple individuals of the indicated species. This time, 12 Firstborn Ak’abs. Be on the lookout for Firstborn Ak’ab Drones  as they spawn in swarm and will up your counter quickly, you can even camp their spawn point at (458,730) as they respawn pretty quickly there. You can also destroy cocoons to spawn Premature Firstborns there.

Open Season 3.3


Objective: Find the old Sasquatch called “Cliffwalker”

This time, head south east. Find the entrance of the Wabanaki Holy Site at (557,624) and cross it heading south. You will find Cliffwalker near a wendigo nest and a dead orochi at (667,450). Simply get close to him to move on to the last tier.

Open Season 4


Objective: Kill Breidox

Thankfully, Breidox is close to your location, he is the Draug Berzerker just west of Cliffwalker’s location. Simply kill him. Be sure to dodge “Wavebreak”, his AoE attack, and you will be safe.

Open Season 5

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