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Out of Our League

Posted by Kaul on August 20, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on September 16, 2013
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Blue Mountain Paul Gamelin (236,641) XP239 760 PAX13 330  BB2
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Out of Our League

Tier 1

Objective: Go to the nearby coastline

Head west from the shack, cross the road, and you will arrive at the coastline (80,690). The spot you are looking for should be littered with pods.

Out of Our League 1.1

Objective: Kill Abyssal Atlantic Mutants and Rekkr Deepcallers

The Deepcallers are the witches, and the Atlantic Mutants the Deep Ones escorting them. Be careful around the pods as they can spawn Draugs if you get too close.

Out of Our League 1.2

Tier 2

Objective: Kill Brood Pods and Kill Incubators

If you have a good enough dps on the Brood Pods, you might manage to prevent them from spawning enemies. To find Incubators, you will have to move further north along the coast (80,758).

Out of Our League 2.1

Objective: Kill Rekkr Broodwitches

You will find them around the Rekkr Broodmother which is hard to miss as she is on top of an elevated rock at (103,854).

Out of Our League 2.2

Tier 3

Objective: Kill the Rekkr Broodmother

Now it’s time to kill this Broodmother at (103,854).

Out of Our League 3.1

You have to clim the rock through the rear side. Be careful as she is guarded by two Abyssal Atlantic Frenzy. Make sure to kill them without alerting her.

Out of Our League 3.2

Tier 4

Objective: Spike the Rekkr Broodmother’s corpse on a sharp rock

Thankfully, the sharp rock is right beside you (78,853). Interact with it to place the bait.

Out of Our League 4

Objective: Kill the Hvammr-Lord

The boss will spawn in the water. Try to fight it on the beach rather than in the water to have good visibility on the AoE circle. Stand clear of his pulse wave, and you should be fine.

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