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Postmarked Atlanta

Posted by Kaul on September 11, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on September 16, 2013
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Blue Mountain CDC Laptop (854,640) XP44 960 PAX3 330  BB1
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Postmarked Atlanta

Tier 1

Objective: Examine the laptop

You are looking for Frank McGrath’s laptop, which is right where you just took the mission. Interact with it.

Objective: Pick up CDC containers (2)

A fewCDC containers are right in front of you. Interact with one and then with another. You can find others around, like at (856,649), or (856,632) or (852,633).

Postmarked Atlanta1

Objective: Gather samples from the infected (4) & from the shades (6)

The infected are the zombies roaming around, and the shades are the black creatures wandering in the filth pools. Be careful as the shades will drag you in the pools where you take damage over time, so try to move the fight to solid ground, breaking LoS if necessary. (the Ender Thing doesn’t count as a shade)

Postmarked Atlanta2

Tier 2

Objective: Bring the samples to the CDC tent

Simply go see Marianne Chen and interact with the entrance of the CDC tent at (893,707).

Postmarked Atlanta3

Objective: Use a CDC shower to disinfect

Walk into one of the CDC showers behind you or at (882,710)  to end your mission.

Postmarked Atlanta4

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