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The Ghosts and the Darkness

Posted by Darxide on June 24, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on June 24, 2014
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Blue Mountain Eleanor Franklin (845, 290) XP299 700 PAX16 670  BB2
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Tier 1

Objective: Examine the old newspaper on Mrs. Franklin’s desk

Read the newspaper on the desk.


Objective: Go to the Blue Mountain Mine

Head to the mine entrance at (530, 590).


Objective: Enter the mine

Blue Mountain Mine is a solo instance, so if you are doing missions in a group you will still have to do this part alone.

Tier 2

Objective: Find Chuck Thompsons’s remains

Before you go traipsing through the mines there are a few dangers to be aware of. The first are the red rune circles on the ground.


If you step on one of these you will become impaired and a wraith will appear and hit you for around 65% of your maximum health and leave a bleed on you that will tick for 175-200 damage every second for 10 seconds. If you stumble into one of these circles you can quickly use a healing drink or self heals before the bleed kills you… that’s assuming a wandering Hate Machine didn’t find you while you were impaired.

The Hate Machine is a scrap golem that will instantly kill you if you aggro it. There is no fighting, there is only dying. You will need to avoid these guys at all costs.


Finally, there are filth pustules all over the mines. If you walk too close to one it will rupture giving you one stack of Filth Exposure. Try to avoid them if you can but they aren’t lethal on their own, however the slow they apply to you might be if you’re trying to avoid a Hate Machine.


Now that we’ve covered the basics of the Blue Mountain Mine we can start looking for dead miners. You enter the mine facing South (the exit is behind you to the North). Chunk Thompson can be found by taking a right and heading West from the entrance and checking the next room.


Objective: Locate a picture Chuck Thompson’s family

From Chuck Thompson’s body, head one room East, one room South, and one room East. You’ll find the photo in the back-left corner of this room on the red rune circle.


Objective: Place the picture by Chuck Thompson’s remains

Go back to Chuck’s skeleton by heading West, North, West.

Tier 3

Objective: Find Billy Woodrow’s remains

Billy is one room to the South from Chuck Thompson.


Just run South to the next room and then jump down from the raised platform and you’ll find Billy tied to a mine cart.


Objective: Locate Billy Woodrow’s whiskey flask

Billy’s flask is one room North then East. This room is covered with yellow bundles of dynamite. If you get too close to one it will explode and deal 1400 damage to you. The explosion may knock you back into a second dynamite for 2800 damage. You should have on health gear for the red circles anyways, so it shouldn’t be much of a problem.


The flask is in the back behind the rune circle.


Before you leave this room, grab the red bundle of dynamite that’s on the crate next to the rune circle. You will need it for the next Tier.


Objective: Place the flask by Billy Woodrow’s remains

Retrace your steps West then South and place the flask at Billy’s skeleton.

Tier 4

Objective: Find Sam Wilson’s remains

Go through the tunnel to the South-East. You will encounter rubble blocking the tunnel so I hope you grabbed the dynamite earlier. Use the dynamite from your inventory and then get to a safe distance.


Sam’s remains are pinned to the wall directly behind where the rubble was.


You should also go to the South-East of this room and pick up a Miner’s Helmet to help you see in the dark which will come in handy since the explosion knocked out most of the remaining lights in the mine.


Objective: Find Jimmy Rigsby’s remains

From Sam’s corpse, head North-West, North, West, South, South, East. You will have to walk through one of the rune circles when you head South the second time. Be sure you have enough health to survive or at least some healing items or abilities.


Objective: Destroy the wraith of Jimmy Rigsby

When you examine Jimmy’s remains his wraith will spawn. It is protected by a buff so you won’t be able to deal much damage to him at first. You need to do as much damage as you can while the ghosts of the other men in the mine show up to slowly remove Jimmy’s buff. Jimmy has a couple of AoE and Cone abilities to watch out for.


Tier 5

Objective: Return to the Blue Mountain

Leave the mines through the exit by going West, North, North, North, East, North. With Jimmy’s wraith destroyed the rune circles will no longer damage you, but be careful as the Hate Machines are still active. Once you exit the mine your mission will be complete.


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