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The Orochi Group

Posted by Nordavind on March 20, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on March 20, 2014
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Blue Mountain Marianne Chen (885,700) XP239 760 PAX13 330  BB2
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I strongly advice you to do the mission Up In Flames before you attempt this one. It will award you with a rather useful piece of equipment.


Tier 1

Objective: Get past the Orochi perimeter without getting detected

Head for the Orochi base located here.


The objective is to get to the gate/fence without the drones spotting you. The drone’s field of view is indicated by the blue beams, which men you can walk straight past them on the other side. The penalty for being spotted is being knocked out and dragged across the road. It does not sound like much of an penalty, but it gets quite annoying when it happens over and over again. Getting spotted by the filth infected Orochi personnel outside the fence does not count as being spotted.


Before completing the first objective, head into the truck parked to the right of the gate.


Kill the infected Orochi inside and search the body of the dead one.


Silly Orochi, always priting their codes. Now head for the gate.


Tier 2

Objective: Find a way into the camp without being detected

The gate has a keypad. And you have the code.


Tier 3

Objective: Find a way inside the science barracks

Once inside, keep a couple of things in mind. There are a lot of drones in there, so tread carefully. Also the humans inside are not infected. Being spotted by a human inside the camp will result in the aforementioned penalty. You cannot enter any building or van with a human inside. It is not possible to sneak behind their backs. Let’s get on with the mission.


First find a canister of Hydrogen Sulphide. They are scattered all over the camp. Interact with one to pick it up.


Then head for the Science barracks. It’s the large building in the camp. As we want to end up on the backside, like below, heading along the west-side fence is the best route. Mind the drones.


Before we do anything else, put on your hazmat suit. You should have it if you followed my advice of doing the Up In Flames mission before coming here. If not, prepare some active heals and get ready to do the next steps really fast.


Now interact with the Air conditioning unit at the back, which will cause you to release the hydrogen sulphide into the air intake.


A warning about a detected gas leak will sound over the PA-system and people inside the tent will evacuate. Now is your chance, head inside the north entrance. You’ll start taking damage as soon as you enter unless you have the hazmat suit.


Objective: Examine the broken holding cell

You need to right click on it to examine it.


Objective: Get more information from a terminal

They are right next to the holding cell. Interact with one to activate it.


You will be asked for a password. Type hint.


Well, this is the worst hint ever. Head for the bunks in the back.


You’ll spot a PDA. Interact with it to have a look.


Orochi computer security 101: Encryption is for the paranoid. Head back to the terminal.


And input the password Henry5621.





Tier 4

Objective: Find a communication unit and transmit the data

Exit the barracks. Mind the personnel standing outside. Head back to the gate.


Next to the gate is a commvan. However, there is a mean lady inside who will dropkick you is you enter. Time for a distraction.


You are probably familiar with jumping on cars from your first mission in Kingsmouth. Especially those with the alarm turned on. The next steps should be done in rapid succession. Stopping to take screenshots like I did will end in failure.


Jump on the car. The alarm goes off and the mean lady is coming. Quickly circle around the commvan via the front to the back.


The mean lady is now pre-occupied with the alarm. Head inside.


Click on the big screen. Mission complete. Now get out of there. Or for a rapid exit, just get caught.


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