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Hell and Bach

Posted by Nordavind on January 28, 2014
Last updated by Aeryl on June 17, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Savage Coast Daniel Bach (720,840) XP

542 800

PAX17 500  BB4
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Tier 1

Objective: Examine Bach’s reserach

It’s located in the same room as Bach on a table. Interact with it.


Objective: Search Room 13 for clues

When you head outside, room 13 will be the first one on the right.


The door inside leads to the dungeon for this zone, so it’s better left alone for now. You want the book on the floor. It will send you into a private instance of room 13.


If you ever want to leave, use the door. The one attached to the wall, that is.


Use the book once more and read Wickers scribblings.


Objective: Find a way to activate the seance circle

You need to remove (interact with) the carpet to unveil the circle.


As for the circle beneath. Here comes a few hints and then the solution.

Click the symbols in the correct order.
The order is found in Wicker’s book.
Enter the symbols that are transcribed below the Latin phrase Orderint dum netaunt in Wicker’s book. See image below for sequence.

I did as you said, but it does not work! Yeah, that can happen. The reason is the the symbols are very sensitive to where you click and even if you think you click one, another will register. What you must do is to enter first person mode and look down on the circle. Then move around, placing yourself on top of each symbol before you click it.

Tier 2

Objective: Travel to the location in the top photograph.

The photograph mentioned is the one you saw in Bach’s research. You can access it again by opening your lore journal (J). Tunnels.


Here is a few hints and then the solution.

Reading some of the text in the research may help.
It is in one of the big cities.
It’s in New York. After you exit from the warehouse housing the Agartha entrance, take two rights and then one left.

You should end up in the location shown in the image below.


Head downstairs and you should recognize the structures.


Take the left one in the picture above and find the entrance in the picture below.


Objective: Find a way to activate the seance circle

Another one. Maybe if you study it closely.


You must input the correct symbols again. However, the phrase has changed.
You can find the new phrase in the sewer, written on the generator.
Input the phrase found on the generator, Non sum qualis eram. This time, however, you only know the translation of some of the letters in the phrase. The rest is found by trial and error. Unlike the previous circle, which only gave you the error sound at the end, this one will halt you each time you enter a wrong letter. Basically, find out which letter represents S Q and L. See image below for the sequence.

Tier 3

Objective: Travel to the location in the second photograph

Open your journal and look at the image, the cellar door.


Again, reading some of the text in the research may help.
Yet again it’s in one of the big cities, but not the same one.
It’s in London, more precisely in the same block as The Horned God. See image for path from Agartha entrance.

Objective: Find a way to activate the seance circle

Maybe things will get clearer from this angle?


Yes. New phrase. Yes, can be found in the room.
Bird is the word. The solution is written on the ceiling.
The phrase is found in the ceiling. Input is Orbis Non Sufficit. As with the last circle, you know most of the letters. You only need to figure out which symbols represent B, F and C. You will know instantly if a wrong symbol was pressed. See image below for the sequence.

Tier 4

Objective: Search the room for more information about Wicker’s past

There is a journal page on one of the tables. Interact with it to read it.


Objective: Go to the location referenced in Wicker’s journal

Below is a few hints and then the solution, as always.

Translate the symbols in the note.
View the map at your current location.
The signs translate into Tabula Rasa and Septimus. Tabula Rasa is a instanced lounge/hotel in London found here, next to the bank.

Head inside the Tabula Rasa building and buy the Septimus access key.


And enter this device. It will take you to the room the key grants you access to.


Objective: Listen to the cassette tape

Interact with the recorder on the desk to listen to the tape. Listen carefully! Not for any mission purposes, but the lore aspect here is mind blowing.


Objective: Examine the briefcase

Interact with the flyer.


Tier 5

Objective: Go to the location mentioned in the flyer

You don’t need to translate the symbols.
The flyer says it right at the top: British Museum of the Occult.
From Tabula Rasa, follow this route to a building next to Temple Hall.

Tier 6

Objective: Find a way to view Theodore Wicker’s last lecture

Simply interact with the note in the trash can near the door. Mission complete.

Still here? Didn’t find the lecture? The note contains clues as to where you can find a recording of the lecture. It’s on the interwebz.

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