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The 3rd Age

Posted by Vomher on August 15, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on May 11, 2017
Zone Starting Location Rewards
City of the Sun God Nefertari (292,902) XP

889 700

PAX25 000  BB8
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Tier 1

Objective: Search the cultist camp for artifacts

Head to the camp (414,888) at the Rebirth. One of the dead cultists outside one of the tents (422,877) has a strange metal clockwork key. Pick it up.


Objective: Search the camp for a map of the cultists’ excavations

Right inside the tent where you found the key is the map.


Tier 2

Objective: Go to the first excavation site

The first site is marked on the cultists’ map as well as your own (358,842) and is right in the horn of the great skeleton’s skull.


Objective: Power up the custodian

The poor custodian (354,838) is guarded by cultists.


Objective: Follow the custodian

The custodian, once activated, will begin to run off. Follow him until he stops in the enormous skeletal rib cage (381,790).


Objective: Find what the custodian is pointing at

Once the little custodian stops, he’ll point upward. There is nothing at your feet, but there is an entire top of the skeleton.

Climb up the spine to find a strange metal piece.


Tier 3

Objective: Investigate the second excavation site

Objective: Investigate the third excavation site

Objective: Investigate the fourth excavation site

It doesn’t matter which site you go to first.

The second site (355,477) has a custodian guarded by three Prostrates. Activate the custodian when able and follow it as it heads off.


At the end of the custodian’s walk (365,467) it will point at a rock. Jump up on the rock to find a conspicuously placed lever.


Upon using the lever, a hidden chamber will appear at around (401,454) just up ahead. Enter it to find a strange metal piece.


The third excavation site is in a cave (31,618) and has a custodian protected by five Prostrates. Kill them and activate the custodian as done before.


The custodian will eventually stop at a web cocoon (97,637). Attacking it will open it to reveal what’s trapped inside – another strange metal piece.


The fourth and final site has no cultists digging away. Instead, the custodian (106,395) sits alone under the bridge south of Moutnefert.


Your custodian will wobble over to a little sand dune (65,387), where it will point at the dead Orochi agent across from it.


There is nothing on the agent to take, but he is rather bloody.

Follow the blood. A trail will lead you to a computer (15,374).

The computer and crate are both usable, but the crate prompts you for a password, which you don’t have.


Access the computer instead.


The password hint given is ‘Horse Feathers’.
Horse Feathers is a Marx Brothers fil
A notable password from the film is “Swordfish”.
The passcode for the crate is 1053.

Objective: Assemble the strange pieces

Now that you have all four pieces, pay attention to their shape and assemble appropriately.


Tier 4

Objective: Find what the ancient key is for

Think back to the cultists’ map. There were four excavation sites and a photograph. The photograph should look familiar.

It’s the entrance to the Halls of Lost Records.

Venture forth.


Don’t forget to equip a source of light if you have one!

You will quickly find that every door and every chamber is locked – all save for one: Nefertari’s Chamber (570,170).

Upon inspection of Nefertari’s Chamber, there should only be two clickable objects, both of which are doors.

One is a door opened during the Halls of Lost Records mission, while the other is a door one cannot normally interact with.

Once the appropriate doorway is found, head into it to find yourself face to face with a very strange sight. You know what you must do. Use the strange socle.


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