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Sinking Feelings

Posted by Impia on February 21, 2014
Last updated by Chaosetor on April 19, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Savage Coast Dead Filthy bird (640,795) XP

333 340

PAX26 670  BB1
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This is the kill mission for the Savage Coast Lair, The Overlooked.

Enemies in this lair apply the particularly dangerous Infected and Exposed debuffs in addition to a wide array of afflicts and hinders. It is strongly recommended that at least one person brings Cleansing Drone, and uses it frequently. Melee DPS are also putting themselves at much higher risk; consider switching to ranged for this lair.

The mobs in this lair have high Penetration ratings, and apply additional uncleanseable afflictions if they penetrate often. Tanks should consider bringing a high Block rating.

All mobs in this lair are immune to Hinders and Impairs.

SC Sinking Feelings start

Tier 1

Kill Slurs

Kill Filthy humans

Kill Filthy regressions

Kill Filthiopaths

Slurs are shades found attached to groups of Filthy Humans, all over the lair. On aggro, they immediately pull a player into melee range – only the tank should handle pulling new groups! Kill five of them to complete this objective.

Filthy humans refers specifically to both the Filth-Changed and Obscenity swarm mobs found in small groups throughout the lair. Most groups have a Slur attached. Abilities vary, as there are different types of each with different weapons, but expect a strong hinder on the tank near the start of the fight, many Exposed stacks on the tank, and a plethora of various debuffs and afflictions on anyone who gets too close. Kill twenty of them to complete this objective.

SC filthy humans

Filthy Regressions are larger Filth creatures wandering on long patrol paths throughout the lair, especially in the water or near cliffsides in the southeast part of the lair. They frequently cast TAoEs, Filth Exposure and Pass Infection, on a random player – be sure to dodge these, as they stack dangerous debuffs. Kill three of them to complete this objective.

SC filthy regression

Filthiopaths do not count as “Filthy humans” for the purposes of this mission. They are considerably stronger filthy humans with hammers, found wandering on long patrol paths, especially in the water or near cliffsides deeper in the lair. They frequently use Hammer Blow, an impair. Kill three of them to complete this objective.

SC filthiopath

This mission awards a choice of one Summoning Ritual Fragment. The options are any one of the nine fragments required to summon the lair boss Lost Sarcoma. These fragments are:

Pi 03 – Xi 08 – Chi 04

Omicron 05 – Delta 04 – Upsilon 09

Omega 05 – Mu 01 – Kappa 06

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