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Example Build 2 – Tokyo Survival Build

Build created by Ciritty
Posted by Ciritty on July 9, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on November 21, 2015
  • Abilities
  • Gear
  • Auxiliary
  • Effectiveness
TypeSolo Build
WeaponBladeWeaponChaos Magic
AP Cost804
AP CostQL 10 Rare
  • AbilityClearing the Path
  • AbilityEscalation
  • AbilityTurn the Tables
  • AbilityPulling the Strings
  • AbilityHelter Skelter
  • AbilityMartial Discipline
  • AbilityDomino Effect
  • AbilityRegeneration
  • AbilityLeeching Frenzy
  • AbilityBreakdown
  • AbilityBloodsport
  • AbilityElemental Force
  • AbilityIron Maiden
  • AbilityGross Anatomy
Download ModVDM Import String
Suggested Auxiliary Abilities
Ability Ability The recommended Auxiliary weapon attack in this build provides you with mitigation but can also be used to apply rotting teeth to help destroy shields.
Gear Stats
1800+Attack Rating
300-600Heal Rating
500Hit Rating
Adjust the Heal Rating to whatever you're comfortable with, but don't go too low on Attack Rating. Once Hit Rating is at around 300-350, focus on increasing Penetration Rating.
Head:Signet of Laceration
Blade:Signet of Breaching

The Polaris

Hell Raised

The Darkness War

Hell Fallen

The Ankh

The Facility

Hell Eternal

The Slaughterhouse

The Penthouse

The Manufactory

Manufactory Breached



New York

Agartha Defiled



El Dorado







This build has been specially made to introduce you to some interesting and effective synergy while dealing with the AEGIS system.


This build is primarily chaos, Pulling the string allows for a minimum use of hit rating as it grants you minor hit chance.

Engage combat with your builder then follow up with Clearing the path to benefit from the penetrating hit chance bonus. Follow up with pulling the strings before starting the standard 5 builder 2 consumer rotation.

Healing comes primarily from regeneration which at 600 heal rating is a healing over time effect that heals 2300 hp over 10 seconds every 45 seconds, and turn the tables as additional heal button.

Using grass cutter when dealing with an enemy that has 2 AEGIS shields will help, replace for Helter Skelter or Turn the tables.

Impairs are available in the build because they’re great, don’t let the enemy cast psychic renewal.

While leeching effects don’t work on shields most of the times you’ll be able to breach them fast enough to make use of leeching frenzy, when this isn’t the case you can replace it for more damage.

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