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Hell Eternal Elite

Posted by Impia on February 20, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on August 24, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Agartha Portal (675,30) XP

1 077 140

PAX10 000  BB6
More Less Jump to:

[Image: the portal in Agartha leading to the Hell Eternal Nightmare dungeon.]

Note: The first blue barrier in this dungeon does NOT stop trash mobs from following you into a boss arena. Be careful not to aggro early adds unless the whole group is prepared to kill them. The Djinn trash mobs (Infernal Overwatch) will also aggro to the entire party if they see one person.

HE trash demonstration

Archaean Seismocratist

129 579

[Image: the Archaen Seismocratist, the first boss of Hell Eternal.]

Try to impair Shadow in the Blood, and impair or dodge the large AoE, Caldera. Also, be aware that this boss will frequently use an ability called Flame Lash that knocks you over, temporarily stunning you.
Be prepared to back out of Caldera, in case the tank doesn’t impair it. Aside from that, simple burn.
If the tank gets hit with Shadow in the Blood or Caldera, prepare for large damage spikes.

This is a large AoE attack, which does about 1000 damage and knocks back players, stunning them. It should be avoided if the tank is unable to impair it.

[Image: the Archaean Seismocratist, first boss of Hell Eternal, casting Caldera, a large AoE with brown chalk.]

Shadow in the Blood
This is a delayed AoE attack cast on the tank, and cannot be cleansed. If allowed to cast, it will look like this, and move with the tank:

[Image: the Archaean Seismocratist, first boss of Hell Eternal, has cast Shadow in the Blood on a player.]


129 579

[Image: Lustrehunter, the second boss of Hell Eternal.]

At several points during this fight, the boss will cast Fallback, stun the party, and run away. The boss will then run to a predetermined point and start buffing itself with Arcane Exposure until a party member goes into LOS.

Once the stun runs off, the party should run to chase down the boss. The arena looks like a maze, but aside from short dead ends it’s actually very linear, and the boss’s path is fixed.

Impair Occluding Lens at all costs; this is a damage reflect shield that can easily cause the DPS (and you!) to die from their own attacks in seconds! Bring two impairs just in case you miss or waste one, or if your main impair has a long cooldown.
Consider bringing a purging ability to purge the shield, Occluding Lens, in case the tank misses an impair. If there are no purges and impairs, and your healer is not overly powerful, DO NOT SHOOT until the shield expires.
Bring group heals for Occluding Lens in case the tank misses an impair and the DPS are late to purge or don’t stop shooting. This is likely to be an unrecoverable mistake on their part, but you might be able to save them.

Occluding Lens
With this ability, the boss will put a reflection shield on himself. Be cautious.

[Image: Lustrehunter, the second boss in Hell Eternal, with Occluding Lens active.]

Prime maker

208 253

[Image: the Prime Maker, the third boss of Hell Eternal.]

Prime Maker starts out with a powerful Blast Shield, pictured above, that reflects ALL damage done to him back to the player. DO NOT attack him while the shield is up; you will quickly kill yourself!

At the start, everyone else stays at the entrance while the tank runs close enough to the boss to get his attention, then runs over to one of the three pools of water scattered around the arena. When the boss steps in a pool of water, his shield vanishes.

[Image: luring the Prime Maker into a pool of water]

The tank must then immediately pull the boss over to the next pool of water, in order to be ready to dunk him again.

Adds called Fires of Sheol spawn constantly from the center of the arena. These adds float to the boss, and give it 10 stacks of a buff called Heat. When Heat reaches 100 stacks, the boss’s shield returns.

[Image: the Prime Maker, the third boss of Hell Eternal, with a red flame sprite approaching it.]

Pull the boss by running in to get its attention, then running back to one of the pools of water. Don’t hit the boss before the shield drops! Once it does, start attacking immediately to grab aggro. Every time the shield drops, quickly pull the boss over to the edge of the next pool, so you’ll be ready for the shield. Pay attention to the boss’s Heat buff so you’ll know when the next shield is imminent. Try to impair Carburizing Flames, which puts an AoE at every player’s feet, and Furnace Blast, a large AoE.
Wait at the entrance until the shield drops, then start shooting. Kill adds with AoE attacks as often as you can. Dodge AoEs. Pay close attention to the boss’s Heat buff so you’ll know when the shield is going to come up – stop attacking the boss when it reaches 80 or 90!
Wait at the entrance; do not start healing until the boss’s shield drops, or you might draw aggro. If leeching, see DPS advice. Dodge AoEs. You may wish to bring group heals in case DPS shoot the shield, but they likely won’t survive long enough to be healed if they do.

Carburizing Flames
If Carburizing Flames is not impaired, this is what will appear:

[Image: the effect of a Carburizing Flames cast in HE 3 - small AoEs have appeared at each player's feet.

Furnace Blast
While Furnace Blast is casting, it appears as a large fiery AoE.

[Image: the Prime Maker, third boss of Hell Eternal, casting Furnace Blast, a large fiery AoE.]

Flagellatrix Superior

129 579

[Image: Flagellatrix Superior, the fourth boss of Hell Eternal.]

This arena is made up of tight corridors, forming a figure-eight with an extra loop to the side. Patrolling the arena are three large Piston Predators, commonly called dogs by players, which the group should avoid entirely.

This fight depends almost entirely on the pull – if the boss is pulled properly, it’s fairly easy. Have everyone wait outside the blue barrier, while you watch the dogs. Once the dogs are out of sight (be sure to check the corridors to the left and right!) run in, attack the boss to get aggro, and start kiting her down the path left of the entrance, shown in the image below.

HE 4 entry dog

You’ll be going down the same path this dog is, following a long distance behind it. Don’t enter until after the dog has turned the corner at the far end of the path it’s on in that picture. Be sure to look right, too, to make sure a dog isn’t coming down that path!

Once you’ve pulled the boss, simply continue kiting her around the arena, staying well out of sight of the dogs.

HE 4 kite

Enter just after the tank, and make sure they have aggro before you start shooting. Your job is easy here; stick closely with the tank as they kite the boss; burn the boss down quickly, do not aggro the dogs.
Enter just after the tank, and try not to heal unnecessarily at the start; healing produces AoE aggro, and could pull a dog if one is too close. Stick close to the tank as they kite the boss, do not aggro the dogs.

Spitelance is a long dash attack that is easily dodged.

[Image: Flagellatrix Superior using Spitelance.]

Hadean Guard: Iscariot, Cassius, Brutus

111 068
132 701
175 967

[Image: the Hadean Guard.]

When one of these three bosses dies, a living one is fully healed, and grows stronger and gains new abilities. This fight can thus have different kill orders and turn out very differently (as can the bosses’ HP totals). However, the near-universally accepted kill order is Iscariot, then Cassius, then Brutus. One alternate strategy will be mentioned; check with the other members of the group to make sure everyone knows what the group will be doing.

Phase 1: Iscariot, Cassius, and Brutus

Iscariot has a dangerous attack she casts constantly, so she should die first.

She will frequently cast Immolation Invocation on a random player other than the tank. Everyone needs to watch their feet – if fire appears at your feet, start running and keep running until it stops. If you stay still, you’ll die. Don’t run into other players or you’ll hurt or kill them too.

HE 5 Immolation

HE 5 immolation part two

Sprint up to the bosses, grabbing aggro on all three – a high-hate PBAoE builder, like Escalation or Blade Torrent, is strongly recommended. Once you have aggro, drag the bosses back to the center of the arena, so other players will have room to run. Even though the group is killing Iscariot, you should target Brutus and impair Black Iron Bulwark – your attacks need to be AoE anyway for aggro, and Black Iron Bulwark is an unpurgeable damage reduction buff that gives all three of the bosses 50% damage absorption.
Full burn on Iscariot until she’s dead. Watch your feet – if you’re on fire, run, don’t backpedal, and keep moving until you stop leaving a trail of flame. Try to run away from other players so you don’t hurt them – running in a big circle around the edge of the arena is a good idea.
This phase is the hardest to heal, with all three bosses alive and hitting. If you’re having trouble keeping the tank up, consider bringing buffs that help heal, such as Backup Drone or Greater Good. If leeching, focus fire on Iscariot. Watch your feet, and run in a big circle away from other players if you’re on fire.

Phase 2: Cassius and Brutus

When Iscariot dies, the nearest living boss will heal, receive a buff, and start casting Painwheel Overdrive, a large circle AoE.

HE 5 painwheel

Keep targeting Brutus, and keep impairing Black Iron Bulwark. Run or dodge out of Painwheel Overdrive, don’t bother wasting an impair on it.
Focus fire on Cassius. Try to keep your distance so you can easily dodge Painwheel Overdrive.
If leeching, focus fire on Cassius. Stay further back and avoid Painwheel Overdrive.

Phase 3: Brutus Alone

When Cassius dies, Brutus heals and grows stronger, and gains deadly new abilities.

Body Hammer
Periodically Brutus will start casting Body Hammer. Everyone must pay attention to this, and immediately run up to the boss. He will then attempt to dash attack to kill a random player other than the tank. If all party members are close enough, this will instead do absolutely nothing.

All group members must be very close to cancel Body Hammer – not just within melee range, but actually overlapping Brutus as much as possible, ‘hugging’ the boss. Pictured is a successful group hug of Brutus:

[Image: a properly executed group hug on Brutus]

As soon as Body Hammer finishes, DPS and healer should back away, in case Painwheel Overdrive comes next.

Continue impairing Black Iron Bulwark and avoiding Painwheel Overdrive. Don’t bother trying to impair Body Hammer – Brutus will just recast it as soon as the impair wears off. Make sure you’re actually hugging the boss on Body Hammer and not just in melee range – try frantically jumping in place, too, in case other players aren’t paying attention.
Kill Brutus, while running in close for Body Hammer and back away for Painwheel Overdrive.
Nothing special you have to do here – just keep the tank up, hug on Body Hammer, and avoid Painwheel Overdrive.

Alternate Strategies

An alternate kill order that some groups may find easier is Iscariot-Brutus-Cassius. Kill Brutus during phase 2 rather than Cassius. In phase 3, impair Cassius’s Metallic Purity, it is a very dangerous ability identical to Lustrehunter’s Occluding Lens.

Most groups will not expect this kill order, so ask ahead of time. Other kill orders are not recommended; Iscariot’s Immolation Invocation is already dangerous and grows stronger as others die.

Eblis, dominus inferni in profondis

319 321

HE 6 title two

Eblis is a very mechanically complicated fight; he has many different attacks, and they’re all fairly important to deal with. However, may of his abilities are used by other bosses in this dungeon, and once these mechanics are mastered, he is a pushover.

All Blood Magic users: avoid casting from health, so you won’t kill yourself with Blood Offering on Consummate.

First off, keep your back to a wall whenever possible, as pictured below. Any wall works; he has a dash attack called Dark Rush which is fairly dangerous, but does nothing if you’re directly between him and a wall. You should only impair one ability, Painwheel Overdrive, which only occurs during the bubble phases.
Burn the boss, avoiding the many, many AoEs he uses. Pay attention to the descriptions of Eblis’s abilities below.
Nothing too special for you, other than avoiding the many, many AoEs he uses. Group heals are unnecessary, but be ready to switch targets for Consummate.

HE 6 tank spot 1

Solar Collapse
Every so often, Eblis will start casting a massive AoE. It has a long cast time easy to avoid, but the group should move well away; it persists for quite a while.

HE 6 Solar Collapse (elite)

Eblis shouts a threat and starts channeling an attack against a random player, who is stunned for the duration of the channel. It does progressively more damage until finally leaving them with 1 HP. Eblis is then stunned for a significant time, and the player can easily be healed to full in the meantime.

If you were targeted by Consummate, don’t use any ability that harms yourself (Cold Blooded, Cannibalize, Death from Above) until you’ve been healed!

All Blood Magic users should avoid casting consumers with health for this fight – if Blood Offering is active when Eblis uses Consummate, it can easily kill you the instant Eblis brings you to 1 HP.

Be ready to heal whoever gets Consummated, and then switch back to the tank. It’s not too urgent as Eblis will be stunned for a while.

HE 6 title one

Bubble Phase: Cast Out

At certain HP thresholds, Eblis will teleport to the center of the arena and cast Cast Out, which pulls in all the players to an alternate bubble phase.

Unless his HP is already extremely low, Eblis will have a different and much smaller HP bar for bubble phases. This bar starts at full, and when it is reduced to 1, Eblis will end the phase, and return to the HP total he had before it began.

During Cast Out, there are many AoEs on the ground to avoid, and Eblis will frequently cast Vanquish, a large column AoE. Do not impair that one, save your impairs for Painwheel Overdrive. Do not attempt to run too far from Eblis – if you leave the ‘bubble’, you’ll die.

HE 6 vanquish

Painwheel Overdrive
During Cast Out, Eblis can cast a large circular AoE called Painwheel Overdrive, which you’re likely familiar with by now.

You should impair Painwheel Overdrive; it can easily wipe the group by knocking people into other AoEs. Save all your impairs for this, don’t bother trying to impair any other ability Eblis uses in this phase or the main phase.

HE 6 Painwheel

If Eblis does not switch HP bars for a Cast Out, then the phase will last until he is truly killed.

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