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The Manufactory Elite

Posted by Vikestart on August 22, 2015
Last updated by Vikestart on September 5, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kaidan Daimon Kiyota (Tower Lobby) XP

1 077 140

PAX10 000  BB6
More Less Jump to:


You can access the Elite version of this dungeon either through the Orochi Tower Lobby or the portal entrance in Agartha, on the dungeon branches.

You will only be able to view the initial cutscene by picking up the mission in the lobby.

Elite Tank Commander

206 400


A group-heal ability, such as Cold Blooded or Fired Up is very much recommended here, to withstand the damage of the boss’ spinning attack.

Everyone should equip Cybernetic shield controllers. Rampart capacitors are not needed, but if the healer is struggling to keep everyone alive through the boss’ spinning attack, then you might want to equip one of those.

Evasive Dash

The boss will frequently cast this ability, often multiple times in a sequence. It is a long column dash attack. It’s not going to one-shot anyone, but you should stay out of its way.


Manifest Energy Sphere

A whisp of cybernetic energy will appear in a random location in the room. Someone will need to step into it to absorg the energy with your Cybernetic shield before it becomes unstable and kills everyone.

Make sure your Cybernetic shield strength is over 1000, otherwise you will cause it to detonate when you step into it.


Ground Shock

A basic ground targeted AoE. It will usually one-shot DPS players. Simply run out of the outlined area.


Cyber Pull

The Elite Tank Commander will run to the centre of the room and pull everyone towards itself. This cannot be prevented. The boss will immediately follow up with Cyber Spin.

Cyber Spin

A large point-blank AoE. You need to immediately get as far away from the Commander as possible to lessen the incoming damage.

Save your group-healing/shielding ability for this attack. Cold Blooded, Hematic Rites, Blood Pact and Fired Up should all be decent for this part.


The safest spot is the exit, on the opposite side from where you entered.


Psychic Renewal

You can interrupt this cast with any impairing ability. This will prevent the fight from lasting longer than it has to.

Interrupt the Psychic Renewal cast. The Commander will attempt to cast it exactly one minute after losing its psychic shield.

Manticore Imperious-class Tank

206 398


Unless you are severly overgeared, you need to take out the towers before taking out the Manticore Tank. The optimal approach is to have one DPS at each tower at the same time, but you can take down the towers one by one if you want to.

You don’t have to destroy the towers completely, only their shields. It’s their shields that allows them to regenerate their own shields and the tank’s shields. However, the shields on the three towers have to be taken down approximately at the same time, as the regeneration process will happen even with one tower’s shield up.

The tank should be ready to pick up the target from whomever is targeted by the tank’s main cannon and get it away from the others. The tank can also run around and apply exposed to the towers.

The healer should be the one to step into Energy Spheres in this encounter and should therefore use a cybernetic shield. You should prioritise healing yourself and the tank’s AEGIS shields. The DPS do not need their shields, but if you can manage to heal them, that’s definitely a bonus.

The damage dealers will only be taking damage from the towers if everything plays out as it should, and that damage is not something the healer cannot handle, thus they should use demonic shields. Using psychic shields is not necessary, even though the towers deal psychic AEGIS damage.

AEGIS Restoration Sequence

Tthe towers will periodically cast this ability after a while, causing the tank and all the towers to heal themselves completely, both their shields and their regular health.

This will not happen if you destroy the shields on all the three towers. You don’t have to destroy the towers completely, only their shields. However, the shields on the three towers have to be taken down approximately at the same time, as the regeneration process will happen even with one tower’s shield up.

And there is actually an achievement for that last part! Only take out the tower shields, but don’t destroy them, then destroy the tank.

Basic Attack

The Manticore tank’s basic attack, targeted at whomever it hates the most.

Tower Beams

The towers will target random players with pink laser beams. The damage is only moderate, nothing the healer shouldn’t be able to handle.


Tower AoE

All the towers will occasionally cast huge AoE ground attacks. Try to avoid these.


Canon Blast

The tank will occasionally target a random player and root them to the ground. You will see a big crosshair effect at their feet.

Only the tank can survive that attack. The tank needs to step into it, which will transfer the target. Make sure to place it far away from the other team members.

themanufactory_11And make sure to immediately get out of the huge AoE it spawns on the ground.


Manifest Energy Sphere

As in the previous boss fight, Energy Spheres will occasionally spawn here as well. The team member that has a cybernetic shield should look for it and step into it to absorb it. This is usually the healer’s task.


Phalanx-class Cyborgs

50 003
50 003
50 003


This is a rather complex fight in terms of mechanics, but once you know exactly what to do, it is not that hard.

The Cyborgs are completely immune to all damage. In order to make them vulnerable, you need to make one of them hit the other.

Warning! If you kill one of them, the other two will enrage. You should not kill any one of them until you have lowered the hitpoints for all of them once.

The Demonic shield Cyborg will hate random team members and follow that person around. It is shown visually with a red fiery string between the Cyborg and the random player.

You may not need an ordinary tank for this encounter as the healer will be having the aggro a lot of the time, and most of the attacks are AoE ground attacks. You should be ready to grab the adds that spawn occasionally though. Raging Volcano or Mass Provocation can be useful here.

When healing this fight, you will often gain aggro from the Psychic Cyborg as well as the adds that spawn occasionally. You should have a large amount of health, preferably at least 5500, to be able to withstand incoming damage. This fight is very demanding for the healer role.

Do not kill any of the Cyborgs until you have lowered the health significantly on all of them. They need to be killed relatively fast as the remaining Cyborgs will enrage when one of them is killed. You should make sure you have the buffs (Breaching Shot and Deadly Aim) ready when you are going to kill them.


The Psychic quantum Cyborg will be able to knock down the Demonic shield Cyborg with its column attack.

The Demonic shield Cyborg will cast a circular AoE around itself when it gets up after being knocked down. If close to the Cybernetic jetpack Cyborg, it will knock that one down, making it vulnerable to damage.

The Cybernetic jetpack Cyborg will sometimes target a random player with an AoE that follows that player around. You must position yourself next to the Psychic quantum Cyborg, as that attack will knock that one down and make it vulnerable.


So, as you can see, there is a triangular system here. One can knock down the other, but only one of them. Try to keep all three Cyborgs close to each other. The Cybernetic jetpack Cyborg will sometimes reposition itself. Follow it, and the other two Cyborgs will follow you.

There is an acheivement for having the Cyborgs knock each other down exactly once, then defeating them. This means that once the third Cyborg is knocked down, you should kill it, then the two others.


Some Orochi drone adds will occasionally spawn and are very likely to head for the healer.

Try to grab these so the healer is not overwhelmed with too much incoming damage. Raging Volcano or Mass Provocation can be useful for this.

Help take down the Drone adds as quickly as possible. Getting rid of that extra incoming damage can be the difference between life and death.



This is quite the unconventional dungeon encounter and resembles a puzzle more than the typical boss fight.


Warning! You may want to use melee based Scenario survival builds here. Browse this section for some example builds of that type. A dedicated tank or healer is not needed here, although it is possible to complete the encounter with those roles.

There is no ordinary boss here. The Mitsubachi are many, but they are easily killed. However, beware of their special buff. If they are left alive for a long time, they will become stronger and stronger, posing a bigger and bigger threat, so make sure to finish them off.


They will also respawn within a minute or so after dying. This cannot be prevented.

The first thing you need to do is head straight forward, then make a right, as shown in the map below.


Kill the Mitsubachi in that room and pick up the Judas Class EMP Drone.


Then go back to the large hallway and make a right into the control room.


Place the EMP Drone on the ground in front of the blue barrier.


This will cause the 8 computer terminals in the room to boot up.


You must hack all 8 of them, by interacting with them. However, you can only interact with a blue console, not the red consoles. The consoles will keep toggling between red and blue state pretty quickly.


While one of you are hacking, the others should protect that person. Hacking takes a while, so the process is interrupted if the hacking player is attacked.


If the conoles suddenly stop working completely and you hear a voice-over stating this, that means one of the Mitsubachi are Counter-Hacking you. One or more players need to find that one and kill it to re-enable the consoles if that happens.


Once you have hacked all 8 consoles, the blue barrier will be down. Everyone must pass through into that hallway, then 2 small conoles on the other side must be used to close the barrier again, preventing the Mitsubachi from reaching you. This will end the fight.


Drone Amalgam

145 125


At least two players, aside from the tank, should slot 4000 health at the minimum for this fight. Refer to the boss ability Throw Drone below.

You will need to cover all AEGIS shield types in this fight. It is recommended that the tank and the healer use Cybernetic shields, since that is the boss’ damage type. The DPS should then cover Psychic shield and Demonic shield.

Ranged DPS builds are recommended here since you should keep a distance from the tank when the Drone Amalgam spawns.

The fight starts with a small drone flying around way up near the ceiling.


It will soon enter the beam at the centre of the room and grow in power, naturally. It does not hit very hard and it does not cast any AoE attacks.


Sentry Turrets

The turrets mounted along the outer wall will occassionally fire at either the inner circle of the arena, or the outer circle. Try to avoid these.


Suppresion Drones

Drone adds called Suppression Drone will frequently spawn. These should be eliminated right away to avoid having them pile up.

AEGIS Infused Drones

Occasionally, drones whose glow resemble particular AEGIS types will spawn. Team members with the corresponding AEGIS shield types will need to walk into those. If you walk into the wrong one, you will die.


Drone Amalgam

After destroying 3 Intervention Drones (the large ones), multiple drones will converge inside the energy beam and form the Drone Amalgam. This is the main boss.


Basic Attack

Its basic attack is an AoE attack, so the other players should not stand too close to the tank.

Throw Drone

This is a very dangerous ability cast at the player that is standing farthest away from the boss. DPS and healers wil need between 4k health to survive getting hit.  When hit, you will get a debuff called Electrically Charged, that causes you to take twice the damage from the same attack the next time it hits you.

2 players should take turns in standing far away from the boss, thus controlling who gets hit and allowing the debuff on the other player to expire.


Laser Lockdown

Random team members will be targeted by the Sentry Turrets and will be unable to move until hit. This attack will deal a significant amount of damage, but it cannot be avoided.


Psychic Renewal

You can interrupt this cast with any impairing ability. This will prevent the fight from lasting longer than it has to.

Interrupt the Psychic Renewal cast. The Drone Amalgam will attempt to cast it exactly one minute after losing its psychic shield.

You need to kill the Drone Amalgam two times for it to be truly defeated.

Scorpius-class Prototype Mech

335 499


Warning! This fight requires an Ultimate ability to be used 3 times. The same player cannot use it two times in a row, but the first player can use it again after player two.

Decide on beforehand who is going to use their Ultimates, and in which order. Those players should have an ability that they can use without needing to have the boss targeted, such as a healing ability (Blood Shield, Nurture and so forth), to generate Animus for your Ultimate more reliably.

Blood-elementalism and fist-hammer are decent DPS weapon combinations here as it allows you to put Boodshield, Nuture or another healing ability in your DPS to generate Animus, without drastically changing the build.

It is recommended that you healtank this boss. The boss itself deals minimal amounts of damage. When healtanking, you should be one of the players to stand in the Anima pools and build up Animus for your ultimate.

A dedicated healer is not needed for this fight. Healtanking is very viable here. And you could definitely use the extra DPS from having an additional DPS here.



The boss has a basic cleave attack. Only the tank should be standing in front of it.



Pools of Anima will spawn in random locations near the walls of the room. Keep an eye out for these. Only one person should be standing in these pools at once, as the Anima buff is split between everyone standing in it. Refer to the order of which you are to use your Ultimate abilities.

You will gain a buff from standing in this Anima pool. It will make your Animus bar fill up substantially faster. This is where spamming Blood Shield or some other untargeted ability is very useful, in case the boss is out of range or burrowed.

Warning! DO NOT deplete the Scorpion boss’ demonic shield before the first Ultimate has been charged. Taking down the psychic and cybernetic shields before that is okay though. Once an Ultimate has been charged, take down the demonic shield.


Tail’s Focus

Occasionally, the boss will target a random team member with a laser. The laser itself is not dangerous, but it will leave behind a large persistent AoE that will stay there for the rest of the fight. Be smart about placing these, and DO NOT step into them.

You will get a debuff called Tail’s Focus, with the same icon as the Deadily Aim buff, a few seconds before the tail laser shoots at you.



The Scorpion Mech will burrow underground.


Move around, but stay relatively close to each other. Beams will come up through the floor. They are not too dangerous though.


After that, the Scorpion Mech will grab a random team member. Everyone must gather together so that the damage is spread across all team members, otherwise the grabbed player will likely die.

There is an achievement for surviving the grab alone. One method for doing this is to have another player use the Saving Grace ability on you, then step away. 90% of the damage will then be negated.


Break On Through

Each time you break the Scorpion Mech’s demonic shield, which is its final shield, it will go to the large metal door on the far side of the room, near the destroyed Smiler Mech.

It will then start cutting into the metal door. The only way to stop this is by dealing enough damage to the boss. Put simply, it is a DPS race. If it manages to break through, the encounter will end with a cutscene and everyone will die.


Mini-Scorpion Bomb Adds

Warning! By now, the person with the charged Ultimate Ability should prepare themselves for the mini-Scorpion adds that come out of the open door on the other side of the room.

They line up with a total of 5 x 3 rows (a total of 15 adds). You should active your Ultimate just before the last row is about to be filled up.

If they are allowed to fully gather and start approaching you, one single add is strong enough to instantly kill you no matter how much health you have, so killing them ALL off with your Ultimate, while they are lined up in front of the gate is ESSENTIAL.


The previous phases will need to be repeated two more times. Any player can only use their Ultimate ability once. After that you get a debuff that prevents you from gaining the Anima buff when standing in a pool of anima.

WARNING! Even after you kill the Scorpion Mech boss, you will still need to kill the Mini-Scorpion adds on the other side of the room to end the fight. This is super important!

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