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The Slaughterhouse Elite

Posted by Vikestart on February 5, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on August 6, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Agartha Portal (700,60) XP

1 077 140

PAX10 000  BB6
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This dungeon is relatively hard and so it is recommended that you have an experienced tank on the group as that role is very important here. This is especially true for the second boss.


303 215


This fight is relatively straightforward. There is nothing specific that needs to be impaired and there are no hidden mechanics to be aware of.

The tank does not have to impair anything during this fight, however, if any of the robot adds wake up, the tank should drag them out of the electrical bursts coming from the power rods.
DPS players’ only job during this fight is to focus all their might and power towards the boss to down him as quickly as possible.
The healer just has to make sure everyone stays alive.

Beware the eletrical pulses that the power rods release periodically.



277 670


This boss fight can be quite tricky to get right and there are probably several variations of how to do it. Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comment field at the bottom of the page if you have any.

The tank should pull the boss and move him towards far end of the room. This will give you more time to damage it when it goes off to cast Burning Plasma at centre of the four pillars.
DPS players have to focus their attacks on the boss and down him as fast as possible, but the adds should not be ignored. You should take down the adds before they accumulate in numbers and become too many at once.
The healer should avoid healing team members when it’s not necessary, for example when hiding behind the pillar, to avoid inadvertently catching aggro as this boss has some strange aggro mechanics.

The blue aura around the boss will wake up the other adds in the room if it comes near them. Make sure that this does not happen, or at least avoid having many of them awake.

Alternating Current
It will attempt to cast this ability at some point during the fight. Simply avoid it. You should fight the boss away from the places you hide from his big Burning Plasma AoE, so that these persistent circles don’t block your hiding spots.

Burning Plasma
The boss will at several points during the fight go to the central point of the four pillars and cast this ability which will send a blue smoke flying across the entire arena. To escape this attack, go into the sideroom on the left side at the far end of the arena and hide there.  I’ve marked the entrance to the room in the image below.


If any adds are following you, you should take them out inside the room to get rid of them.


You will hide in this room the first two times when the boss casts Burning Plasma, however, the third time it is recommended to hide behind the cargo train instead.


Obyeckt 279

207 326


This is a pure DPS race. There are no special mechanics besides beating the boss fast enough and staying away from the activating rods.

The tank should pull the boss and move it to the right side of the room as the eletrical rods on the left side of the room will activate first. If your group is struggling to kill the boss before all the electrical rods activate, the tank can switch to being a DPS as Obyeckt 279 doesn’t deal a lot of damage. No impairs are needed.
DPS players need to deal maximum damage to the boss. Any buffs such as Breaching Shot and Deadly Aim should be activated immediately as the boss will place a shield buff on himself about 10-20 seconds into the fight.
It would be adventageous to use blood shields for healing as that can help you survive longer in the electrical fields.

As mentioned above, stay on the right side of the arena as the rods on the left side will activate first, then the rods in the middle and then the ones on the right side.



555 340


This fight has an interesting mechanic that you cannot ignore. There is no DPS race and no impairs are needed as they won’t do any good in particular.

The tank pulls the boss and avoids the boss’ various AoE ground attacks.
DPS players must concentrate their fire on the boss most of the time, but after the boss’ large AoE attack that you have to hide from, the DPS should make sure that some scientists are sent towards the boss. Do this by shooting at them from the opposite direction. The boss will need to release his aggression onto somebody, this is what the scientists are there for.
The healer doesn’t have any specific tasks aside from the usual healing, however, if you’re leech healing, then you may contribute to the DPS tasks.

Avoid the bosses AoE attacks. There are two of them; one is blood coloured and the other one is blue-green glowing.


Throw Off
The boss will cast this ability several times during the fight. It will send the tank flying backwards and an initiate his Deepening Psychosis ability.

Deepening Psychosis
The boss will move to the centre of the room. It is important that everyone gets away from him because he will instantly kill his next target.


Shoot at scientists to have them move towards the boss so that he can release his aggression onto one of them instead of one of you. If a player is caught by him instead, that player will be killed instanteously.


Vampiric Plunderer

252 679


This is perhaps the easiest fight in many ways, however, this is actually a DPS race, though it’s not very hard to get by.

The tank will only need to keep aggro. It is also possible to impair the boss’ cone attack if desired, but it’s not necessary in any way.
DPS players need to concentrate all their fire and bring down the boss as fast as they possibly can to get by the DPS race.
The healer has no specific tasks here. It’s pretty easy to heal through this fight.

Close Encounters
The boss will activate a cone attack every now and then. It can be impaired or avoided.


What consitutes the DPS race is the adds coming out of the tanks. If they reach your team, you will all die a horrible death, so get DPSing!



458 156


This fight is a bit complicated, but we’ll deal with every element one by one. This fight has two prominent phases.

Phase 1

The tank has to get aggro and move the boss around the outer edges of the room. There are no attacks that need impairs.
DPS players need to do their best to drain the boss’ health. Additionally, if any group member gets imprisoned in an ice cube, which can happen, they immediately need to destroy that ice cube before the player dies.
The healer has no specific tasks other than to do their best at healing and stay out of AoE attacks like everyone else.

Ice Shot
This attack will put red AoE circles around multiple players. What you need to do is to get away from each other so that your circles aren’t overlapping. You can survive one of these, but not two at once.


Ice Bombs & Adds
The boss will at several points of this phase return to the far end of the room and start shooting ice bombs at the floor that explodes and spawns adds. You have to deal with those adds immediately. Don’t let them come within melee range for too long or you’ll die.


Ice Cluster Imprisonment
This might not happen during your encounter as it’s a bit random, but sometimes the boss will imprison one of the players (most often the tank) inside a big cluster of ice. You have to destroy this ice cluster as fast as possible before the player inside dies. Do not underestimate this attack.


Eventually, the boss will have shot so many ice bombs at the floor that the floor will break and you’ll all fall down, a transition that reveals the unexpected second phase.


Phase 2

You will find yourself in a cellar filled with flesh overgrowth. Go to the other side of the cellar and combat the flesh boss called Aleksei-Dva.

Note! If you die during the second phase, you will not need to redo the first phase. Instead, you will spawn at an anima well down in the cellar allowing you to resume the fight from the beginning of this phase.


The tank should approach the boss directly while DPS players and the healer should stand on the left or right side. Aleksei-Dva has a frontal cone attack and will usually also spawn a few adds. Down this boss as fast as possible.


Once you have defeated Aleksei-Dva, go back to the other side of the cellar to combat Aleksei-Chetyre who now grows huge.


Much like the Ice Cluster from the previous phase, watch out for a Flesh Blob that will do the same thing to the tank. Destroy it as fast as possible.


As you keep draining Aleksei-Chetyre’s health, Aleksei-Dva will return from the dead. All DPS players should switch focus to the flesh boss and kill that one first!


When the Flesh boss is dead again, switch focus back to Aleksei-Chetyre. Finish that bastard off and be victorious!

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