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Seek and Preserve – The Hotel

Posted by Ciritty on April 7, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on December 8, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
The Sunken Library Console XP249 340 PAX25 000
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This guide will attempt to provide you with Tips, tricks and information on how to increase your success rate within Hotel.

It’s recommended that you read through the general scenario guide before reading further as this guide will only provide you with Map specific information.

Survivor Camp locations and enemy spawn points

thehotel_1b The green points mark where the survivor camps will be after you have rallied the survivors. The orange points mark the various locations where enemies will spawn during the scenario. The yellow lines stretching point an orange point to a green point marks which survivor camp the enemies will attack based on where they spawn. Upwards arrow heads indicate that points that are located on the second floor of the Hotel.

Use this intelligence to prepare yourself for the randomness this scenario will expose you to and plan ahead. Position yourself strategically.


Knowing your way around the map and making use of the environment will affect your success rate.


This burned down Kiosk can be used to make it more difficult for enemies to get to you. While you can jump in and out of the kiosk, enemies can not.

The northern shortcut is a broken wall that allows for protection against bad weather, snipers and allows for passage through the hotel.



A good way of dealing with enemy snipers in Hotel is making use of Line of sight and/or choke points.

By standing at choke points mobs will have to go through you to get to the survivors. This will allow you to stop them but be prepared to take damage if you do so.

Good places to break line of sight are behind the stairs, the barricades and any of the walls within and outside of the Hotel.

Hazardous Weather

This is the most problematic event in Hotel. The sand storm will reduce visibility and apply a debuff on anyone not standing inside or in one of the safe zones, this debuff will stack up to 10 and then hinder you while spawning a locust that will attack and attempt to silence you.

There will be safe zones near the survivors and a safe zone at the barricades between the two stairs behind the hotel.

The safe zone between the 2 stairs can be used to stop all enemies that have get passed the stairs to get to survivors. The trick is to draw their attention and using the safe zone to reset your stacks of “Sandstorm”. If a filth entity is within them try to deal the finishing blow outside of the safe zone so you can continue to stand within it.

The northwest spawn point can be stopped by using the area at the northern shortcut (see below).



Persistent Filth patches

filth patches are mostly there to force you to take different routes, here follows a way to deal with specific patches.

The two most bothersome filth patches can be found near the entrance of the Hotel, or at the doors in the back of the Hotel.

The filth at the entrance of the Hotel makes it more difficult to deal with enemies before they reach your survivors. Simple get the attention of the mobs that arrive from the entrance and move away from the survivors.

The filth at the back of the entrance keeps you from quickly getting survivor camps. If you have a dash ability it’s recommended to simply force your way through it as this is a much quicker solution than going around, combine it with active dodge. Alternatively find your way out of the hotel through the Hotel by either going upstairs or by using the northern shortcut.

Betrayal Sequence

Because the camps are so far away from each other it’s strongly recommended that you gather all the mobs before killing them. Get the attention of the Betrayers at one camp, make use of the Celerity stimulant and make your way to the other 2 camps.

Beware that these mobs hit quite hard. The use of an explosive mine is recommended when taking them out. If you’re not alone it would still be wise to help each other.

Relentless Entity

Ground Golem (Effigy X77 Golem)


Ground Golem used Crash
Crash is a large circle you can avoid, if not avoided it will deal a moderate amount of damage.

Ground Golem used Sandstorm
upon casting this ability, leaves a sandstorm at the targeted player hindering players within the area and dealing a low amount of damage. Try and move away from the golem before he finishes his cast, roll/dash out of the sand storm. The Ground Golem has increased penetrating chance against hindered targets, block cooldowns help.

Ground Golem used Sand Spout
This huge AoE ability leaves a safe spot surrounding the golem, you can avoid getting hit by it by moving out of sight, impairing the golem or by standing in melee range. Deals a large amount of damage to enemies caught in the attack.

You do not have to engage the golem but it has a chance of dropping up to rare quality augments.


This debuff deserves its own section, it’s a commonly used debuff in scenarios that deals damage over time and reduces healing taken from all sources including leech healing.

Don’t let it stack too high, get rid of it by staying out of combat until it’s gone or cleansing yourself through passives or actives.


All ghouls cast spite which will strip you from all of your buffs, impairing or running out of sight helps you avoid it. All ghouls are immune to hinders, Plague ghoul is the only exception.

Single strong mobs

Normal strong Ghoul & Plague Ghoul: Both hit very hard and have a high chance of penetrating hits. The plague Ghoul inflicts a disease effect on you with every penetrating hit.

This disease afflicted by the Plague ghoul reduces your chance to block and penetrate.

This mob type roots itself to cast a flurry of attacks called Monstrous Swipes. This ability requires the Ghoul to be facing you as such moving away or stepping to its side/back will interrupt the ability.

If you’re having trouble killing these mobs you’ll want to add more single target dps to your build.

Two average mobs

Cleaving Ghoul: Cleaving Ghouls cast an ability called overrun, it has a short range but hits everything around them when the cast ends. Can be avoided by not being next to them when this occurs, active dodge is super effective.

Throng of weak mobs

Skinny Ghouls: Every 5 hits they apply a bleeding effect on you, dispose of them quickly they are generally very weak.

Frenzy Ghoul (Effigy X77 Ghoul)


This boss is very angry, his primary ability is a frenzy effect that makes him immune to damage while greatly increasing his damage output.

Once he starts activating Frenzy (Can’t be impaired) run away you won’t last very long if he hits you in this state, this buff also slows down his movement (only on elite and below). Frenzy requires the boss to meet whoever has aggro in melee range to activate it, if you continue to move around you can avoid this ability from ever being casted even as a melee damage dealer.

This boss has a fast and large ground targeted AoE ability called Rampage that does a moderate amount of damage while the boss isn’t under the frenzy effect, but will (likely) kill you when he is.

If you keep moving during frenzy you will be fine.

Last and definitely least this boss roots himself to cast a flurry of attacks called Monstrous Swipes. It requires you to remain in front of the boss in melee range for it to work, so simply moving away or dodging through the boss will stop this attack.

Ghoul Shaman (Effigy Z77 Ghoul)


This boss is a spell caster and will be spending more time casting avoidable abilities than actively attacking you.

Wave of sickness is a large AoE that will leave a safe zone in melee range, tank the boss away from survivors. Line of sight is required for this ability to take effect as such you can hide, impair or hug the boss in order to avoid getting a large amount of damage.

He has several other ground targeted AoE abilities, move out or impair these but expect him to follow up with Wave of Sickness.


Cultist come in ranged and Melee versions, the Melee mobs have a lot of burst damage but are easily avoided or impaired. The ranged mobs however are particularly challenging, cultists have a high chance to deal critical hits and each critical hit will purge you from one of your buffs.

Single strong mobs

Shotgun Cultist: Shotgun cultists apply the buff minor block rating, making them tougher to kill than many other single strong mobs, this buff can be purged.

Shotgun cultists also use an ability with a very wide arc indication to impair anyone within, it deals a little bit of damage but the impair effect is what will get you killed. Try to make them face a direction where they aren’t facing towards your friends or survivors while you attempt to take them down, ensuring that their cast will be more easily avoided. Impairs help as well.

Two average mobs

Blazing Cultists: Blazing quickness, this ability will hit everyone thats adjacent to the Cultist at the end of the cast, dealing a moderate amount of damage applying a stack of 2 damage over time effects on anyone hit. Impair or move out of melee range as the cast finishes.

Pistol Cultists: Extremely Dangerous long range damage dealing Cultists, these mobs have high DPS and cast an ability called unlucky shot.

Unlucky shot is an AoE cast that will appear over their target, once it finishes it will deal damage and apply 2 stacks of corruption lowering your healing received. Avoid this ability by simply moving out of it or by impairing the ability.

Throng of weak mobs

Cleaving Cultists: Terrible quickness, this ability will hit everyone thats adjacent to the Cultist at the end of the cast, dealing a moderate amount of damage. Impair or move out of melee range as the cast finishes.

Male Cultist Leader (Effigy Z77 Cultist)


Uses blood magic, has 2 ground targeted AoE abilities.

Spilled Blood as the name suggests, leaves a patch of blood on the ground applying corrupted and dealing a low amount of damage each second to anyone standing on top of it.

Accursed Blast deals a moderate amount of damage and applies debilitated.

Spilled Blood will be placed under his target, if the boss ends up standing on top of it use line of sight to force him to move away from the blood. Can be impaired. Accursed Blast moving out or impairing are both valid ways of dealing with this ability.

Female Cultist Leader (Effigy X77 Cultist)


Likes to play with fire.

Casts Blazing Quickness which hits everyone around the caster applying a stack of 2 damage over time effect, Simply dodge away before the end of the cast or impair.

Call to Flames: every now and then she will summon 4 fire spirits, these each deal a low amount of damage and aren’t too much of a threat.


Locusts mostly just change in size!

They all use the ability digestive goop which will place several patches on the ground that deal damage every second to anyone standing on top of them including survivors. Intercept them before they get near survivors.

Locust have ranged attacks but their range isn’t all that great, recommended to run away while silenced to limit damage taken.

Locusts also have a healing ability but it’s a fairly weak heal that mostly works in your favor, it keeps them from casting soundless sting and you can easily do more damage than the amount of health they gain.

Single strong mobs

Cast “Soundless Sting” this will silence you for 5 seconds, rendering you unable to use abilities.

You can still move under silencing effects but due to the long duration it’s highly recommended to use abilities that make you immune to impairment effects (sleight of hand, Pistol love, Unbreakable force, Silver Streak).

Running out of sight, range or impairing are also viable ways of dealing with this ability.

Two average mobs

Cast “Soundless Sting” as well.

Throng of weak mobs

Luckily these do not cast Soundless Sting.

King Scorpion (Effigy X77 Scorpion)

Has a poisonous stinger, his attack and special abilities apply a debuff that slows your movement. Once this debuff reaches 5 stacks you will be rooted in place.

King Scorpion has 2 special abilities. Eject Poison and Venomous Column, which are channeled attacks one with a ground AoE directly placed in front of him, and the other a frontal cone. Both abilities lasts as long as the scorpion keeps channeling the abilities but root him in place.

In order to avoid getting 5 stacks of poison too quickly keep circling around him as you fight, or kite him if you’re ranged. Impairs and abilities that remove hinder are useful too.

Locust Queen (Effigy z77 Locust)

Large bug that produces smaller bugs. As all large locusts, the Locust Queen casts digestive goop and regrowth.

Instead of Soundless sting the Locust queen will use another ability called Batter, which deals a large amount of damage and impairs you for several seconds. Batter should be impaired or avoided by dodging out of melee range before the cast ends. Make sure you’re not standing on digestive goop when Batter activates in case you get caught.


Mummies are undead creatures wrapped in toilet paper or clothes. These appear to come in large numbers but are fragile, low health low damage output.

Single strong mobs

Have a large AoE spell that should be avoided or it will deal damage and apply the state hinder, cast a shield ability that heals them slowly while being immune to attacks from the front, hit them in their back to interrupt the cast.

Two average mobs

Apply corrupted at a slow rate, fairly weak mobs.

Throng of weak mobs

Easily dispatched.


Slow moving mummies that target the nearest survivor and slowly move towards them, they cannot be slowed or impaired and their hate cannot be altered meaning they will continue to move towards the nearest survivor until killed.

The bombs that spawn early in wave 3 should be killed, the bombs that spawn near the survivors outside should be killed as well, all other bombs can be ignored in favor of mobs that do fight back.

Either kill the final boss before the remaining bombs at the end of a wave reach the survivors or kill bombs during the boss fight if you don’t think you’ll manage otherwise.


Only appear in wave 3.

Single strong mobs

Large Hell Champion: Hits hard, uses a Major defence buff, places an AoE called Salted earth under the player which can be avoided.

Two average mobs

Succubus & Medium Hell Champion: 2 succubus, 2 Champion or a combination will spawn. The succubus will attempt to hinder you and is a ranged damage dealer with low health, it’s recommended to prioritize the Champion if any is nearby.

The Medium Hell Champion has a buff that heals the succubus upon dealing damage.

Hell soldiers: Hell Soldiers will start casting an AoE called Warhead around them that deals a moderate amount of damage and applies 2 stacks of exposed, impair or move out of it, otherwise not much of a threat.

Throng of weak mobs

Rakshasa: Easily dispatched but are resistant to impairs.

Final Boss

 Lava Golem (Effigy X77 Golem)


A fiery golem that is very resistant to magical attacks, every time the golem is struck by any of your attacks you will get hit for very small mount of damage, in addition to this effect the golem will also leech a small amount of health when attacking afflicted targets.

The Lava Golem has several AoE attacks that should be impaired or dodged.

Lava Flow and Burning Crash are easily avoided by stepping out of it.
Firestorm however is a huge AoE ability that leaves a safe spot surrounding the golem, you can avoid getting hit by it, by moving out of sight, impairing the golem or by standing in melee range. Deals a large amount of damage to enemies caught in the attack.

On nightmare The golem also has an ability that applies a damage over time effect on a random (including survivors) target called Slag Burn. Slag Burn deals a lot of damage and should be mitigated with healing.

It’s recommended to tank the golem far away from survivors so he doesn’t kill them with any of his abilities.

Executioner (Effigy X77 Mummy)


A glass cannon in the form of a mummy, low health high damage out put.

Executioner has 3 abilities you’ll have to deal with.

Death Sentence is a debuff that will deal a large amount of damage after 40 seconds unless the mummy is killed (cannot be cleansed), this ability has a large enough cooldown for you to never see it occur twice. Once the boss gets in casting range he will attempt to cast Death Sentence, this ability can be entirely avoided by moving out of sight before the Executioner finishes his cast.

If you were not able to avoid getting hit by this ability expect to take a lot of damage after 40 seconds (4k-6k Elite or 12-16k Nightmare), this can be mitigated through block or glances so activating cooldowns right before it hits may help.

Recommended to tank the boss near the spawn area of the map in case it does not.

Unjust Execution is a cone attack that deals a large amount of damage and should be avoided.

Bling Blang is a single target impair that deals a moderate amount of damage and will be followed up by Unjust Execution which can still be avoided once the impair effect wears off.

Jinn (Effigy Z77 Jinn)


Ruins your perfect run with a single debuff.

Jinn is a rare encounter, Jinn is a spell caster and has several AoE effects that must be avoided just like some of the other bosses in Hotel.

Firepower is an AoE attack targeted at the player with the most hate towards the Jinn, avoid or impair.

Searing Heat is a large AoE with a safety zone at the Jinn’s feet, it’s a very fast cast but only does a moderate amount of damage.

The best way to deal with the Jinn is to tank him far away from survivors near a place where you can run out of sight of Searing heat. The Jinn will place an AoE pulsing debuff on a random player/survivor and then cast Searing heat.

Either heal through it with a leech potion or hide from searing heat through line of sight as the player with the debuff sticks to the boss in melee range in order not to kill anyone nearby.

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