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Savage Coast Lair – The Overlooked

Posted by Bevis on April 19, 2016
Last updated by Vikestart on May 1, 2016


The Savage Coast lair is located south of the overlook motel. The main entrance has an anima leap called “the lowland”.

The lair mission terminals are called “Dead Filthy bird” and “Empty crate”. They located at (642,793). These provide the lair missions Sinking Feelings, Nobel Calling and The Cover-up.

The lair has three summoning circles which can be used to summon its bosses. They are located at (730,720), (810,700), and (855,645).

lair_sc_02Some enemies have the Increased Block Chance and Resistances buff while others have the NEw Flesh buff. It is strongly recommended that group members have a high Penetration Rating to reduce the amount of hits which are blocked in this lair. Enemies also have high penetration rating, and they are immune to hinder and impair effects.

Lost Sarcoma

295 362

lair_sc_04Fragment layout:


It is recommended that the DPS and healer equip a Major Health Talisman for this boss. Fragments for his summoning ritual are rewarded from the mission Sinking Feelings.

Filth Eruption

Three random AOEs on random group members, the filth blast attack will stay on the ground until the boss is dead, however, this cast can be interrupted. The DPS and Healer can stack together to restrict the amount of ground this attack will cover. This will make the fight easier.

Dead Weight

Standard AOE attack, just dodge out it.

Cleansing Ritual Fragment drops: Beth 05, Teth 09, Shin 06.

Filth Vector

339 666

lair_sc_03Fragment layout:


This boss not hard, just note that the tank will have damage over time effects which will stack throughout the encounter. Remember that this boss has the nasty Infections buff, whoever tries to purge it will take heavy damage. DO NOT use abilities like Cleanup and Magnetic Wipe. Fragments of his summoning ritual are rewarded from the mission Nobel Calling.

Pass Infection

A random AOE which is placed on a group member who will take damage over time. This attack can be interrupted.

Cleansing Ritual Fragment drops: Mim 07, Shin 06.

Shadow of Depravity

443 043

lair_sc_05Fragment layout:


This boss is much harder than the other two in Savage Coast. it is recommended for the DPS and healer to equip a Major Health Talismans for this boss. The fragments for his summoning ritual are rewarded from the mission The Cover-up.

Sundered Shadow

A randomly channeled attack which will target a group member. The attack can be line of sightd or interrupted. It can do heavy damage, and it is therefore recommended that this be done.

Vileness Unbound

This will place a filth pool around the boss’ current location.


This attack will randomly drag one player towards the boss. it is harmless unless the boss is standing in one of its filth pools, in which case it is very dangerous.

Scream Havoc

A 120 degree Aoe attack which does about 4000 damage.

Cleansing Ritual Fragment drops: Gamal 03, Shin 06.

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