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New York Raid

Posted by Vikestart on January 27, 2015
Co-authored by Nine Swords
Last updated by Vikestart on December 10, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
New York Dave Screed (350,360) XP

1 500 000


40 000

More Less Jump to:



Accessing the raid instance

Go to the sewer entrance at (415,335). You can enter without picking up the mission from Dave Screed and automatically get the mission, however, you will then miss the initial cutscene.


Team Composition

One of the most effective AND safe team composition when raiding with 10 players, is to have 2 tanks, 1 fist healer, 1 leech and 6 DPS.

The two tanks and two healers should all be in the same group. Additionally, there should be 1 buff DPS in each group that carries Breaching Shot and Deadly Aim. To further maximise the damage output, someone in the DPS group should also take Short Fuse + Final Fuse. One of the DPS players should use an Assault Rifle build and Flamethrower and take care of the adds that come during Phase 3.

Here is a simple graphical overview of the recommended raid composition:


We are fully aware that there are other raid compositions that people might prefer, and we do encourage people to experiment and try out new things! However, the aforementioned setup is the one we have decided to promote. If your fist healer is hardcore, you may be able to have 7 DPS instead of having a leech.

Gear Stats

It is advised that you have an average of QL 10.2 gear before you attempt the raid. You should also have filled all the signet slots on your talismans and weapons wisely. You will only have 10 minutes defeat the Unutterable Lurker before the area is nuked.

Defensive stats are pretty much useless in the raid. The only stat that works against the Lurker’s Whisper of Darkness debuff is Physical Protection, however, you would need a massive amount of that stat before it would become useful. Therefore, you should ditch all tanking stats, and stick to offensive stats. Basically, you will be a DPS with around 7000 Health.

The fist healer should have at least 4500 Health as this role will aggro large groups of adds several times throughout the encounter.

Phase 1

The encounter is explained role by role below.

The tank with aggro will get a Damage-over-Time debuff called Whisper of Darkness. It will count down down from 20 stacks, and eventually kill the tank at 0 stacks. Consequently, the aggro will need to bounce back and forth between two tanks. There are two common methods to handle the aggro.

Provoke Method
The easiest one is the Provoke method where the miscellaneous ability Provoke is used to grab aggro from the other tank when that tank is down to 8 stacks of Whisper of Darkness.

The other tank that just lost aggro will need to stop attacking for a few seconds, usually until the tank with aggro hits 16 stacks. And when the tank with aggro is down to around 8 stacks, the other tank will need to grab aggro with Provoke.

The cooldown for Provoke is so long that you will have to slot Mass Provoke (and probably The Art of War) as well, and use them in turns. Use Provoke the first time, then use Mass Provoke + The Art of War the second time, and so on…

Confuse Method
This method is slightly harder, because it will require that both the tanks’ DPS rate are high enough to not lose aggro to any of the DPS players, and it will also require that the damage output from the tanks are somewhat equal, by a relatively small margin.

If the tanks’ damage output is imbalanced, the tank with the lowest damage output can use Mass Confuse, while the stronger tank uses Confuse.

However, it also has its advantages. You won’t have to stop attacking when aggro is swapped and since Confuse has a shorter cooldown than Provoke, you won’t need to slot any other hate modifying abilities.

The method is simple though. Just activate Confuse when you’re down to 5 stacks of Whisper of Darkness. Keep doing this every time you hit 5 stacks.

In a normal setup, there should be 2 healers. One healer should be fist healing, while other one should leech. The raid can actually be healed by one good healer alone, but having a leech adds some safety to the setup, whilst contributing to the DPS.

The fist healer should also be the so called podder. Everyone, except the fist healer must stand on the grate metal plate in front of the Lurker, or closer. Only the fist healer should stand further away, to get the aggro from the pods.

There should be a buff DPS that carries Breaching Shot and Deadly Aim in each of the two groups in the raid. These are usually activated in the second rotation, which is about 10 seconds after the encounter begins. This will let the Exposed counter build up before you get the buffs, ensuring maximum damage.

There should also be at least one DPS that handles the adds in Phase 3. This person will need a long-range build that has a few AoE abilities, and you should also get the Flamethrower. Try to have Elemental Force ready for when you activate the Dragon’s Breath, and an augur signet will help as well.

If one of the DPS players other than the regular buffers can slot Short Fuse and Final Fuse, that would also be a huge damage boost for the DPS group. It should be fired off alongside the other buffs.

Everyone except the fist healer or any other designated “podder” should stand no further away from the Lurker than the metal grate in front of it. This ensures that Pure Filth will only be cast on the podder.


From Beneath You, It Devours

Watch out for the Lurker’s ability called Beneath You, It Devours as this is the ability that spawns the pod. The pod will approach you from either the left or right side behind. What you must do is approach it, then start walking sideways away from it back towards the Lurker. Eventually, it will just stop following you and disappear.

Everyone need to keep an eye on the fist healer or whomever that is taking care of the pod. If they get podded, you will need to destroy the pod and let that player out before they die.

Please note that the pods are AoE attacks, so several people can be podded at the same time!


Phase 2

Phase 2 will begin when the Lurker is down to around 3.9 million health. The transition to the next phase has some critical challenges that needs to be dealt with, however, Phase 2 itself is relatively easy to get right.

Transition from Phase 1 to Phase 2

When the Lurker starts casting Shadow out of Time, all of you need to run away from the Lurker to the other side of the “arena”, where there are things to hide behind.

It is imperative that the fist healer gets to safety, and isn’t hit by the Shadow out of Time wave. This is because one of the tanks will often have a high stack count of the Whisper of Darkness debuff, which can kill the tank in the matter of seconds if the healing stops. The fist healer should therefore make sure to slot a dash ability.

The tank with the highest amount of Whisper of Darkness stacks should do everything they can do stay within the fist healer’s line of sight. You will be taking a lot of damage, but you will be immune to the Shadow out of Time wave.

As a DPS, getting hit by the wave doesn’t pose any threat. It doesn’t deal any significant damage, and the debuff you get won’t do any harm as you should not be having any incoming damage during this phase anyway. However, if you can avoid getting hit by it, that’s still a bonus!


Phase 2 – Eldritch Guardians

This phase consists of hiding from several waves of Shadow out of Time which the idle Lurker continues to cast periodically, and taking down the adds that spawn after them. In between that, you will also need to defeat four Eldritch Guardians.

After the wave, several groups of zombies will spawn. The fist healer should then spam AoE heals to attract all of them to the same spot. Everyone should gather near the fist healer. To reduce incoming damage, Martial Discipline can be slotted, but this should not be necessary if the healing is very decent.

A few flamethrowers with Dragon’s Breath come in handy here when dealing with the zombie adds.

Shortly thereafter, two Eldritch Guardians will spawn. The second one will come 5-10 seconds later than the first one. They land and approach you from 3 very specific points. You can predict the next spawn point as it moves clockwise.

The tank that had aggro just before the lurker cast Shadow out of Time and the transition to Phase 2, still holds the aggro. This is usually the tank with the highest Whisper of Darkness stack count. This tank should fetch the first Eldritch Guardian.


The DPS and healers should hide behind the central pile of rubble while the tanks drag the Eldritch Guardians to the left or right side rubble, and face them away from the centre.

Melee DPS should stay behind the Eldritch Guardian to avoid getting hit by the large cone attack called Downfall. A simple illustration can be found below.


When the 4th Eldritch Guardian is about to arrive, the team should move closer to the Lurker, between the rubble and the lamppost.

The last Eldritch Guardian should be positioned on the left side of the area, when facing the Lurker. This will move the death explosion away from the police car near the lurker, which is where the tanks will go stay just before Phase 3 begins.

Be careful when killing the last Eldritch Guardian. Timing is important. If the lurker is about to cast Shadow out of Time when the Eldritch Guardian still has 50-100k health left, the DPS should stop damaging it until the wave is over.

Groups with higher damage output will probably be able to kill it before the next Shadow out of Time. Just make sure to hide from the blast wave if it’s coming. You do not want to enter Phase 3 with a heal-reducing debuff, especially as a tank.

Transition from Phase 2 to Phase 3

When the last Eldritch guardian has been dealt with, hide from the next wave of Shadow out of Time if the lurker is casting it, otherwise approach the lurker. If Shadow out of Time is being cast, the tanks and the healers should hide behind the police car near the lurker, while the other team members should hide behind the rubble farther behind.

The tank that fetched the first Eldritch Guardian should aslo be the one to engage the Lurker first in Phase 3.


Phase 3

Buff Circles

This part is important. There will be 3 buff circles in front of the Lurker. They are weapon specific and will boost the damage of those weapons by 200%.

The golden circle closest to the Lurker boosts Hammer, Blade, Fists and Chaos power.

The red circle in the middle boosts Shotgun and Pistols power.

The purple-golden circle in the back boosts Assault Rifle, Blood and Elementalism power.

You should try to have a weapon combination where both of your weapons get buffed. Also, the buff circles do not boost procs. Consequently, you should not use passives like Sudden Return or Arterial Pulse, but instead use percentage based ones such as Lethality.


The tanks will do pretty much what they did in Phase 1. Keep using the same aggro swapping method. You do not have to worry about anything else going on.

Pure Filth

The Lurker will continue to place pools of filth at the feet of random team member. It is imperative that you DO NOT let this be placed in any of the buff circles. You should also leave the areas behind the rubble on the left and right side free of filth, since you will be hiding from Shadow out of Time there.

The DPS that stand in the red circle in the middle should stand at the front edge of it, as close to the Lurker as possible. This will reduce the chance of the Lurker attempting to place filth at your feet. It’s easier for the players in the long-distance buff circle to handle that.

Shadow out of Time

During this last phase, the Lurker will continue to cast Shadow out of Time periodically. Ranged DPS, as well as the healers, should hide behind the rubble to the left or right.

When tanking, you will be immune to Shadow out of Time as long as you have the Whisper of Darkness debuff.



After each Shadow out of Time, new adds will spawn and come for the fist healer, because of the accumulated aggro from the healing.

The designated adds DPS should handle this. To increase efficiency, try timing Elemental Force so that you can supercharge your Dragon’s Breath flamethrower ability, in addition to using extra AoE abilities.

From Beneath You, It Devours

The Lurker will also continue to spawn new pods every now and then.

The fist healer or any other designated podder should continue to try and handle the pods as best as they can. Try to use the same techniques from Phase 1. It’s not critical if you get podded, but the nearby DPS players will need to free you quickly.

Final Resort

When the Unutterable Lurker has close to 200 000 health left, it will spawn a huge AoE that obliterates everything in front of it, and also removes the buff circles.

If your raid’s damage output is very high, you might be able to kill the Lurker before it finishes casting this attack, however, it is wise to get out of the way just in case.

Keep going until you are victorious!
Congratulations on a succesful raid!

After viewing the cutscene and distributing the loot, you can exit the raid instance by using the fresh anima well nearby.


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