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Bunica Padurii

Posted by Vikestart on September 6, 2015
Last updated by Vikestart on September 15, 2015


The Bunica Padurii has 6 000 000 health and is immune to all Crowd Control effects.

A summoning ritual of the same name, as well as 8 players, are required to summon it. You can summon it at any of the summoning pads in the Shadowy Forest lair. Simply click on the summoning ritual while standing on the pad to spawn a heart. 7 other players from your raid will need to click on it as well.

It is recommended to promote the summoning in the #event chat channel and/or the Social window whenever you’re going to spawn one of these as it is balanced around an entire zone of players pitching in.


Branch Whip

This is the boss’ basic attack and will be cast almost all the time.

Summon Whisps

When the Bunica Padurii’s health is starting to get low, it will summon whisps around itself. The Enslaved Forest Spirits are not so important to get rid of since they only increase the damage dealt by the boss, but the others will apply various dangerous effect such as barriers and strong heal-over-time effects.

These can be separated from the Bunica Padurii by using Chaotic Pull on them. An alternative is to have the tank kite the boss and for hinders to be used on the whisps, but using Chaotic Pull is lot easier.



Everyone that summoned the boss will be given access to a purple loot bag that will always contain 3 epic signets.

Everyone, including the summoners, will get a mission report upon the death of this boss. It will reward you with [Victor’s Signet Reward Bag]. It has a much higher chance of awarding an epic signet than a regular blue signet bag.

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