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Gatekeeper – Healer

Posted by Ciritty on August 11, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on September 7, 2015
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The Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper is a challenge a player can take on once they have completed every elite dungeon at least once. This only includes Elite dungeons part of the base game, you do not need to have purchased Issue 12.

From the initial agartha platform head towards the first portal that leads to elite dungeons, instead of taking the second portal take the left portal which will lead you towards the Gatekeeper (Once this challenge has been completed this road will lead to nightmare dungeons).

In front of the Gatekeeper 3 Manifestations reside, Furio, Fortitudo, Vita.

Below are two of our builds that are considered optimal for this encounter.


This guide will focus on the Manifestation to the right, Vita.
Vita is intended to be the healer specific Gatekeeper challenge.

This challenge will require you to do things healers often have to deal with in nightmare dungeons.

There are 3 phases.

Phase 1

You and “A friend” will have to defeat the Gatekeeper together. “A friend” Is a friendly Gatekeeper that will deal all the damage required to finish the encounter and tank all the damage the Gatekeeper causes so that you don’t have to. All you have to do is keep him alive throughout the encounter.

Once Initiated the Gatekeeper will spawn 4 Circles (OF DOOM). If you step into one of these you will rapidly die. Periodically the Gatekeeper will place one of these circles underneath the player, you are required to react and move out of these.

A friend can also die from Circles (OF DOOM), this means that you should not stay near your friend or the Gatekeeper may just end up killing him instantly and causing the fight to end.


Phase 2

The Gatekeeper will set you on fire! 3 debuffs dealing 600 damage every 2 seconds will be placed on you these debuffs should be cleansed as fast as possible.

Cleansing them all would require:

Blood: Transfuse and abuse
Pistol: Win win & collaboration
Pistol: Pistol Love
Shotgun: Cleanup

If you’re using targeted abilities to cleanse such as Pistol Love you can hold Ctrl (Default) to target yourself until you release the key.

Phase 3

At 20 000 hp the circles (OF DOOM) disappear and more friends will spawn. The Gatekeeper will then place two patches of fire on the ground. One of your new friends will be standing on top of a fire.


This part simulates the event when a DPS player in a dungeon is standing on a fire while the tank is still tanking the boss as well. To complete this encounter none of the green friends may die so you will have to heal both the guy that is tanking the boss and the guy on the fire at the same time.

Note: The fire doesn’t do too much damage so you don’t have to heal him as often.

This fight ends when the Gatekeeper’s health reaches 0.

Once you complete this fight you will be eligible for nightmare dungeons, but sadly you won’t be able to repeat this challenge.

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