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Seek and Preserve – The Mansion

Posted by Ciritty on April 7, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on December 8, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
The Sunken Library Console XP249 340 PAX25 000
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This guide will attempt to provide you with Tips, tricks and information on how to increase your success rate within Mansion.

It’s recommended that you read through the general scenario guide before reading further as this guide will only provide you with Map specific information.



The green points mark where the survivor camps will be after you have rallied the survivors. The orange points mark the various locations where enemies will spawn during the scenario. The yellow lines stretching point an orange point to a green point marks which survivor camp the enemies will attack based on where they spawn. Upwards arrow heads indicate that points that are located on the second floor of the Mansion.

Use this intelligence to prepare yourself for the randomness this scenario will expose you to and plan ahead. Position yourself strategically.


Knowing your way around the map and making use of the environment will affect your success rate.

The biggest 3 environmentally advantageous points in this map are:


One, The starting platform.

NPC’s don’t jump, make use of this knowledge by jumping on and off the edges of the platform in order to force them to find a different path.


Two, The pool behind the mansion.

Same as above, NPC’s don’t jump, make use of this knowledge by jumping on and off the edges of the pool in order to force them to find a different path.


Three, Trees. Trees allow you to break the line of sight of enemies, interrupting casts and forcing casters to change their positioning.


There’s a quick way into the mansion by climbing a bench as can be seen above.

There’s also a quick way out of the mansion which involves jumping out of a window on the second floor.

Dealing with Special Events


have i mentioned trees before? Look at the laser indicator, line of sight will help you avoid sniper shots without needing Active dodge. If breaking line of sight is not an option Active Dodge, Dashes or abilities including [Epipen] can take care of it as well.

Hazardous Weather

A mist sets in, every second spend in this mist stacks a buff once this buff reaches 10 stacks you get slowed and a zombie spawns near you. This zombie will attempt to hinder a nearby player every few seconds.

There will be safe zones that instantly reset your stacks.

Persistent Filth patches

filth patches are mostly there to force you to take different routes, here follows a way to deal with specific patches.

A filth patch at the entrance of the mansion.

This filth patch can be avoided by jumping through the window to the right of the entrance (see picture below).


Filth patch on the second floor of the Mansion. This filth Patch will block the usage of one of the stationary Celerity stimulant. In addition to blocking the usage of this stimulant ranged mobs will attack survivors while standing on the filth patch. Attract their attention by hitting them and stand behind one of the walls in order to break line of sight and force them to come towards you.

Betrayal Sequence

Turns some survivors into zombies.

Dealing with this event is mostly a matter of pulling the mobs off the survivors as fast as possible before taking them down.

If you’re near the pool attract the zombies, take the Celerity stimulant and use the shortcut to enter the mansion and kill the zombies.

If you’re in the mansion pull the zombies take the the Celerity stimulant and jump out of the window and kill the zombies at the pool.

If they’re too tough make use of an explosive mine to take them down instantly.

Relentless Entity

Grass Golem (Effigy X77 Golem)

This golem has an increased penetration chance against impaired targets.

Rock Clash is a slow casted AoE that impairs anyone hit by the ability for several seconds.
Overgrowth usually follows directly after Rock Clash and is a ground targeted AoE ability that persists for a long duration and deals tons of damage to everything standing on top of it.

The golem will target the ground where the player with most hate is currently positioned, position yourself on places where a ground effect that can kill anyone almost instantly will affect your chances of victory (So far away from survivors or paths that you need to traverse).

You do not have to engage the golem but it has a chance of dropping up to rare quality augments.


This debuff deserves its own section, it’s a commonly used debuff in scenarios that deals damage over time and reduces healing taken from all sources including leech healing.

Don’t let it stack too high, get rid of it by staying out of combat until it’s gone or cleansing yourself through passives or actives.


Zombies always appear as the first wave in Mansion, they can also appear in the second wave.

Single strong mobs

A walking corpse that appears to be very violent.

There are 2 types of violent zombie, one of them will apply a damage over time effect on the targeted player and the other will vomit a green Ground AoE effect that should be avoided.

Rip and Tear is the ability that deals damage over time.

Heave Ho is the Ground AoE effect.

Two average mobs

Two grey Zombies that shield themselves and/or friendlies around them, they attempt to root their enemies in place with a large AoE called Chaotic Entrapment.

Chaotic Entrapment is a fairly fast cast so stay on the move if possible, it will be casted on top of the player. It deals a low amount of damage as well.

Throng of weak mobs

Fast zombie horde.

These mobs like to gang up on a single survivor, make sure not to leave them unattended for too long.


Slow moving enemies that move towards the nearest survivor in order to deal a large amount of damage often enough to instantly kill a survivor, depending on where they spawn bombs are either a pain to deal with or extremely easy.

Bombs that spawn behind the mansion should be engaged straight away they don’t have to walk very far to reach survivors and are fairly spread out making AoE attacks inefficient, use explosive mines if the survivors inside of the mansion are in trouble.

Bombs that spawn infront of the mansion need to take a very long path towards the survivors inside and are as such of low priority, while entering the house they also bunch up making AoE effective measures against these bombs.

Hulking Zombie (Effigy X77 Zombie)


Dead Weight is a small AoE around the boss, if hit knocks you to  the ground for a few seconds while dealing a moderate amount of damage.

Exhumation is an AoE casted under his targets feet that deals a moderate amount of damage if hit.

No tactics, just move out of his rather easily avoided abilities and kill the boss as normal.

Frenzy Bear (Effigy X77 Zombie)


Angry undead bear that spreads disease and decay leaving behind a pool of Infectious Spur which deals damage to anything standing on top of it.

Bear Bite applies a damage over time effect that stacks up to 10.
Spilled Blood
places a pool of blood at the player upon cast that deals damage and applies stacks of accursed.
Ursinity causes the bear to enter a state of frenzy, dealing increased damage with his attacks. In addition to the bears abilities dealing more damage all the afflictions and ground effects applied by the bear enhances, dealing 300% more damage as well. On difficulties lower than nightmare the bear becomes hindered for the duration of this effect.

Dealing with this Angry bear can be done effectively in 2 ways, both ways will require you to avoid getting any Accursed stacks by avoiding the Spilled Blood ground AoE.

* Kiting, If you can keep running in circles without pause while attacking the bear (can be done with melee attacks) You can endlessly keep him from using Ursinity as he requires to be in melee range to cast it. Staying on the move also removes the chance of you stepping into Spilled Blood.

* Bear Wrestling, if you’re not adept at running in circles simply fight the bear until he starts casting abilities. Do not get hit by Spilled Blood, this debuff will kill you when the bear uses Ursinity. When the bear starts casting Ursinity run away! Repeat process until you can loot him.

On nightmare mode the Frenzy Bear won’t be hindered. A good way of dealing with this is bringing a hinder yourself, which combined with the passive “Perjury” will keep the bear from harming you at all! If hinders can’t be applied by your build here follows an alternate way.

The environment. As explained in my general scenario guide, using the environment to your advantage is key to making this encounter a lot less frustrating. Fighting the bear near the edges of the pool in the back yard allows you to jump on and off. Bears can climb trees but small ledges instill a fear so unpleasant that the bear finds another way around.

The best place to fight difficult bosses is however the starting platform. As the bear spawns simply fight him next to the starting platform, jump onto it and run off on the other side to keep the center free from Infectious Spur.


Draugs posses several buffs that they cast on themselves to increase their powers.

Blood in the Water increases critical hit chance.
Vengeance increases penetrating hit chance.

Can appear in Wave 2 & 3.

Single strong mobs

Broodwitch: Uses a cone attack called Ink spew, the ability will activate in the direction the Broodwitch is facing upon casting the ability.

Two average mobs

A combination or double of the mobs listed below will spawn in a duo.

Draug Impaler: Uses an ability called Harpoon, Harpoon is a small Ground AoE that knocks you down on impact, easily avoided.
Draug Mauler: Uses an ability called Berzerker Rage that deals a moderate amount of damage and impairs all enemies caught in the large radius for a brief moment.
Sorceress: Ranged Damage dealers that will try to keep their distance by moving away and rooting their target. They also cast a ground effect called Electric tide under the targeted player, try not to be near survivors when that happens.

Draug Lord(Effigy Z77 Draug)


A large squid-like draug which attacks hit everyone in a cone infront of the draug.

Gold Chains a long ranged targeted attack that deals a large amount of damage, this ability will chain to anyone near the target.
Pulse Wave an AoE casted around the boss that deals a large amount of damage on impact.
Barnacled grants increased defence rating.

Face this boss away from your group. Fighting the Draug Lord near a tree will allow you to break Line of sight easily keeping any ability from hitting you.
Gold Chains is the ability you will want to avoid the most, this high damaging ability can potentially kill you and anyone near you in one hit, it can be avoided by dodging through the boss at the end of the cast, impairing or as mentioned before breaking line of sight.

Draug Warmonger (Effigy X77 Draug)


Assaults people with water attacks and giant pincers.

Deep Blast is a black AoE around the Warmonger that will knock anyone caught in the blast radius back dealing a moderate amount of damage.
Water Spiral a Ground AoE casted infront of the boss.
Watery Spike this ability deals a large amount of damage to his target.
Barnacled grants increased defence rating.

Deep Blast can be easily avoided as it has a short range and takes a while to cast. If his target doesn’t stay infront of the boss Water spiral will be interrupted, the player with aggro could keep walking around the boss in order to avoid this ability entirely.
Water Spike can hit very hard and should be avoided. It is possible to dodge through the boss at the end of the cast to avoid taking damage, moving out of sight or impairing the ability works as well.


Scarecrows are Build to Last, which grants them greatly increased resistance to impairment effects. When their health reaches low levels they burst into flames dealing magical damage to anyone attacking them.

Can appear in Wave 2 & 3.

Single strong mobs

Armed with a shotgun this Scarecrow casts a large cone ability called Heavy slug that will knock you to the ground for several seconds. In order to combat them effectively it’s recommended that you face them in a direction where it’s easy for you or your team mates to avoid the blast.

Two average mobs

Recognizable through the effigy tailored to their sides, these scarecrows deal ranged damage, they cast an ability called Pediopobia that applies 1 stack of corrupted. While not a huge threat damage wise, Pediopobia will lower your healing by up to 50% which is bound to get you killed if left unchecked. It’s a good idea to either avoid being afflicted by this effect by moving out of Line of sight (walls, trees) or by cleansing yourself.

Throng of weak mobs

Three Scarecrows with chainsaws will attempt to massacre anything standing in their way of massacring helpless survivors, swings of their chainsaws cause enemies to suffer damage over time. These mobs like to gang up on a single survivor, make sure not to leave them unattended for too long. Swings of chainsaws are large enough to hit anything directly infront of the scarecrow.

Revenant (Effigy X77 Revenant)


Flicker causes the Revenant to disperse into a murder of crows and reappear after a set amount of time.
Flickering Ambush is a damaging ability casted after the Revenant reappears.
Call to Crows is a frontal cone that applies accursed once per second to anyone standing infront of the Revenant.

Stand in such a manner that the Revanant casts Call to Crows in such a way that it won’t hit your friends and move out of its way.


Only appear in wave 3.

Single strong mobs

A big Ak’ab that likes to dash and slam into things and people.

Dash is a column attack that impairs everything in its path, dealing a moderate amount of damage.

Mandible Stab deals a high amount of damage upon cast, can be avoided by dodging through the Ak’ab right before the cast ends or by impairing as normal.

Two average mobs

Two medium sized Ak’abs that spit at you from a distance, snaring you in order to make it easier for other Ak’abs to take their enemies down.

Staying near walls, obstacles that stop Dash make these critters not so dangerous and as such are of low priority.

Throng of weak mobs

A brood of young Ak’abs. Have a major defence buff, increasing chance to glance attacks by 40%.


Specters posses one of the following passives.

Phase In Lowered resistance to physical damage, increased resistances to magical damage.

Phase Out Lowered resistance to magical damage, increased resistances to physical damage.

Specters can also fly through walls.

Only appear in wave 3.

Single strong mobs

Coloured clothes wearing Specters.

Slow Dance (female) Roots you in place.
Otherworldy Scream Large AoE that deals a low amount of damage to all targets caught in it.
Ghastly Draining Deals damage to their target while healing the specter.
Pincushion: Redirects damage back to the assailant.

Specters are best dealt with by constantly breaking line of sight, walls and trees are especially useful for doing so.

It’s best to do either all physical damage or all magical damage opposed to trying to even your damage out. By focusing on either physical or magical damage you can quickly take out all the specters that are weak against your focus reducing the amount of specters faster than if you don’t focus on either physical or magical damage effectively reducing the amount of targets that will block your path, root you or otherwise be over the attack limit of your abilities.

Female Specters cast Slow Dance, if you get the chance to focus on female Specters make sure to do so.

Throng of weak mobs

A mixture of a total of 3 Male and Female grey Specters.

Slow dance (female) roots their target in place.
Spectral Restoration Heals the specter for a moderate amount.

See Single Strong Specters for how to deal with these, focusing on female specters will reduce amount of root effects.


Only appear in wave 3.

Single strong mobs

Large Hell Champion: Hits hard, uses a Major defence buff, places an AoE called Salted earth under the player which can be avoided.

Two average mobs

Succubus & Medium Hell Champion: 2 succubus, 2 Champion or a combination will spawn. The succubus will attempt to hinder you and is a ranged damage dealer with low health, it’s recommended to prioritize the Champion if any is nearby.

The Medium Hell Champion has a buff that heals the succubus upon dealing damage.

Hell soldiers: Hell Soldiers will start casting an AoE called Warhead around them that deals a moderate amount of damage and applies 2 stacks of exposed, impair or move out of it, otherwise not much of a threat.

Throng of weak mobs

Rakshasa: Easily dispatched but are resistant to impairs.

Final Boss

Large Wendigo (Effigy X77 Wendigo)


This boss hits very hard, and applies beneficial buffs that make him even deadlier. In addition to hitting very hard, this Large Wendigo makes use of a major hit buff and a damage buff called All consuming hunger. The Wendigo also possesses the ability Lean Winter which regenerates a small amount of health per second (channeled).

All consuming hunger increases crit and pen chance by a significant amount for a few seconds.

Wendigo Pychosis applies a stack of Exposed and grants the boss a Major Hit Chance for ten seconds.

Use defensive cooldowns or use the terrain to keep the Wendigo from killing you when All consuming hunger is active, depending on your build it may be more beneficial for you to allow him to complete Lean Winter in order to recuperate or simply do more damage than he gains health. As Wendigo Pychosis applies exposed the fight becomes more difficult the longer it lasts.

Large Ak’Ab (Effigy X77 Ak’Ab)


A large Ak’ab that charges, summons adds, and sucks the life out of you.

Dash is a column attack that impairs everything in its path, dealing a moderate amount of damage.
Chittering Call is as the name suggests a cry for aid, summoning 2 additional small ak’abs to the fight.
Royal Jelly is a Channeled attack that will heal the Ak’ab for a percentage of the damage done to the player.

This boss is fairly straight forward, but can deal a decent amount of damage when not approached properly. In order to avoid Dash you simply have to stand near a tree, wall, rock; anything that keeps the Ak’ab from moving more than half the spell indicator.

Royal Jelly can deal a lot of damage, which will then heal the Ak’ab back up as well but can be mitigated through defensive abilities. Stopping this ability can be done through distance ( dodging/dashing away), impairing or by breaking line of sight (If you fight near a tree running around it will break the cast).

Expect him to cast Dash straight after Royal Jelly ends.

Wraith (Effigy Z77 Wraith)


Hits very hard.

Scythe Through: Snares his target while casting a slow ground AoE, anyone hit by this ability will take a moderate amount of damage and will be rooted in place.
Red ribbon: a Ground AoE that applies 10 stacks of corrupted to anyone hit by the ability.
Chain of Fools: This ability will deal a large amount of damage to the Wraiths target upon activating and chain to anyone near the affected player.
Enshroud a damage absorption barrier.

This boss receives reduced damage until receiving a critical hit, which then exposes him causing enemies to deal additional damage. If no one in the group uses any form of critical rating or passives, slot Elemental Force.

While his damage output is high, the Wraiths abilities are easy to deal with.
Avoid Scythe Through with either a dash or active dodge. Red ribbon should be avoided at all cost, run (or cleanse yourself after getting hit)! Chain of Fools can be avoided by dodging through the wraith right before the ability is casted. All 3 of his abilities can be completely negated by running out of sight even if you stay inside of the AoE cast indicator.

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