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The Ankh Normal

Posted by Vikestart on January 8, 2016
Co-authored by Bevis
Last updated by Vikestart on January 10, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Scorched Desert Lisa Hui (400,950) XP

851 860

PAX8 330  BB4
More Less Jump to:


Enter the dungeon by using the lift controls in the lift located south-west of Lisa Hui’s tent. To get there, you will need to head south to where the filthy Orochi soldiers are, then head through a small tunnel on the right side (heading west).


This dungeon is quite the step up in difficulty, especially in terms of healing requirements.

The bosses in this dungeon typically have ranged attacks. While it is possible to melee DPS here, it is not recommended unless you are very experienced.

Squalid Hekaturgist

94 964


Motes of Aten
This fight requires players to be on the move constantly. There are 4 pink orbs (Motes of Aten) that keep rotating counter clock-wise. After changing position 4 times, they will all float to the middle of the arena, then back out and start rotating again. Timing is the key here.

If they come near you, you will be silenced and probably die, although if your team mates hurry, it is possible to deal enough damage to it causing it to detatch from the player.

Heka Blast
A PbAOE attack which will be cast at the tank’s feet. It will follow the tank around until triggered, thus it is advised that the other members of the group are not inside the circle (as shown below).


Doctor Klein

178 057


Open the Void
Orbs will come out of a portal on either the left or right side of the bridge. These orbs are the same as the ones faced in the previous boss encounter, and they will silence and probably kill anyone who gets too close to them. You should therefore stand on the opposite side of the bridge to avoid them as they float by. Be careful not to go too far to either side, though, as you can fall off the bridge.


Swell of Mutation
Klein will summon a small wave on either his left or right side, shortly after he has done this, the wave will dash towards the players and deal enough damage to kill anyone who is not tanking. Like with the orbs, you should go to the opposite side of the bridge to avoid being killed. As the fight goes on, Klein may cast multiple waves in rapid succession of one another, in which case they will be cast on alternating sides.


Wave of Mutation
Everyone, except the tank, needs to go back and stand on the broken pillar. The wave will one-shot anyone caught in it. The tank must stand about 8 metres away from Klein and use Spiral of Death to teleport through the wave as it approaches, and thus reach Klein instantly. The DPS and healer may come down from the pillar once the wave has crashed into it and vanished.


Phase 1

The tank should go in first and attack Doctor Klein a few times before anyone else in the team hit Klein, just to let the tank grab aggro.

Profane in Membrane and Spray and Pray are Klein’s normal attacks, keep an eye out for the occasional Open the Void and Swell of Mutation and dodge those as needed.

When Klein begins casting Wave of Mutation, you then need to back up about 8 meters and wait for Klein to cast the wave. Once he does this, you should spam Spiral of Death until the teleport succeeds. Once you reach him, he needs to be impaired to stop him from casting Open the Void and Swell of Mutation simultaneously, which would result in a wipe.

Keep the tank as your defensive target. You should keep an eye out for Open the Void and Swell of Mutation.

When Wave of Mutation is cast, you can either use a Nullity Sphere or simply run back to the broken pillar and jump onto it in order to avoid being killed by the wave. There is filth on the broken pillar, but you need to be on top of it once the wave hits, or else it will kill you.

Phase 2

Klein will continue to use the attacks from the last phase.

This phase is very similar to phase 1, simply keep an eye out for Open the Void and Swell of Mutation. The difference is, however, that Klein may decide to cast one on both sides of the bridge at the same time. If he does this, you need to impair one of them as he will kill the DPSes and the healer if he is allowed to do this.

When Doctor Klein’s health reaches 44 900, he will flee.This will mark the end of the boss fight, and your loot bag will appear.

Orochi Dead Ops

53 417
53 417
53 417


Before engaging this trio, the group should decide on an order in which to kill them. The most common ways are Right-Middle-Left, or the other way around. Faction marks may be used in order to make it easier to distinguish between the various targets as they move around.

This will hinder the target it hits and greatly reduce their movement speed for a while.


A big AoE grenade will be cast on the tank, and a smaller AoE grenade will be cast on one of the other team members, who that will be is random. The tank should dodge out of the large AoE grenade area.


Phase 1

When you go in, you should attack 1 or 2 times to aggro them, then use The Art of War. You can then glance six attacks, two from each Orochi Dead Ops. Remember, each Orochi Dead Ops has its own aggro, which means you will need to keep aggro on all three bosses at the same time. Afflictions are a great way to help you keep aggro.
Keep the tank as your defensive target. Focus on one dead ops member at a time to kill it as fast as possible. 
Once the tank reaches 40%~50% HP, you should use Reap and Sew. Futhermore, Backup Drone and Greater Good are great ways to help you heal through the massive amounts of damage the dead ops deal.


Dimensional Arachnid

136 511


Black Bile
A randomly targeted AoE which places filth on the ground, simply dodge out of its way and stay out of the filth pool that spawns in its place.


After a while, the Spider will start spawning Research Assistants. They will start to gradually increase the Boss’ damage output. You may choose to kill them whenever they spawn, or simply ignore them and focus on the boss, while the tank grabs aggro on them.

You should move around and keep aggro on Research Assistants as they appear. Impairs are useful for buying yourself some time to get healed, as this boss deals a fair amount of damage.
Simply focus on the boss, and again: keep the tank as your defensive target in case the healer decides to use Reap and Sew.
Same as the DPS. If the tank’s HP drops to 40%~50%, you should use Reap and Sew. You will probably need powerful boosts such as Energise, Greater Good or Backup Drone as well.

The Colossus, Melothat

89 029


This is a relatively easy encounter as well, but you need to be on the lookout for the Wretched Receptacle adds, as they have a very high damage output, and unless they are dealt with quickly, they can kill the tank.

Over Kill
Noone must get too close to the boss, this attack will hinder and kill anyone who is not tanking if you get too close. The tank can still attack the boss using melee attacks, but you need to keep some distance at all times.


Gate 1

Aggro the Disembalmed Atenists. Once they are dead, you should wait for the DPS players to break down the first gate. When the Wretched Receptacles come through the open gate, it is recommended to use Helter Skelter to impair them for a few seconds, thus giving the DPS time to kill them. Then head back to the BOSS and attack 5~6 times. After that, you should run to Gate 2, and start to aggro the Orochi Dead Ops. but do not break the second gate just yet. This is important!

When the Orochi Dead Ops is actually dead, the BOSS should be about to, or already be walking towards you. After he roars, two Wretched Receptacles will come from behind him. The tank must aggro them and perhaps also use a secondary impair, like The Art of War to stun them long enough for them to be killed by the DPS. Alternatively, one of the DPS players can bring a hindering ability if you do not have enough available ability slots.

Kill the Disembalmed Atenists first, then break Gate 1, once it is down, kill the Wretched Receptacle as quickly as possible. The Dragon’s Breath flamethrower ability is quite useful here. Once they are dead, go back to the BOSS, and attack it until he becomes enraged. You will hear him roar and his movement speed will be greatly increased. At this point you should back away with the tank and kill the Orochi Dead Ops. DO NOT keep attacking the BOSS when he heads for Gate 1 after his enrage.

After the Orochi Dead Ops is dead, it is recommended to NOT break the second gate just yet. Instead, take care of the adds coming from behind the boss first, then deal with the gate as there will be coming adds from behind it once it is brought down.

Gate 2

After the Wretched Receptacles behind the second gate are dead, go back and start attacking the BOSS again until he becomes enraged. You should then back away until you reach the other side of the second gate. Once the boss is reaches it you should resume attacking it. After some time he will send more adds your way, they should be disposed off before they can kill your tank, potentially causing a wipe. Eventually, two Orochi Dead Ops will spawn behind you, but if the DPS is high enough you will kill the boss before they even reach you.


The boss will not be immobilized for long, and it will then send four Wretched Receptacles towards you, they should be grabbed and impaired to give the DPS time to dispose of them. Furthermore, two Orochi Dead Ops will spawn at the very back of the area. The tank should grab them and keep them away from the DPS if the boss is not downed fast enough for them not to interfere.
It is recommended to save Breaching Shot and Deadly Aim, and any other buffs for this phase as the boss will need to be killed quickly. Should the two dead ops spawn DO NOT focus them, but keep attacking the boss.

The Colossus, Melothat & Doctor Klein

356 114
178 057


The tank should slot the Stoicism ability here, as it will help keeping Melothat’s aggro when you have to run up and hit Klein. Also, it is important to remember to slot Spiral of Death and at least 2 impairs. You will also need Chaotic Pull for one of the Reapers at the end.

This attack is slightly bigger than the white outlines show, so position yourself at least 2~3 feet from the circle. The filth will hinder and damage you continuously. The attack will also leave a filthy area which persists until Klein begins to buff the colossus.


Phase 1

Until The Colossus, Melothat begins to attack the tank, the DPS and leecher should hold their fire. Once the tank has been able to hit the boss a couple of times the DPS and leecher may safely attack. The left side of the arena will be completely covered in filth at this point, do not step in it. The filth on the left side of the arena will disappear when Klein buffs the boss.

When Melothat shows up, use Chaotic Pull to get his attention. Stay close to him, and remember that his attack is a cleave, so you should stand to the right of the entrance. When he casts Sinkhole and places a filth area, move slightly to the left and keep tanking him. Repeat this process every time he casts Sinkhole.

At one point Melothat will stop attacking you, and Klein will cast Unnatural Selection which will buff Melothat. You need to interrupt the ability, which can be done by the tank running along the left side of the arena, which was previously covered in filth, and then running up the stairs to hit Klein two times, then you can jump down to Melothat (refer to the image below for exact locations). The Death From Above rocket launcher ability can help you move faster.

Keep the Tank as your defensive target, if the healer is leech healing. If the tank has problems keeping aggro after running up to stop Klein, you should cease fire immediately to allow the tank to grab the boss again.

Same as the DPS, your number one priorities should be staying out of the cleave’s range and keeping the tank alive. You can slot Giddy Up and use it when the tank runs up to hit Klein.

The Path to Klein and back to Melothat

You only need to hit him twice, once that is done simply jump down onto the scaffolding and run back to MelothatKlein will position himself further up the second time, for his exact location, see below. Be careful when jumping down onto the scaffolding though, as you can miss and land in the lake of filth.



Phase 2

When Melothat is immobilized for the third time, Klein will show up on the entrance side of the arena and immediately begin casting Wave of Mutation, just like he did when you encountered him earlier as the 2nd boss. The tank needs to use Spiral of Death to teleport through the wave and then impair Klein.

Klein will keep teleporting between the scaffolding side and entrance side periodically until he drops below 37 000 HP. After that, Phase 3 will be initiated.

When Klein is on the scaffolding side, you should focus on bringing down Melothat.


Do exactly what you did during the second boss encounter. Use Spiral of Death to teleport through the wave. After that, impair Klein to stop him from spawning orbs and waves at the same time. You should then move left to aggro Melothat and Klein at the same time.
When Klein teleports to the scaffolding side, focus on killing Melothat. When Klein is on the entrance side, focus on bringing him down, but keep an eye out for the orbs and waves of mutation, move right or left as needed when he casts those abilities, just like you did during the second boss encounter.

Phase 3

When Klein teleports to the top of the arena and begins casting Ungodly Exhortation, the filth on the scaffolding will disappear. At this point everyone needs to go up to him, however, be careful not to jump onto the scaffolding too early as the filth will kill you.


The tank goes up first and attacks Klein to interrupt him from casting Ungodly Exhortation.


Keep the tank as your defensive target in case the healer wants to use Reap and Sew for extra healing, if they are leech healing.

Same as the DPS, however, as Klein will have a constant damage buff on him that will increase as the fight goes on, so if you are leech healing you might need Reap and Sew if the DPS take too long to kill Klein, or if the tank’s HP gets too low.

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