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The Facility Elite

Posted by Vikestart on January 9, 2016
Co-authored by Bevis
Last updated by Vikestart on January 9, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Agartha Portal (620,50) XP

1 077 140

PAX10 000  BB6
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This is one of the hardest dungeons in the game, prepare for a challenge!

The Degenerate

129 579


Rush ‘N Attack
A long range dash attack, just dodge it. Do not get too close to him, however, as the wrecking ball will harm anyone too close to it while he uses this attack.


Bad Taste
Places a persistent, poisonous, field on the ground. This area will remain poisonous until the end of the encounter.

You can impair it, but with good positioning and sufficient DPS the encounter should be over before these cause you any significant trouble.


Ball Breaker
He smashes his ball into the ground, causing pieces of the ceiling to fall down. There will be several AoE circles on the ground. Just avoid them.


Red Guard

277 670


Electromagnetic Cauterisation
A massive AoE attack that goes in four corridor directions. RL Burn, which looks like a circle of electricity, is also put in the spot where the Red Guard stood when casting this, and it will be there until the end of the fight. Everyone must hide behind the pillars before he finishes casting this ability, or else they will die.

After Electromagnetic Cauterisation you need move fast, and keep boss in the outer ring. After this attack, you should move to the next non-RL Burn covered area of outer ring. In the image above, you can see the suggested movement path; the red line should be the path the boss moves along, the blue line is the path you and the rest of the team need to traverse in order to accomplish this. In elite mode, this is not as important though, but make sure that you do not lock yourself in between a lot of RL Burns.

RL Burn
After the boss has cast Electromagnetic Cauterisation, the intersection he stood in will get a large circular electric field. Do not attempt to cross these as they will deal large amounts of damage. They will remain on the floor for the duration of the encounter.


Magnifying Transmitter
An electric chain attack, it will deal a moderate amount of damage to the tank, or whoever has aggro if they are too far away from the boss when this attack fires. This ability cannot be impaired. Because of this, it is recommended that the tank is within melee range of the boss when this ability is cast.

Make sure the boss faces you, and do not go behind it for normal attacks. Usually it will use this this after Roof Smash (except for the first time). It can only be interrupted by breaking the line of sight.

Roof Smash
The boss hits the walls and ceiling which causes bricks to drop to the ground. Just dodge these as they can be seen as white AoE circles on the floor beofre they drop.


Contain the Filth


Filth Backlash
Once a node has enough Anima, the filth reservoir will cast this. The screen will gradually turn black and white. When this happens, everyone must run up one of the stairs and wait on one of the platforms for it to finish, once the screen turns back into regular colours, the group should move on to the next node and repeat the process.


This isn’t a conventional ‘boss fight’, as there is no tangible boss here, however, there are a lot of adds (minions). The tank should grab these and the DPS should kill them.


You should fetch aggro on all the adds that spawn, so they don’t kill the healer or the DPS. Heal-tanking (single role) is also possible here, if you can manage that.
Let the tank grab the adds first, then kill them. Other than that, make sure to stand near the same node as everyone else. It is important that you see an orange beam hit you as this means the node is charging from your presence. 

Once all nodes have been fully charged with Anima, all remaining adds will simply die and the fight will be over.

Contact Core

183 262


Tracking Laser
A laser traverses the ground. Dodge it and keep moving. Ranged DPS builds are best here as you can often keep attacking the Contact Core while avoiding the lasers.

Electricity Lock
You will have a bullseye icon above your head, then a small white circle will appear on the ground. This means a laser will be deployed, and it will follow you around. When you see the icon above your head, dodge the white circle and keep moving until the laser is gone. Keep in mind that the laser is harmful to anyone it comes near, so try not to trap other group manmers in its path when dodging it.


Core Clearance
This is a countdown, when the time is up, there will be a white circle on ground, and a voice will tell you the clearance percentage. Remember, this only happens three times. The first time is at twenty-six percent, the second time is at fifty percent, and the last time is at seventy-nine percent. If the core successfully casts the third core clearance it will kill everyone.


Core Maintenance Units
They spawn at the edges of the arena, and they will heal the core over time if they are allowed to reach it. They spawn in groups of six, and each one has 2671 HP. It is possible to see when the contact core summons these adds, as a red signal will be visible above the core when they are summoned.

Energy Barrier
When the encounter begins, a wall of lightning will divide this room into two sides. As time goes on, more walls will divide the room into more parts, and they will start shifting location. A transparent red wall will show you where a Lightning Wall is about to appear. You cannot walk through any of the walls, but you can use Death From Above or any other dash ability to safely cross them.


This fight is a DPS check, Core Maintenance Units are more important to dispose of than the Contact Core to prevent it from regaining lost health.

Keep stacks of exposed on the core, when Core Maintenance Units show up you either aggro them or group impair them to stop them from reaching the core.
If Core Maintenance Units show up, destroy them as quickly as possible! And watch out for a Laser Lock icon above your head.

Anima Constructs


This encounter has 5 bosses that attack in 3 waves, then all the bosses will attack together in the final phase.

Filth Exposure
When a boss’ health drops to 1 HP, it will cast this ability. The filth pool is very large and persists until the final phase of the boss fight.

Pay attention, try to position the Anima Constructs cleverly as they approach 1 HP so that the fight arena does not become difficult to traverse.


The order in which the Anima Constructs appear is random. The bosses use abilities that the player has access to in the Ability Wheel, so if you want to know what they do, look them up in the Ability Wheel.

Psychosecurity Officer

This boss uses Pistols and has random aggro. Special Ability: Gun Crazy.


Capsule Breaker

This boss uses a hammer. Special Ability: Touchdown! Every Touchdown! is an aggro reset, which is why it should be killed first if it spawns together with another construct.


Reality Surgeon

This boss uses a Blade. Special Ability: Surging Blades. He usually aggros the tank.

Elemental Potentialist

This boss uses an Elementalism Focus, Special Ability: Lightning Manifestation. Random aggro and places a manifestation on the ground, which will harm anyone who is inside it. This makes the Elemental Potentialist extremely dangerous.

The Elemental Potentialist should be killed first, because of its aggro resets.

It’s recommended to impair Lightning Manifestation whenever possible to avoid a dangerous aggro reset.


Sequence Analyst

This boss uses Chaos magic, Special Ability: Black Hole. The black hole ability will impair players who step into it by throwing them up into the air.


Last Phase

When fifth boss finishes casting Filth Exposure, all of the filth pools will disappear and the bosses will wake up in rapid succession. The mechanics of each boss will be the same as in Phase 1. The kill order is also the same, the only difference is that you will have to deal with all five bosses at the same time. They will all restore 12 148 HP. Once you kill a boss in this phase it will die, and not cast another filth pool.

Target the Elemental Potentialist and impair Lightning Manifestation whenever you can to avoid an aggro reset.

Halina Ilyushin

138 835


Phase 1

Everyone should stand by the anima node by the left side entrance. When Halina Ilyushin‘s HP drops to about 60%, she will run to the cosmos gate and start casting Spite and Calling to the Cosmos. Later on when Halina Ilyushin’s HP reaches 1 HP, she will run to the centre and start casting Living the Dream.

Targets a random group member and drags him to the boss and impairs the player. Halina will also follow up with a hit.

The boss runs to the cosmos gate and summons filth to the arena.


Calling to the Cosmos
Summons two Sunhounds from the cosmos gate.

You can impair this ability, if glanced or missed, just aggro the Sunhounds. Missing this is not a problem.
Ignore the Sunhounds if the tank missed or the impair glanced. They will disappear when the next phase is initated anyway.

Anima Decompression
A large AoE that deals massive filth damage. Can be impaired or simply avoided.

You can impair this ability. There is no reason not to impair it, but if your group agrees that just dodging out of it is better, then that works too.

Living the Dream
This initiates the phase transition, all group members become impaired and their HP immediately drops to 1.


Life Endures
After Living the Dream, anima beams will come from the Agartha and hit all of you, which in turn will restore all group members to full health.

Phase 2

Halina Ilyushin‘s HP will be fully restored to 138 835 HP and she becomes a Filth beast. At this point the ground will be covered in filth pools. Make sure to stay out of them.


Speed of Black Light
Dashes forward a long distance. Just dodge out of its way.

Dirty Radiation
Massive filth damage and covers a large and wide area. Dodge out of its way if possible.

Converts an Anima node to a Filth node. Does not really matter at all.


The boss will use many AoE attacks that can be avoided, and as long as the DPSes manage to stay out of them, it should not cause any problems.

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