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Kingsmouth Lair – Duma Beach

Posted by WormApotheote on April 26, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on August 29, 2015

KM lair entrance

The Kingsmouth lair is located northeast of the airport. It can be reached through a tunnel under the runway in the Kingsmouth Municipal Airport.

The lair mission terminal is called “Mound of red seaweed” and located at (884,863). This provides the lair missions Unto the Beach, Coralations, and the Last Strand.

Kingsmouth lair mission terminal

The lair has three summoning circles that can be used to summon its bosses. They are located at (970,865), (865,965), and (755,960).


Each monster in the lair has a pair of buffs, one of which increases their defense rating, and the other causes them to be healed for around 430 HP every time they are glanced. In addition, the draug in the lair will use Barnacled, which is a defense buff. It is recommended that group members have a high Hit Rating, or use hit chance passive abilities such as Fever Pitch or Paradigm Shift to reduce the risk of glances.


265 826

[fragment layout coming soon]


The Wreathmother is a draug broodmother that can be summoned using the lair’s rituals.  Fragments of her ritual are reward by the quest Coralations. She does not have any special resistance to impairs, and does not have the lair’s heal on glance buff.

Red Sea

This is a buff that counts down from six seconds, and when it reaches zero, it fully heals the Wreathmother. The countdown is reset any time anyone in the group critically hits her. The larger the group, the less of an issue this buff will be. If you are having issues with her HP reseting, having everyone in the group equip the ability Elemental Force should largely eliminate the chance of the countdown reaching zero.

Very Wet Nurse

This is a buff she periodically puts on herself that heals her for a large amount, around 3000 health every second. It can be purged, and in a lower dps group it may be necessary to do so to effectively damage her. In addition, the magnitude of the heal can be significantly reduced by applying corrupt to the boss. The cast time is extremely fast which likely prevents it from being impaired.

Empty the Cauldron

This is a channeled frontal AOE that targets a random player in melee range of her. It does moderate damage and applies poisoned to anyone it hits. Either players besides the tank should stay back to avoid being targeted by this, or the tank should impair this ability whenever she uses it.

In addition, she will cast Vengeful, which is applies a buff to herself that can be safely ignored for the most part.

Cleansing Ritual Fragment drops (incomplete): Beth 02, Heth 08


324 898

[fragment layout coming soon]


Cta-tha is a draug berserker that can be summoned by the lairs rituals. Fragments of his summoning ritual are rewarded from the mission Unto the Beach. He is resistant to impairs and will become immune if repeatedly impaired or hindered in a short time, and does not have the lair glance heal buff.

Tainted Brine

This is a large AOE around Cta-tha that does moderate damage and stacks poisoned on anyone in it. It is frequently the first thing he will cast upon summon, so it is recommended that everyone involved in the ritual back up immediately so as to not get killed. It will quickly kill anyone but the tank if they are caught in it. It can be impaired, although his high defense and the buff from Barnacled can make not glancing the impair difficult.


This is strictly a defensive buff. It can be dealt with in the same way as the high defense in the rest of the lair.

Call of the Huskarl

This is buff is supposed to summon adds when he is glanced, but does not appear to be working as intended.

Cleansing Ritual Fragment drops (incomplete): Sadhe 09, Heth 08

Head of Glamr

324 898

[fragment layout coming soon]

Head of Glamr

The Head of Glamr is a draug lord that can be summoned using the lair’s summoning rituals.  Fragments of its ritual are rewarded from the mission The Last Strand. Its basic attack is an unnamed chain, which can quickly kill anyone who gets too close to the tank.  It is resistant to impairs and will become immune if repeatedly impaired or hindered in a short time, and does not have the lair glance heal buff.

Strong Pulse Wave

A small (initially) aoe that does a moderate amount of damage and will probably kill any non-tank caught within it. Rogue wave will significantly increase its radius as the fight goes on.

Rogue Wave

Periodically the Head of Glamr will gain a buff that increases the range of its chain attack and Strong Pulse Wave attack as the fight goes on.

In addition, the Head of Glamr will cast Blood in the Water, which applies a buff to itself that can safely be ignored.

Cleansing Ritual Fragment drops (incomplete): Pe 08, Lamadh 06, Alaph 07

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