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Eidolon Raid

Posted by Chaosetor on March 28, 2015
Co-authored by Nine Swords and Lag Spike
Last updated by Chaosetor on April 7, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kingsmouth Strange Drawing (630, 230) XP

1 500 000


40 000

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The Eidolon Raid, otherwise known as the Kingsmouth Raid, is a raid designed for a team of ten players. In order to enter the raid instance, you will need to make your way to a boat near (630,230) in Kingsmouth and head through the portal seen below.


The raid is designed for ten players, and as such, it is highly recommended that you have a team of ten players if you and/or your group are new to this raid and its mechanics.

Team Composition

The team composition this guide will recommend for this raid is slightly different from that one uses in the New York Raid.

It is recommended to have two tanks, one leech healer, one fist healer and six DPSes. However, each group should have one tank, one healer or leech healer and three DPSes. It is also important that one DPS in each group is able to bring the Deadly Aim and Breaching Shot buffs. Finally, you will need at least one (preferably two) DPSes in each group to bring the Cleanup elite shotgun ability. The Win-Win pistols ability can also be useful.

Another way of cleansing the group that is not shown below is for the fist healer and 2-3 DPSes to bring the Win-Win ability with a Level 4 or higher Rampant Augment on. This will enable you to cleanse both groups in one go if they are within range. If you do this, it will eliminate the need for Cleanup thus yielding a higher DPS output.



The tanks should aim to have about 8 000-9 000 HP, less than 8 000 is incredibly risky, while much more than 9 000 will be redundant as the boss can one shot even the most healthy of tanks after a certain point. Glyph stats should also be like those one would use in dungeons, so using the same talismans and glyphs one would use in a dungeon is likely to be enough to tank this raid. This means that you should have at least 750 block rating, 650 hit and invest the rest in pen. Having an order signet does not hurt either, nor does it hurt to have a breaching signet on one’s primary weapon. As this is a DPS race at the end, it is strongly recommended that both tanks bring breaching signets to assist the group. An example build for tanking this raid can be found in the raid builds section on this site.

Everyone else should have at least 4 000 HP, or something in that general area, this means that a pure anima (or a tonic) will not be enough by itself and that it is likely that you will have to slot a minor health talisman. Having much less than the recommended amount of health can, and likely will, result in death, while having much more will be redundant. Using a benefaction tonic and a 10.4 minor health piece will bring you up to a safe amount of HP, even if one or two DPSes die during the raid.

Phase 1


As you enter the arena, do not move too far ahead, stand back and let your tanks figure out how they will engage.

This is a rather peculiar fight as only one of you will be tanking. Therefore, this guide will label the tank who is holding aggro on the boss as the Main Tank while the tank who is not holding aggro will be labelled the Off Tank.
Both TanksMake sure to have the Death From Above rocket launcher ability slotted as it is quite handy in this raid. You may also want an additional dash, such as
Surging Blades. Finally, it is imperative that both tanks slot Provoke in order to swap aggro, it is also recommended to have Stoicism. For extra safe aggro swaps, both tanks can also bring Confuse.

Main Tank: You will be going in first, keep in mind that Eidolon will, much like the Ur-Draug, be using a cleave ability as his standard attack. This attack can, and will, hit anyone too close to you when it is used, so face the boss away from your group. Below is an image which shows an good spot to tank the boss. Every time the boss cleaves you, it will apply one stack of Seeping Terror. This effect increases the damage his next attack will do to you by a certain amount, in short: more stacks equals more damage. It is therefore imperative that you swap aggro with your co-tank before the stacks are allowed to become too high. It is common to swap at 7 or 8 stacks, as 9 has the ability to one shot you, and at 10 stacks you will be killed. You may, however, as there are no abilities to be impaired here, impair the occasional
cleave to buy yourself more time.

Off Tank: Do not engage the boss if it is out of melee range while you stand with the DPSes. Instead, stay back with the DPSes and the healers. Stay inside the cluster, and keep an eye on the Main Tank‘s stack count. Normally it is not necessary to swap aggro during the first part of the fight, however, if your DPS is low it might be needed, so stay alert.

Using provoke or any other ability to swap aggro will not cause Eidolon to cancel a cleave and therefore you will need to use provoke just before Eidolon applies the 7th or 8th stack, depending on when you have agreed to swap aggro.

Simply focus on keeping the Main Tank alive, and stay clustered with the DPS and off-tank. Death from above can be handy to follow the tanks as they move around.

Focus on the boss and stay clustered. If you have more range than the Shotgun/Pistols DPSes, great, but you should still stay in the cluster with them. Death from above can be a handy auxiliary weapon to move quickly from one place to another, however, it is in no way compulsory.

Chaosetor.2016. (1)

This is a very good spot for the Main Tank (to the right) to hold the boss upon engaging the boss. The bombardments are far less likely to pull aggro on the Spawn of Xoth during the blue phase (explained later in the guide). Furthermore, the rest of the group is safe from the cleave when the boss is positioned like this. To pull him here, simply run in far enough for the boss to move towards you, then retreat to the location shown and await the boss’ arrival. Make sure to instruct the group to hold damage and healing until you actually hit the boss.


This ability is a simple cleave which will inflict damage to and affect all nearby targets with the Seeping Terror effect. Only the tank who keeps aggro should be caught by it.


Much like the Ur-Draug’s slam attack, this does not need to be impaired, but can simply be dodged by stepping out of its AoE markings.

Mass Hysteria

This attack will select one random player, except the tank who is currently the Main Tank, and cause a white AoE circle to appear around them as shown below. Unlike other AoEs, you need to rush into the circle as soon as possible. The attack deals around 20 000 points of damage, but is divided on how many players are inside the circle. Meaning that is one player is alone, he or she will take the full 20 000 hit, if there are two they will each take 10 000, if there are five you will each take 4 000 and so on, essentially more players inside equals less damage and a smaller chance of death so stack up! Keep in mind that this attack will give everyone caught inside a DoT on them which should be cleansed, especially if you are far enough into the raid for Personal Pain to hit afterwards.

Main Tank: Stay put and attack the boss, this attack will not affect you. Do not try to stack inside the attack as the boss will become active again once the attack ends. You stacking with the group is not needed for their survival, and if anything all you do is risk getting them cleaved and killed as everyone will not be at full HP.

Off Tank: Stack with the rest of the group, around whoever has the circle around them.

Stack around whoever has the AoE on them, having some AoE heals is a nice way to get everyone back up to full health after this attack has been used. As a fist healer, shelter is enough on its own. Optionally, you can use nurture with its passive to increase the HoT duration to 10 seconds. While this requires you to swap targets, it will do the job as well. As a leecher, anima vessel will do wonders as it has the ability to heal everyone in the raid, regardless of which group they are in. The down side being that it cannot be used if the boss initiates the blue phase, while HoTs can.

Stack, get inside the AoE circle and wait for it to trigger before going out of it again.


Personal Pain

This will give every player in the raid a small AoE circle at their feet, the AoEs will follow you, which means that everyone needs to fan out as everyone will have an AoE hit them (and anyone caught inside) once the attack has been channeled.

Main Tank: Stay put, you will take damage from this attack, but only a minor amount, your focus should be on the boss. Furthermore, this will not advance your stacks.

Off Tank: Fan out and watch your positioning so that you do not get any of the others killed. Once it has been cast you should return to the cluster of DPSes. Try to stay near the boss if you have to grab it during this part as the boss will cleave while you are all fanning out.

Fan out and heal the players back up after the attack has hit. Once it is over you should return to clustering with the DPSes.

Spread out and wait for the attack to hit, once it has you should all return to the cluster you were in prior to it hitting.



The boss will submerge itself in the water and re-emerge in the middle. When this happens, hide behind one of the rocks and wait for it to finish.

Both Tanks: This is also an aggro reset. If the Main Tank is currently at a low amount of stacks, he or she can grab the boss when it approaches the group. That being said, this is an aggro reset, so you can just as well swap aggro once tsunami has gone through, regardless of how many stacks the tank who last had aggro has. The Main Tank will lose at least 1-2 stacks during this cast.

Main Tank: This will be whoever grabs the boss after the ability has been cast. Simply jump in, grab and turn the boss before it can reach and cleave the rest of your team.

Off Tank: This will be whoever stays back with the rest of the group, simply stay back with the DPS and leave the boss alone if it is too far away for you to reach from the cluster, remember: Mass Hysteria can be cast on you too, and can be hard for the group to spot if you are not amongst them, especially if you are not using a voice communication software as you will have to type out that you have been hit. As such, try to stay close enough to the group so they can see you if you get hit, but far enough away so that they will not get cleaved if you swap aggro or accidentally take it prematurely.

Hide and wait for the Tsunami to pass, then allow the tank to grab aggro and continue healing the Main Tank while staying clustered with the rest of the group. Remember that this is an aggro reset, so the boss will likely go for you before the tanks stop it. As such, you should stay behind until the boss has been safely grabbed.

Hide while the Tsunami passes, then hold your fire and wait for the tank to actually grab the boss before you attack it. Remember: this attack is also an aggro reset.


Call to the Depths

This signals that you are about to enter a blue phase, commonly known as an add phase. The boss will cover itself with a shield that reflects  a significant amount of damage to those who hit it, so do not attack it as it can very easily kill you. Instead dodge out of its way and hide behind the rocks, it is an advantage if the group hides as one. This will happen a total of three times, at roughly 90%, 75% and 50% HP respectively.

Do not hit the boss at all as even a builder can one shot you (and it stacks weakened on you). Be advised that Bombardment will not kill you, but other ground targeted AoEs such as turrets, drones and manifestations will. Even Death from Above can kill you here, and during the blue phase, so be careful.


Phase 2

As this phase is initiated Spawn of Xoth adds will spawn. These must be killed in order for the blue phase to end. Nothing bad will happen if Eidolon sees you during this phase, however, he will still reflect damage so be careful with your AoE attacks. Eidolon and the Spawn of Xoth will all be marked on your map and minimap by a large white circle with a blue and white dot, and smaller red dots respectively.


You should, however, not engage them immediately. They will have a buff called Strength from Beyond on them, which will enable them to reflect any damage dealt to them. You need to wait for them to reach the edge of the arena, once there the buff will vanish. You can tell whether or not they have the buff by looking at their eyes. When their eyes are glowing with an orange glow, they have the buff. While if they do not(as shown below) they do not have the buff on them anymore. They have a long range ranged attack, so let the tank engage first. In addition to the Spawn of Xoth smaller adds called Child of the Immaculate Slime may also spawn, these will attack whoever gets in their way and should be dealt with. These adds will despawn once the blue phase ends.

If you do aggro a Spawn of Xoth prematurely, it is not advised to engage it, but instead run away (use Death from above to get away quickly, if you have it as your auxiliary weapon) in order to make it reset to its original position, the massive rocks can be used for line of sight purposes if this should happen.


Both Tanks: Wait for the Strength from Beyond buff to disappear from the Spawn of Xoth. Once this is done you should engage them, while one tank should also focus on keeping the Child of the Immaculate Slime adds away from the rest of the group.

Make sure to heal the tanks as they handle the adds during this phase. All group members will also get a DoT called Insanity on them which you will need to heal through until the DPSes or you cleanse them. If you can feel healing through this DoT is becoming increasingly difficult, feel free to shout for a cleanse in the raid chat if you have used yours, or if you are not carrying one.

Follow the tanks around, but keep in mind that the Spawn of Xoth adds will aggro on sight, so best let the tanks dash in before you do. If you are carrying Cleanup and/or Win-Win for this encounter, keep an eye on the Insanity stacks and cleanse them when possible.

Once all the Spawn of Xoth adds are dead, the blue phase will end. There will be one Spawn of Xoth in the first blue phase, two in the second and thee in the third. Once the blue phase ends, the boss will revert to phase 1. The tank who last had aggro should then be prepared to grab the boss again, while the off tank should continue to stay with the rest of the group.

It is likely that you will have to change aggro before the boss goes into another blue phase.

Main Tank: If it is your turn to jump out and let the off tank take over, simply stop attacking, let the Off Tank dash in and grab aggro and dash out of there yourself before the boss has time to hit you with another cleave.

Off Tank: Be prepared to dash in and grab the boss once the Main Tank reaches 8 stacks of Seeping Terror. Simply get in as soon as you can, Provoke the boss, alternatively you can also use an ability to impair the boss, thus giving the other tank some time to dash out before the boss uses his next cleave.

Phase 3

This phase will be initiated once you come out of the third, and final blue phase. While this phase is essentially Phase 1, there are some changes that need to be implemented in terms of positioning the boss.

Once the blue phase ends, the tank who last had aggro should dash in and grab the boss and start off as the Main Tank. Be sure to position the boss somewhat as shown below, the idea is for the group to be positioned in such a way that they do not need to move in order to hide from the Tsunami attack.
Heal the tank who has aggro and stay with the cluster which should be positioned in such a way that the group will not need to move in order to hide from a Tsunami attack.
Keep your focus on the boss and hit it as hard as you can. Stay with the cluster and try to position yourselves in such a way that you will not need to move to hide from a Tsunami attack.


The Main Tank should stand so that the boss has its back turned to the rest of the group, but it should also be close enough to a rock to allow the rest of the group to partially hide behind said rock.

The Main Tank should also take care so that he or she does not break the healer’s line of sight to them when positioning themselves and the boss.

Sown above is a very good positioning of Eidolon during phase 3 of the raid. The group (to the right) can stay put, and still be safe from tsunami when the shades spawn in phase 4 (explained below).

Phase 4

Once Eidolon nears its final 1 000 000 HP you will see Shades spawn all around you. They cannot be attacked, but they will attack anyone that moves. Therefore, everyone needs to stand perfectly still. You can, however, turn your character on the spot and dash using abilities such as Death from Above to move around without the shades attacking you. They will disappear and re-appear for the remainder of the fight. Child of the Immaculate Slime adds will also be spawned throughout this phase. Anyone with one or more stacks of Seeping Terror on them can move freely without Shades attacking them. Remember that the Mass Hysteria, and the following Personal Pain attacks will be used even with shades alive, so be sure to save your dashes for this.


Main Tank: You can move around safely as you have stacks of Seeping Terror. Try not to move too much though as the rest of the group will only have dodges to move when needed, and the boss does still cleave.

Off TankKeep an eye out for Child of the Immaculate Slime adds as they are likely to go for your healer unless you grab them. If you wish, you can stand in Eidolon‘s cleave early on to get 1-2 stacks of Seeping Terror so that you too may move freely around without aggroing shades. This should only be done if you do not previously have stacks of Seeping Terror, and you should never have more than 2 stacks on you. Remember that if you grab the boss with stacks on, you will effectively reduce the amount of time you can safely hold the boss when you need to grab it. In short: Don’t overdo it if you decide to use this tactic.

Be sure not to move while the Shades are alive, you should already be standing in a way which allows you to be hidden from Tsunami when it is cast without having to move

Focus on the boss and ignore the adds. Stand perfectly still and since you should already be positioned in a way which lets you hide from Tsunami without having to move, this should not be a problem.

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