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The Darkness War Nightmare

Posted by Vikestart on November 25, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on January 10, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Agartha Portal (870,430) XP

647 350

PAX6 670  BB2
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Before starting on this dungeon, note that unless your group is overgeared, at least one of the DPS players should have an Assault Rifle/Blood build available for the last boss.

Batab Crusher

209 128


This boss is relatively easy to defeat. He does not hit very hard and he only has a few basic abilities, although watch out for any adds that he turns into walking bombs.

Blood Boils: A large AoE ability that he will place at his feet. It is not necessary to impair this attack, you should all just avoid it.

Sacrificial Ceremony: An uninterruptable ability that causes a random add to become a slowly walking bomb. You should either avoid these walking bombs or kill them from far away. DPS and Healers will instantly die if they’re too close when they explode.

Your group can choose to either ignore the adds and focus entirely on the boss to kill it as fast as possible, or take down the adds to avoid additional damage. If the tank is a beginner, it is probably wise to deal with the adds before their numbers accumulate.

Xibalban Bloodhound

246 033


This fight begins with taking down the adds that stand between you and the actual boss. The goal is to defeat them as fast as possible because the boss will attempt to drain their life force to strengthen himself. Unless the tank is overgeared, it is not recommended to pull too many adds at once. Beginner groups should focus on 1 or 2 groups of adds at once.

Once the adds have been downed, the actual fight begins. The Xibalban Bloodhound has a few abilities up his sleeve, including:

Seething Stench: This is the boss’ main ability. Do not waste any impairs on this attack as the boss will continue to cast this one every two seconds.

Concuss: The tank should impair this ability to avoid an aggro reset, which means that the boss is likely to attack a random person in the group.

Blood Boil: This is the same ability as the one from the first boss. The tank can either avoid or impair this ability. It’s fairly easy to avoid though.

Underworld Miasma: A cone attack that will make filth be sprayed onto the ground. The tank should avoid this attack. Try to have this placed strategically as the filth will remain persistent on the ground throughout the fight.


Dark House Sorceror

369 050


This fight can seem a little chaotic at first, you’ll get used to its repeating mechanics soon enough. We’ll take a look at the different phases of the fight and his abilities:

Phase 1

Itzama’s Wrath: An ability that gives himself a buff that increases his damage by 150%. The tank impair this ability or the DPS can purge its effect after it has been applied.

Nothing special happens during this phase. He boss will just keep attacking the tank. Things get more messy when the following ability is cast:

Blood Out: This ability initiates the second phase and cannot be interrupted.

Phase 2

This phase is a continuation of Phase 1, however, the boss will deploy a lethal tornado around himself, so stay far away from him during this phase. Several Ak’ab adds will also spawn. The boss will continue to cast Itzama’s Wrath once in a while and sometimes he will also cast Sanguine Omen which are blood-like AoE abilities that you should avoid.

Once all the Ak’ab adds are dead, the boss will start to cast the Blood Out ability which will advance the fight to the next phase.

Phase 3

Get close to the safezone near the boss as the rest of the arena will be covered by a tornado that will quickly kill anyone standing in it. He will continue to cast Itzama’s Wrath once in aw while in addition to the following abilities:

Ceremonial Cut: A line will appear inside the safezone. Avoid this line as it will deal massive damage to anyone standing on it. Cannot be interrupted.

Ceremonial Cross: Same as the previous ability, except there are now two lines which cross each other like the shape of a cross. Avoid at all costs. Cannot be interrupted.

Ceremonial Line: Same as Ceremonial Cut with one line marked on the ground; however, this line will start to rotate slowly. Move around the boss and avoid the line.

Blood In: This ability will return the fight to Phase 2 again.


Unbound Ak’Ab

196 826


The main boss is not present at the beginning of the fight. You will first encounter a set of small Ak’ab minions that the tank should grab and move to the arena’s entrance or exit before the DPS players kill them. This is because the adds will replace a dangerous persistent blood pool on the ground when they die. The pools will not go away. The main boss, which is a large Ak’ab, will soon enter the arena from under the ground. Do not stand near him when he emerges from the ground, or you will die. It uses these abilities:

Dash: The standard Ak’ab attack that we are all familiar with; however, if any DPS or Healer is hit by this dash, they will die instantly while the tank would lose a lot of health. Be sure to avoid this ability at any cost. It cannot be interrupted with an impair.

Burrow: The boss will submerge into the ground and become untargetable. It will then move around underground and unburrow somewhere else. Do NOT stand near it when it emerges from the ground, or you will surely die. If the group’s DPS is very high, you might be able to defeat it before all of this happens.

Any additional adds that are spawned when the boss emerges from the ground again can either be ignored or killed. Either strategy should work, but if you decide to kill the adds, make sure to move them to the edge of the arena as they will also place a persistent blood pool upon death.

Mayan Battle Mage

258 335


This fight is rather advanced with a lot of AoE (area of effect) abilities that you need to avoid. The boss will periodically teleport to an elevated rock outside the arena and send blood bombs all over the battlefield. These are the abilities that you will encounter:

Itzama’s Wrath: An ability that gives himself a buff that increases his damage by 150%. The tank impair this ability or the DPS can purge its effect after it has been applied.

Sanguine Omen: A large blood-like AoE ability that will deal massive damage to anyone hit by it. The tank can impair this ability, but it is very easy to avoid.

Repositioning: The boss will teleport himself to a new location on the battlefield, usually near the exit of the arena. Short thereafter, he will place quite a few AoE circles on the ground that you must avoid.

Carpet Bombing: The boss will teleport himself to an elevated rock outside the arena and launch blood bombs (AoE) against all of the battlefield. The bombs will hit the part of arena near where you entered, then the part near the exit and finally the centre of the arena. A good strategy is to wait for the area near the entrance to be bombed, then go there right after that. It will be safe to stand there until this attack is over. After this, the boss will reappear in centre of the arena.

Sacrificial Ceremony: An uninterruptable ability that causes one or multiple random adds to become slowly walking bombs. You should either avoid these walking bombs or kill them from far away. DPS and Healers will instantly die if they’re too close when they explode. He will turn more and more adds into bombs at once further into the fight.


Wayeb-Xul, The Hound of the Nameless Days

1 244 660


This last fight can seem like a very hard one, although if everything is done correctly it is rather easy. Make sure you understand the significance of all the various abilities.

Phase 1

The fight will start out with the group fighting against the adds seen in the image above. Do NOT run to attack these adds, but position yourself in the right corner where there is a faded white symbol on the ground. Smaller groups of the Mayan adds will come to attack you automatically. Try to kill them as near the corner of the arena, on the white symbol, as possible. This is important for a later part of the fight.

Once all the adds are down, the main boss will come flying and land on the battlefield, near the breach. It will make use of the following abilities:


Concuss: You remember this ability from the second boss? Well, in this fight it is a lot more dangerous. One of the team members should equip the Provoke and Confuse abilities and use them in the respective order whenever the boss attempts to cast this ability. It’s the only way to interrupt it. If this attack is not interrupted, all aggro will be wiped and the boss will likely kill a DPS or the healer.

Itzama’s Wrath: An ability that gives himself a temporary buff that increases his damage by 150%. The tank impair this ability or the DPS can purge its effect after it has been applied. You have to make a call based on how decent the group’s healer is and whether you want to spend an impair on this as it is extremely important to interrupt the next ability:

Exhale the Void: A cone attack that is extremely important to impair. If not interrupted, filth will be sprayed onto the ground and you do not want that!! This is because the boss will also pull everyone close to him at some point. If there’s filth on the ground, someone might end up being pulled into the filth and die before you know it.

Open the Rift: Cannot be interrupted. The boss will pull everyone close to him and initiate a devastating large AoE attack that everyone must avoid at all costs!!

Reanimation: The unstoppable ability that will initiate Phase 2. The boss will reanimate the Mayan adds you killed at the beginning of the fight and disappear from the fight.

Phase 2

Mayan adds will continuously resurrect from the dead. Put them down again. This will continue to happen a few times before a friendly entity enters the field:


He is called The Varangian and will give all members in the group an extremely powerful damage boost. Continue to put down the resurrecting Mayans. After 2-3 times of doing this, the main boss will re-enter the battlefield to fight you directly again. He will use all of the abilities from Phase 1 except Reanimation. He will also make use of a new ability that you should know from earlier in the dungeon:

Sacrificial Ceremony: The boss will casually turn around to resurrect one or more adds that will instantly become slowly walking bombs. There are two ways to go about this. Your team can either assign one of the team members the responsibility to take down these adds using a long range weapon like the Assault Rifle or Blood Magic. The alternative method is to ignore the walking bombs altogether and focus all DPS on bringing down the boss as fast as possible. This is only a reliable method if the group has a powerful DPS rate. It is recommended that beginners use the first method of taking down the adds.


Keep going until the boss falls dead and the battle ends with your victory!

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