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Posted by Ciritty on June 4, 2014
Co-authored by Vikestart and Aeryl
Last updated by Aeryl on July 12, 2016
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Anima Enhancement Global Integration System

The AEGIS system was developed in direct co-operation between various corporations under the umbrella of the Orochi Group. In particular, Anansi, Manticore and Vali have all provided their expertise to create their own specific variation of the AEGIS for use in the field.

AEGIS became available for use in v1.9 and can be utilized within Tokyo and planned to be used for content beyond Tokyo as well. AEGIS has no use in content released before v1.9.

Just what is AEGIS?
It’s a combat mechanic used to bypass the shields of mobs, converting a percentage of your damage into a specific AEGIS type’s damage to take down a specific type of shield. The enemy cannot be hurt through conventional methods before the shield is down. Later on, you’ll be able to get your own personal shields as well to reduce incoming damage.

AEGIS exists of 3 major types of equipable items:

* AEGIS controllers
These items decide which type of AEGIS shields you attempt to bypass.

* Anima-Energy Capacitors
Increase the percentage of damage your AEGIS controllers allow you to bypass.

* Enhancement Modules
These provide you with unique effects that you can exploit in order to efficiently deal with the AEGIS system.

These items can be equipped in slots next to your current character gear slots.


Speed, Efficiency and Shielding

When you unlock AEGIS by reaching Kaidan, you will be given access to 3 new skills.

Speed will reduce the time it takes to swap AEGIS while in combat.

Efficiency will increase the damage converted by AEGIS controllers.

Shielding will increase the strength of your personal shield. However, AEGIS Shielding will not be available to you until you have completed the mission One for the AEGIS, which is part of the Issue 10 content update.


Upgrading the Speed and Efficiency skill lines will increase your Skill Points cap by 5 each time, except for the last upgrade. Each upgrade will be more expensive than the previous one, and as such it’s impossible to get one of the skill lines to level 10 without upgrading the other one to level 9.

The upgrade costs are as followed:

Skill level 1, 20 SP
Skill level 2, 25 SP
Skill level 3, 30 SP
Skill level 4, 40 SP
Skill level 5, 50 SP
Skill level 6, 60 SP
Skill level 7, 70 SP
Skill level 8, 90 SP
Skill level 9, 110 SP
Skill level 10, 130 SP

The Shielding skill line does not increase your Skill Points cap, but the upgrade costs are identical to the other two skill lines.

AEGIS Controllers

AEGIS controllers come in 3 different types and are equipped within your AEGIS “weapon” sockets: Demonic (Red), Psychic (Pink) and Cybernetic (blue).

Disruptive Controllers

Disruptive AEGIS Controllers are will help you convert parts of your damage against an enemy shield of the same type. It will also allow you heal another player’s personal shield if your active controller type matches their shield type.

You can equip up to 3 different AEGIS controllers in in each of your 2 weapon slots and these are the existing AEGIS controllers with their respective effects:

Cybernetic AEGIS of Disruption (Anansi)
When you hit a Cybernetic AEGIS, you apply a disruptive effect. If a disruptive target’s AEGIS is destroyed, the time for their current Cybernetic AEGIS to regenerate is increase by 1.5 seconds

Cybernetic AEGIS of Disruption (Manticore)
When you hit a Cybernetic AEGIS, you have a 10% chance to heal yourself and up to 4 nearby allies for 25.

Psychic AEGIS of Disruption (Vali)
When you hit a Psychic AEGIS, you apply a disruptive effect. If a disruptive target’s AEGIS is destroyed, the cast time for their Psychic AEGIS restoration ability is increased by 0.5 seconds.

Psychic AEGIS of Disruption (Anansi)
When you hit a Psychic AEGIS, you have a 10% chance to you heal yourself for 40.

Demonic AEGIS of Disruption (Vali)
When you hit a Demonic AEGIS, you have a 10% chance to gain a beneficial effect for 4 seconds which heals for 12 every second.

Demonic AEGIS of Disruption (Manticore)
When you hit a Demonic AEGIS, you have a 10% chance to apply a disruptive effect dealing 30 Demonic AEGIS damage.

AEGIS controllers equipped in the left slot affect the abilities of your left weapon, while AEGIS controllers in the right slot affect your weapon in your right weapon slot.


AEGIS controllers convert a portion of your damage into damage that’s able to deplete the enemies shield(s).

Every controller provides different additional effects, some effects give you a chance to deal additional damage or provides you with healing and such.

Once you have done the mission One of the AEGIS from the Issue 10 content update, you will be able to equip and make use of personal shields. This will unlock a new AEGIS head slot in the character sheet. Equip one of the 3 shield controllers, then use the icon to the left of your healthbar to quickly switch to a different shield type.


Upgrading Controllers

AEGIS controllers can be upgraded. In order to upgrade Aegis controllers you must first collect filth samples by eradicating evolved filth monsters. Once you collect enough filth monsters you must obtain Memory Expansion Module kits.

You can also purchase Biohazard containers at the cost of Sequins.

Each Biohazard container gives research data towards each of your currently active controllers (This appears to be ~35% research).

However, Biohazard Containers can also award you with AEGIS modules and capacitators.


Mk I and Mk II Memory Expansion Module kits can purchased at the Orochi Researcher at Ginpachi Park at coordinates (930,720). They can be used to upgrade controllers that are at 100% XP.

Mk I kits cost 30 Black Bullion and 16000 PAX and will upgrade your controllers up to v1.4.

Mk II kits cost 120 Black Bullion and 22000 PAX and will upgrade your controllers from v1.4 up to v1.9.

An AEGIS Firmware Upgrade v2.0 will upgrade your 1.9 controllers to v2.0 (rare/blue). These are available as drops and first completion rewards from the Tokyo Elite dungeons (The Penthouse, The Manufactory, Manufactory: Breached), or from the Nightwatch Engineer at your faction headquarters at a cost of 40 Marks of the Pantheon and 250 Black Bullion.

Mk III kits will upgrade your controllers from v2.0 up to v2.4. They are random drops from bosses in The Manufactory Nightmare dungeon. They are tradable and can often be found on the auction house.

Mk IV kits will upgrade your controllers from v2.4 up to v2.9. They are random drops from bosses in the Manufactory: Breached Nightmare dungeons and are Bound on Pickup.

AEGIS Firmware Upgrades v3.0 will upgrade your v2.9 controllers to v3.0 (epic/purple). They are guaranteed drops from the bosses of the New York, Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen (Flappy) and Eidolon Nightmare raids. These upgrades are tradable.

Mk V, VI and VII Expansion modules dropped by the Nightmare raid bosses will allow you to upgrade your controllers to v3.3, v3.6 and v3.9 respectively.



Obtaining Items

You will receive your first 3 AEGIS Controllers upon completing the story mission Back to the Beginning for the first time.

A second set of disruptive controllers of each type can be obtained by completing the missions Tower Defence or The Right Round.

Anima-Energy Capacitors & Enhancement Modules have a small chance of dropping upon looting slain enemies in Tokyo. Boss monsters and rare mobs have a higher chance of dropping these items.

Shield controllers are obtained by doing the mission One of the AEGIS from Jake Hama at coordinates (930,560) in Kaidan.


Evolved filth monsters within Tokyo have shields that can only be depleted by using the correct AEGIS controller type.

AEGIS can be changed in and out of combat with the click of a button (see below), but will keep you from using your abilities for a few seconds so it’s recommended to go into a fight prepared with the right controllers already equipped. You can also switch controllers by hitting the keys (default) 9 or 0.


Enemy shields

Just like there are 3 types of AEGIS controllers there are 3 types of AEGIS shields.
Enemies can have multiple AEGIS shields, the active AEGIS shield is shown on top of the enemies health bar while the secondary shield has an icon to the right of the health bar.

Shields need to be taken down in order (primary first, secondary after).

Demonic shields appear to have no special function and will not be restored once depleted.
Psychic shields can be reactivated by most enemies through the ability Psychic Renewal, however this ability can be impaired under normal circumstances.
Cybernetic shields regenerate slowly over time. Once depleted, the shield will reactivate after around 20 seconds at half the original value.


All damage caused by you is converted to the current active weapon corresponding AEGIS controller. This allows you to convert damage over time such as afflictions and ground effects to switch AEGIS type. Abilities with travel type also deal damage upon arrival and can as such be manipulated to deal AEGIS damage.

Afflictions and ground effects are especially useful when you’re dealing with multiple AEGIS shields (or when you don’t have 3 AEGIS controllers for each weapon yet).

Leech effects do not work on AEGIS shields.

AEGIS shields only prevent damage, as such you can still build resources with the wrong AEGIS controller equipped. It’s also possible to keep setting special “states” without having the correct AEGIS controller. Impairs, Hinders, afflictions and weakening effects will occur at despite not dealing any damage.

Player shields

Once you have acquired your shield controllers and ventured into the area in Kaidan beyond the quarantine walls, make sure to match your current shield type to the AEGIS damage type enemies have there. Their damage type is displayed to the left of their healthbar.


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