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Hell Raised Elite

Posted by Vikestart on November 24, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on August 6, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Agartha Portal (660,380) XP

576 170

PAX6 670  BB2
More Less Jump to:


You can find the entrance to Hell Raised Elite by going LEFT instead of forward on the first travel pod behind the Station Master. The dungeon mission will be given automatically when you enter the dungeon, no need to pick it up on beforehand.

Antimony Ministrix

90 705


The first important danger to be aware of is the towers. They will continually deploy purple effects of doom, rotating around the battlefield. This means that the tank will have to move the boss around and around to avoid everyone dieing from that. Basically, the group needs to be on the move during the whole fight.

Macroshock: An ability she casts on a random person in the group, dealing around 1000 damage. The healer should be prepared to heal those who are hit by this.

Keep going at her until her health depletes and the battle ends.


90 705


This boss is by far the easiest one in the whole dungeon. Let the tank go and get the boss. All team members except the tank needs to stand right behind this boss as he will damage everything and everyone in front of him with his cleave attack.

Caustic Outpouring: The boss will spawn an AoE attack that has a safe zone close to him. Everyone needs to stand close to the boss. The tank will remain in front the boss and everyone else will stand behind it.

Other than that, it’s pretty straightforward. Just keep going until the fight ends, hopefully with your group being victorious, hehe.

Hardwired Fleshtank

277 670


This boss is a little trickier. The five platforms will alternately catch fire and damage everyone standing on them. Move around with the boss to platforms that are safe. Eventually, all platforms will catch fire simultaneously which marks the end of the DPS test. You should defeat the boss before this as it is quite hard to stay alive when all platforms lit up.

Searing Brand: A powerful single target attack that the tank can impair to avoid. The boss will continue to periodically cast this ability.

If the healer is powerfully geared, it is possible that you don’t need to move around as the healer could be strong enough to heal everyone through the damage dealt by the fire.

That is pretty much everything about this boss. It is quite straightforward, just keep moving away from burning platforms and drop the boss’ health until the fight is over.


113 382


This is a pure DPS race with the most important task being to take down the boss as fast as possible before the threatening fire coming from behind fills up the whole arena and kills everyone. This boss casts a dangerous ability:

Stripmine: A dangerous AoE attack that the boss use against a random player in the team. This ability will instantly kill anyone who is caught by it. Avoid this attack at all cost.

Avoid the purple effects of doom placed alternately by the towers along the walls. Keep dropping the health of the boss until you are victorious.

Recursia, Many-In-One

277 670


This boss will also test the DPS skills of your group. There will be periodic interludes (can be called phases) with adds that will slowly move against the boss. If they reach the boss, they will nuke the battlefield and kill everyone.

Phase 1

Arcane Halo: An AoE attack that covers the whole battlefield. There is a safezone near the boss, but the tank can easily impair her to stop this attack from playing out.

Macroshock: An ability she casts on a random person in the group, dealing around 1000 damage. The healer should be prepared to heal those who are hit by this.

Infernal Criticality: This is the ability that will initiate Phase 2 the first time, then Phase 3 the second time and Phase 4 the last time. This ability simply cannot be interrupted. Continue to read below about the various phases.

Phase 2

Recursia will position herself in the middle of the battlefield and become untargetable. Adds will spawn near the wall that stretches all around the room. They will attempt to reach Recursia, and if they do, they will produce a nuke that will kill everyone. Stop them from reaching her to continue the fight with Recursia herself. Returns to Phase 1 after all the adds have been stopped.

Phase 3

Same as the previous interlude, however, more adds will spawn this time. Spread out and take out all the adds as they crawl towards Recursia. Returns to Phase 1 after all the adds have been dealt with.

Phase 4

Recursia will spawn adds again, but she will not become invincible this time around. Focus on killing her as fast as you can before the adds reach her.

Machine Tyrant

277 670


The Machine Tyrant’s main attack is a nameless cleave attack that deals damage to everyone in front of it. Consequently, nobody but the tank should be in front of this boss.

Demolish: A large and powerful AoE ability that should be impaired or avoided.


This boss is shielded by the large portal tower. In order to deactivate the shield temporarily, make the boss step into the anima pool that appears on random locations on the battlefield. The boss will then lose the shield temporarily, which makes him vulnerable.

Firmament Barrage

Large red circles will periodcally appear on the ground and chase a random player. The area inside the circle will continuously be bombarded. Avoid it or you will die. More and more of these will spawn later into the fight and will follow different players.

Wave of Immolation

Well into the fight, the boss will begin to sometimes run to the centre of the battlefield and shoot rockets that will hit extremely many places of the battlefield. You should run to the one of the corners in the arena to avoid these attacks as they are extremely hard to avoid since they cover all the ground near him.

Keep going at it until you are victorious!

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