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The Polaris Elite

Posted by Vikestart on November 24, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on August 6, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Agartha Portal (650,435) XP

372 210

PAX5 000  BB2
More Less Jump to:


You can find the entrance to The Polaris Elite by going LEFT instead of forward on the first travel pod behind the Station Master. The dungeon mission will be given automatically when you enter the dungeon, no need to pick it up on beforehand.

Haugbui Jarl

149 016

Polaris 1

This is a pretty straight forward fight. The boss has two abilities he will use in addition to his standard nameless attack.

Charged Hack: A powerful single target attack which deals more damage than his standard attack, the tank should impair this attack when possible.

Deep Calling: This attack will make black pools appear beneath every group member’s feet, it is imperative to dodge these pools immediately to avoid massive damage.

During the fight it is advised to not step in the water unless forced to as the water is electric and will therefore deal damage to anyone who steps in it. The tank should tank the boss on the same island he stands on before the fight begins.

Blarbane Sorceress

103 663

Polaris 2

Before charging at the boss, the DPS should take down all the pods in the boss area, it is possible to do this without making the boss attack you. Once this is done, the tank should move in and grab the boss, it is recomended to tank her near the exit of the arena, while at the same time making sure that any rDPS (DPS with ranged weaponry) can get a clear shot at her from afar. She has three attacks:

Ill Runes: A single target close range attack, this is her standard attack and should not cause any trouble

Deathsquall: When cast, she will summon a storm cloud, this will deal damage for as long as it is active, it is advised to impair this when possible, and if it is not impaired any melee DPS In the area should move away from her immediately.

Tide Wall: This will summon a barrier which will protect her from a certain amount of damage. If the tank has enough impairs, this can be impaired, if not it should not take the DPS long to burn through it, or even purge it is possible.

Several times during the fight, two sea burial adds will enter through the exit side barrier of the boss arena. The tank should grab these as soon as they enter and hold their aggro while the DPS burn them down.

The Varangian

277 670

Polaris 3

This fight is divided into two prominent phases.

Phase 1

During the course of this phase he will periodically use two abilities in addition to his standard nameless attack, which are:

Charged Hack: Much like the first boss, this attack deals more damage than his standard attack and should be impaired whenever possible.

Deep Blast: This will summon a black pool in the area around his feet, this should not be impaired as the tank, and any nearby DPS can easily dodge away from the boss before the attack triggers and deals damage.

From time to time The Varangian will submerge himself in the water and sea burial adds will take his place, kill these adds as fast as possible and look for where the boss will re-emerge from the water, this can be seen as the area where he is “hiding” will show white beams/particles as shown in the picture below.

Polaris 7

When he reaches 50% HP he will become immune to all damage and move to the second arena, follow him and kill any adds you see along the way.

Polaris 9

Phase 2

Polaris 5

The boss will stand In the centre of some containers, jump onto one of them and keep out of the water as it will become electric as soon as the tank pulls the boss. From time to time one of the containers will turn electric and damage anyone standing on it, you should then jump to another container in order to avoid taking constant damage. The tank should keep impairing Charged Hack whenever possible while the DPS only focus on taking down the boss. He will not summon any adds during this phase.

Haugbui Mother

129 579

Polaris 11

This fight consists of two prominent phases.

Phase 1

The tank should grab the boss and pull her towards the exit side of the arena as Versitile host adds will enter from this side during the fight. These adds function as walking bombs and will explode sometime after entering the arena, the DPS should therefore kill them as soon as they enter the arena. The boss herself will use three different attacks.

Firstly there is her regular, nameless attack which should not be a problem at all.

Corpulent Slam: This is an AoE (area of effect) and should be dodged by anyone in the targeted area, it takes quite some time to activate, so dodging it should not be a problem.

Eversion: This attack will initiate Phase 2, she will stop attacking and freeze to the spot while this ability activates. Everyone inside the area it effects should dodge out of the way before it activates as it will make her explode and deal heavy damage to anyone inside.

Phase 2

Polaris 4

As the Haugbui mother explodes, three sea horrors (with 8903 health each) will appear where she used to stand. These only have one attack named Corrosive Expectoration, this is a ranged magic attack. The tank has to hold the aggro to the best of his/her ability while the DPS take down the three sea horrors.

Primordial Dweller

222 136

Polaris 12

The tank should be standing on the blue container on the right side in front of the boss while tanking it. During the fight Versitile host adds will appear, these should either be killed by the DPS, or dodged. Groups of adds called “Primordial spawn” will also enter the fight from time to time, these have a tendency to go after the healer so it is important for the DPS to get them off the healer as soon as possible. The Versitile Host adds will only appear while the boss has over 50% Health left.

Black areas of water will appear during the entire fight, these must be avoided as they will explode and deal damage to any group member standing on it after a few seconds.

The boss itself has four different attacks:

Seizure: This is his standard attack and should not cause any problems.

Synapse Spasm: This is a chain attack, so the rest of the group should not stand close to the tank at any time as the chain might hit them too should they be to close.

Psychic Death Zone: This is an AoE attack, so the tank should either impair it or dodge out of the way as the ability will throw the tank away and deal some heavy damage if it hits him/her. After this ability has been cast, the boss may surround itself in black storm clouds and summon adds to the fight. Any primordial spawn should be killed before they give the healer too much trouble, and bombs should either be avoided or killed . Finally, the tank can choose to either keep tanking the boss on the container (if the healer can heal through the constant damage the storm inflicts on the tank) or grab some of the adds, in either case it is important that the tank does not get too close to the DPS or the healer.

Tide Wall: A barrier that will absorb a certain amount of damage, it can be impaired by the tank, or either purged or broken by the DPS.

The Ur-Draug

277 670

Polaris 13

This fight has four notable phases:

Phase 1

The tank should stand so that the boss faces the cliff behind its oroginal location. The Ur-Draug will constantly use two abilities in this phase, the DPS and the Healer should stand so that they cannot be hit by either attack, melee DPS should therefore stand behind the Ur-Draug at all times.

Cleave: A basic, heavy hitting cone attack. This is his standard attack in this phase and is capable of hitting several targets.

Slam: A cone shaped attack which should be avoided by the tank walking to either side of the targeted area, this will give the healer some time to catch up on the healing as opposed to impairing the attack.

Cosmic Gaze: The Ur-Draug will deal damage every second or so to anyone caught in its mist-like breath, this attack should be impaired.

Phase 2

The Ur-Draug will start casting “Rendering the Veil” which will make the world turn blue. While this effect is active, no members of the group must be seen by the Ur-Draug, hide with your group behind one of the huge rocks and circle it to avoid the Ur-Draug’s sight, tank and spank any adds that spot you during this phase.

Phase 3

This is exactly like Phase 1, but with one exception. The Ur-Draug will submerge itself in water and re-emerge in the centre of the arena, all members of the group must then hide for the duration of the attack. Once the attack has finished, the tank should return to the position where he/she tanked the Ur-Draug previously.

Phase 4

The Ur-Draug will strengthen itself, and much like Phase 2, the screen will turn blue. Only this time, all the rocks will explode, do not bother with hiding but instead, bring the Ur-Draug down as fast as possible. The Ur-Draug will pull all members of the group close to itself, it is important for everyone who is not the tank to move away from the front of the Ur-Draug as his cleave attack will deal heavy damage to anyone in its path.

Warning! If you are in a group which has very high DPS, Phase 2 and Phase3 may switch places, the Ur-Draug will then start casting the ability “Rendering the Veil” which initiates Phase 2 right after the Phase 3 massive AoE attack has finished. Also, if the group’s DPS is extreme, you will not have to hide during this last phase, just keep burning the boss to bring it down quickly. Not recommended for beginners to try this.

Once the Ur-Draug is dead, your mission will complete itself and you will be able to return to Kingsmouth by helicopter, this time with no nasty surprises along the way.

Polaris 14

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