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The Penthouse Elite

Posted by Vikestart on August 7, 2015
Co-authored by Bevis
Last updated by Vikestart on August 11, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kaidan (Orochi Tunnels) 420, 340 XP

533 330


26 670



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You must complete the Confrontations and Revelations mission from Issue 11 before you can enter this mini-dungeon.

The bosses here have AEGIS shields, and so you need fist or blood magic to heal. Leeching is not feasible.

Remember that some addons can auto-swap weapon and shield AEGIS. You should disable auto-swapping of weapon AEGIS since your weapon AEGIS must match your team members’ shield type in order to be able to heal their shields.

At least v1.5 Weapon AEGIS or better is recommend for this instance. An [AE Overcharger] is also recommended. Those can be purchased on the Auction House or gained from rare bosses in Tokyo.


126 419
 126 419
126 419


All of the Utas deal Psychic AEGIS damage. You need Psychic Shields.

You can begin with any one of them. The Utas will periodically engage and disengage in direct combat with you. Only one Uta will be active at a time, and the Uta you attack first will be the first one to be active.

You should never be directly attacked by any of the Utas, unless everyone else is dead, but you should have at least 4000 health anyway because there are so many AoE ground attacks in this encounter. You are guaranteed to be hit by things.

DO NOT use any AOE abilities, such as Bombardment, Shotgun Turret, etc. If you face PSY-Uta or DEM-Uta, it’s recommend slot an impair ability. please make sure you have 4K HP.

Sisterly Bonds
This fight needs damage control. Each of the Utas have a buff called Sisterly Bonds. All of you need to keep the health of the Utas balanced. If one Uta has significantly less health than the other Utas, the Sisterly Bonds buff will rise in stacks. If it reaches 4 stacks, the other Utas will become enraged.

penthouse_nm_03If this happens, take down enraged Utas’ health as quickly as possible, it can save the team. While enraged, the Utas have a very high damage output and will kill the team. Additionally, the death of any of the Utas will cause the other Utas to enrage as well.

All of the Utas’ AEGIS shields will periodically renew themselves. There are many ways to handle this, but the safest way is to let all of them be renewed and then take them down again. If one Uta’s shield is renewed, all the DPS should stop attacking and wait for the other shields to be renewed as well.

However, the Psychic Uta’s shield regeneration is triggered by a cast and can be interrupted. You can discuss this with your team on beforehand if you want to go with a different tactic.

If your Uta’s Sisterly Bonds buff reaches 2 stacks, you should either stop attacking your Uta or help with another Uta. Discuss this with your team on beforehand.

Honorable Combat
When an Uta casts this, it means she will become active and engage in direct combat with whomever has her aggroed.

You need to aggro her as quickly as you can, as the Demonic Uta’s basic attacks are very dangerous. It is recommended to use Provoke after she has finished casting Honorable Combat, as it sometimes doesn’t work while they are casting it.

penthouse_nm_04Assassin’s Guile
When an Uta casts this, it means she will no longer engage in direct combat.

You need find the other Uta that is about to become active and aggro that one. The Provoke ability is recommended for this.

Psychic UtaShe is using a blade as her weapon.

Ninja Evasion (Special Tactic)
When the Psychic Uta casts this, the following screen message will be displayed: “Uta prepares a special tactic.” The warning also shows up in the chat. This cast cannot be interrupted.


This ability will make the Psychic Uta bigger with a blue swirling effect around her. All incoming attacks will be completely evaded for a short duration. DO NOT attack her when she has this effect, otherwise she’ll gain stacks of a buff that increases the outgoing damage of all the Utas

When she is in direct combat with the tank:

Sling Blade
2000 damage and 1 stack of the Exposed Vein debuff (damage over time effect).

3 meter wide by 5 meter long dash. Just avoid it.

penthouse_nm_05Four Seasons
She casts this ability every 60-80 seconds. It will target the aggroed player, which should normally be the tank.

Interrupt this before she gets to the final hit of this channelled cast. The final hit will one-shot you no matter how much health you have.

penthouse_nm_06When she is not in direct combat:

3 meter wide by 10 meter long AoE. Just avoid it.

Katana Throw
Long column attack. Just avoid it.

Long dash attack, just avoid it.

Cybernetic UtaShe is using an Assault Rifle as her weapon.

Time Bomb (Special Tactic)
When the Cybernetic Uta casts this, the following screen message will be displayed: “Uta prepares a special tactic.” The warning also shows up in the chat. This cast cannot be interrupted.

penthouse_nm_08This ability spawns an Orochi drone called ‘Uta’s Gift’. It will move towards the centre of the room. Once there, it will cast Detonation. This is a DPS check. You must destroy it as quickly as possible when it shows up, otherwise the drone will deep fry everyone.

When she is in direct combat with the tank:

Grenade Toss
A small AoE attack thrown at a random team member. Simply avoid it.

Bloody Long Shot
A random team member is chosen as the target. You will see a red crosshair indication above your character’s head. Simply dodge by pressing the dodge key or double tapping a movement key to shake off this effect. If not dodged, it will deal a massive amount of damage to its target.

When she is not in direct combat:

A long rotating column attack. A rotating white line will first show where the column will be rotating and how far. Then the actual column shows up which is outlined with red lines on the ground. The damage is not very high, but try to stay out of it as the healer already has enough to do in this fight.

However, it is often wiser to simply run towards and through it instead of trying to run away from it, as it often catches up to you and then you end up staying inside the outlined area for much longer.

penthouse_nm_09 Demonic UtaShe is using Blood Magic as her weapon.

Rabbit Blood (Special Tactic)
When the Demonic Uta casts this, the following screen message will be displayed: “Uta prepares a special tactic.” The warning also shows up in the chat. This attack must be interrupted.

penthouse_nm_10This is a channelled heal that will heal either of her sisters. It must be interrupted. If she casts this and her sister’s AEGIS shield is down, the targeted sister may become enraged.

You must slot one impair or hinder ability for this. If she is not in direct combat with the tank, you must interrupt this.

Interrupt this cast if she is in active combat with you.

When she is in direct combat with the tank:

Sanguine Stars
A high damage AoE attack. You must avoid this one or else you might die.

Heart Piercer
Only targeted at the aggroed player. It gives you 1 stack of the Exposed Vein damage over time effect. You can interrupt it, but this attack is cast very frequently.

Targeted at a random team member. Gives you 1 stack of the Exposed Vein damage over time effect. You can interrupt it, but this attack is cast very frequently.

When she is not in direct combat:

Let There Be Blood
Random target. Puts a persistent AoE on the ground,. Stay out of it, otherwise you will get the Exposed Vein damage over time effect, which can stack up pretty fast.


MiscellaneousWhen the fight begins, everyone should be careful with AoE attacks. It is recommended to use Team Speak or other VOIP software to communicate with the team.

Before the fight begins, each DPS needs to choose an Uta that they stick with for the most part. Keep paying attention to the Sisterly Bonds buff, this is crucial! Discuss with your team as to whether you should stop attacking when the stacks increase or if you should help with the other Utas.

You can slot Cleansing Drone to help cleanse the TANK of the Exposed Vein debuff. If Exposed Vein has more than 10 stacks, the damage over time will be very high.

Slot a self-cleanse passive, such as Perjury. You must also slot Provoke to grab aggro from the Utas when they become active. You can slot another aggro ability as a backup if you want, such as Mass Provocation or The Art of War.

Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen

270 889

It’s recommended that all team members use either Demonic AEGIS shields or Psychic AEGIS shields. The eastiest method is probably for everyone to use Psychic shields. Everyone except the tank will need to stand more than 8 metres away from Flappy then. The tank can easily survive the AEGIS blast with the wrong shield.

You can let your team members use DEM Shields or PSY Shields. Remember your weapon AEGIS must match your team members’ AEGIS Shields.

Aegis Pulse
This is a very large circular AoE attack that is divided into three sections based on distance from Flappy. They will do different types of AEGIS damage. If your AEGIS shield does not match the area you’re in, you will take a lot of damage and maybe die.

DEM (Red circle) has a range of 8 metres.
PSY (Purple circle) begins at 8.1 metres and ends at 15 metres.
CYB (Blue circle) begins at 15.1 metres.

penthouse_nm_19Filth Infestation
Random directions of filth columns. Try to avoid them.

Random target. A red circle will appear around you and you will take AEGIS damage every second. If you get this, DO NOT move if not necessary. Other team members should do their best to avoid you.

You must keep healing the AEGIS shield of the person that has this effect on them. If target’s AEGIS shield is depleted, the effect will explode and trigger a pulse that can kill the whole team.

penthouse_nm_16Membranous Tempest
45 degree filth attack. It will knock you down if you’re hit. Only the tank will be targeted by this attack.

Never let flappy face the team, but do your best to avoid it, because Flappy often casts Filth Infestation after this attack, which means you could be stuck in filth for a few seconds.

Disgorge Filth
When the fight begins, a filth pool will spawn in a random location on the balcony. It persists for a little while. Avoid this at all costs.

Desolation Winds
After the Egg Phase, Flappy will fly down to the entrance or back, and cast this. Everyone must hide behind the broken egg. Read more below for info about the Egg Phase.

In the Elite version of the encounter (this one), it is possible to bypass this mechanic using invulnerability effects, such as Last Resort, Immutable or the Nullity Sphere. However, you might as well learn how to do it properly so you are prepared for the Nightmare version, in which this does not work.


Egg Phase

This phase only happen three times, and is triggered when Flappy reaches specific tresholds in its hitpoints.

Flappy will fly away and eggs of random sizes and strength will drop in random locations. The eggs will grow in size over time. They have invincible adds inside them.

There is only ONE EGG that will not grow. This egg is broken. There is an audio cue when this egg spawns and you should see filth leaking from it. DO NOT DESTROY THIS EGG. If you spot the egg, you should mark it with a faction marker than you can buy from the Advanced Faction Fixer in your Faction HQ.

When Flappy returns and starts casting Desolation Winds, everyone must hide behind the broken egg in order to survive. Make sure all the other eggs are destroyed by the time Flappy has returned, or else it will result in a wipe.

As noted earlier, you can instead use invulnerability effects, such as Last Resort, if you want.

penthouse_nm_15The eggs have three sizes with different shields and shield values, as well as hitpoints. The largest eggs only appear in the last egg phase.

If any growing egg still on ground when Flappy has finished casting Desolation Winds, a filth beast will come out of it. Those are extremely hard to kill and will most likely result in a wipe.

Two random team members will get the Corrupt effect on them in on this phase, pay attention to this!

If you get the Corrupt effect on you, make sure to not go too far away from the healer. Watch your AEGIS shield. Also, don’t walk into other players.

Filthy Amalgam

232 200

penthouse_nm_22When Flappy is dead, a golden circle appear at the far end of the balcony. If everyone step inside the circle, the fight will begin.

The fight has high DPS requirements. At least QL 10.2 gear and v1.5 is recommended, as well as QL5+ Capacitors.

All team member should be using the Whip aux weapon and slot the Whiplash passive. This will increase the damage output for the whole team.

All the enemies deal Psychic AEGIS damage. You need Psychic shields.

At least one DPS should slot Deadly Aim and Breaching Shot with the Calling the Shots and Breach Party passives, and you should have one Melee DPS. Extra health is not needed. Be wary of the many AoE attack in this fight. It’s recommended to use Proc builds over percentage builds here.

Slot at least 4000 health as you’ll sometimes get aggro with your healing. Slotting Short Fuse will also help.

Slot at least one impair ability such as Chaotic Pull or Domino Effect. Psychic Renewal cannot be interrupted with the Whippersnapper ability!

Wave 1

A group of Shades will crawl up on the balcony. They have randomised single AEGIS shields.

The Shades usually go after the healer and it’s hard for the tank to get aggro back from all of them. Be careful and lead the Shades to the centre of the balcony.

It can be hard to see the white outlines of the Spew Filth attack cast by the Shades. Avoid standing in front of the Shades for too long.


Wave 2

A pair of Bestial Filth randomly spawn from the entrance, side or in the back. They have randomised two-layered AEGIS shields.

The filth starts to creep closer to the centre from the edges, but you still have a large area to fight in, for now…


Wave 3

An Infected Colossus randomly spawn from the entrance, side or in the back. It has two random AEGIS shields.

Watch out for the Filth Exhumation and Filth Expulsion AoE ground attacks. Those are very dangerous. Mind the sea of filth that is creeping closer and closer.


The Filth will eventually cover the entire balcony. Pay attention to the Filth debuff. Stay out of the Filth as long as you can.

When the last remaining spot is filled with filth, everyone should start moving to the entrance (Spot 1), and a small Filthy Amalgam will spawn on there. You need to move fast.

Filthy Amalgam

The filth spider will move three times. Each time before it moves, will cast Bilious Horror, and the filth-free spot will be covered in Filth again. After arrive to new spot, it will cast Siphon Filth, which removes the filth in a small area around it.

penthouse_nm_21Spot 1
In this spot it only casts Vermiculated Wail, which is easy to avoid. You should aim to take down the psychic shield before it moves.

Spot 2
When you arrive in Spot 2, it will be getting bigger. During the time you spend in this spot, you should take down the cybernetic shield.

In this spot it will continue to cast Vermiculated Wail along with a new attack called Vermiculated Howl. It’s 120 degree cone attack. It will cast it in random directions.

Spot 3
When you arrive in Spot 3, it will getting bigger. In this spot, you should destroy its Demonic shield. Vermiculated Wail, Vermiculated Howl, Vermiculated Roar, will have random directions, be careful.


Spot 4
The same thing will happen in the next spot. This is the final spot and you must kill it as quickly as possible.

This time it will randomly cast Vermiculated Wail, Vermiculated Howl, Vermiculated Roar, and Vermiculated Keen with random directions.

Vermiculated Keen is 180 degree AOE. Be very careful with this one!


When its Flowing Upwards On Strange Gravities buff expires, it will cast Bilious Horror to cover the area around it in filth and this time it will not move away. This is the final DPS check. The team will keep geting stacks of Filth.

Mind the Psychic Renewal cast. It is imperative that you interrupt this, or else it will take longer to kill the boss and you can’t afford that.

Activate the buffs again as soon as the cooldowns have expired. Do your worst, as this is really the moment of truth.

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