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Gatekeeper – DPS

Posted by Ciritty on August 10, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on September 7, 2015
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The Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper is a challenge a player can take on once they have completed every elite dungeon at least once. This only includes Elite dungeons part of the base game, you do not need to have purchased Issue 12.

From the initial agartha platform head towards the first portal that leads to elite dungeons, instead of taking the second portal take the left portal which will lead you towards the Gatekeeper. Once this challenge has been completed this road leads to nightmare dungeons.

In front of the Gatekeeper 3 Manifestations reside, Furio, Fortitudo, Vita.

Below are two of our builds that are considered optimal for this encounter.


This guide will focus on the Manifestation to the left, Furio.
Furio is intended to be the DPS specific Gatekeeper challenge.

This challenge will require you to do things a DPS oriented player often has to deal with in the various nightmare dungeons.

The DPS challenge consists of 3 phases.

Phase 1

Once initiated 4 circles (OF DOOM) appear, stepping on one of these circles will be met with certain death.

The Gatekeeper’s Burning Light hits (Normal) you for 994353 filth damage. (Normal)

Throughout the fight every few seconds, the Gatekeeper will cast another circle directly underneath the players position.

If you’re using a primarily melee oriented build, you will want to avoid standing too close to the gatekeeper or you won’t be able to continue attacking once the third additional circle has been placed. In other words, don’t hug the naked guy! ;)

If you’re having trouble dealing enough damage to get the Gatekeeper to 40 000 HP

Increase your hit and penetration rates. Recommended stats are 500 Hit rating and 400 Penetration Rating, you can add an affliction (such as bloodsport) Iron maiden and dark potency to further enhance your dps output.

dps2You have 45 seconds to complete this phase or the gatekeeper will kill you instantly.

The Gatekeeper’s Too Slow! hits (Normal) you for 926646 filth damage. (Normal)

Phase 2

At 40 000 HP the Gatekeeper will start casting a buff called Gaia’s Fury. This can be seen by the glow that appears over the Gatekeeper. The only way to avoid death is to purge it.

This buff will be reapplied at 25 000 HP requiring you to purge again.

If you’re having trouble dealing with the mechanic once the Gatekeeper reaches 40 000 HP, try following the advice below.

4 methods of purging that do not rely on Random generated numbers:

Elementalism, Electromagnetic Manifestation will take care of both buffs and always hit.

Elementalism, Magnetic wipe will purge on cast easy and reliable. Will not purge if it glances so take hit rating.

Elementalism, Lightning manifestation & Lightning in a bottle (passive) (it’s possible that you do too much dps to have this active during both buffs).

Shotgun, Cleanup & smart bomb are both required to make use of a shotgun to purge instead of Elementalism.


Phase 3

Once you survive the ordeal long enough to purge the second buff successfully Phase 3 starts.

In phase 3 the initial 4 circles (OF DOOM) will disappear from the battlefield, instead the Gatekeeper will call for aid and a Gatekeeper minion spawns.

This mini gatekeeper has the power to kill you with one finger, allowing him to get near you will start a 2 second casted ability that will kill you instantly unless avoided.

There are several ways to avoid getting killed by the Gatekeeper minion.

Don’t be near him when the cast ends. The cast has about 10 yard range, using a dash such as Death from above (Rocket launcher) or Flicker (Elementalism) will send you to a safe distance.

Interrupting his cast. The gatekeeper minion is not immune to crowd control meaning you can stop his ability from being casted by interrupting his spell through impairs or hinders that root the enemy (Stunning swirl or Molten Earth are 2 options).

You cannot and should not be attempting to kill the minion (It will die after a while if it fails to reach you).


In order to end this fight you’ll need to get the health of the Gatekeeper to reach 0.

Once you complete this fight you will be eligible for nightmare dungeons but sadly won’t be able to repeat this challenge.

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