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The Castle

Posted by Darxide on January 3, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on July 24, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Carpathian Fangs Rada Nastase (510, 770) XP1 196 820 PAX35 000  BB6
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Tier 1

Objective: Go to the entrance of Dracula’s Castle

The entrance to Dracula’s Castle is at (440,1010). Once there, you will find gates closed so you need an alternate way in.


Note: If you are lucky, standing to the left of the gates will be the rare Traitor of Basarab who can be killed for an achievement.

Objective: Find a way into Dracula’s Castle

To the right there is a narrow ledge.


Follow this around the side of the building until you find an open window. Be careful not to fall! The Castle is a solo instance.


It is quite difficult to complete this mission without being captured at least once, especially on your first playthrough. If you do get caught you will be sent to the dungeon.


If you end up in the dungeon, you can simply defeat the vampire down there (he’s quite easy) and enter in the code 1852 on the keypad to exit. This will put you back in the room in which you first entered the Castle.


Objective: Check the security terminal

Use the security terminal directly ahead of the window where you came in.


Objective: Find the servant’s keycard (red)

Head through the doorway to the left of the window and up the stairs.


At the top, you will see a hallway with a few vampires. These vampires are named Servant and you can actually kill them without fear of being captured. They are the only type of enemy in the Castle for which this is true, however. You don’t need to kill this group so head into the doorway on the right.


Once inside, you will notice a security camera sweeping the room. Hide behind the chalkboard and wait for an opening to run past.


In the next room is a bookshelf that you can slide out of the way to reveal another room with a security camera.


Once the camera has moved all the way to the far side (away from you) run directly across the room into the corner. From here, you can wait out the camera until you can grab the red keycard from the computer desk.


Tier 2

Objective: Find the guard’s keycard (green)

With the red keycard in hand, head back the way you came. If you want, you can open up a shortcut in the event that you get caught later. Peek out into the hall way and you will notice a keycard locked door. After the patrolling vampire is safely out of range, head out and unlock this door.


Head back to the staircase you originally came up and go back down it. At the bottom, but before you get back to the room with the window, you will find another keycard locked door.


Open this door. Inside, you will see two archways. The first is full of vampires and the second is clear.


You will need to go into the first room to get the green keycard. Simply wait for the patrolling vampire to walk away from you and head in and to the left.


Behind the crates you will find the green keycard on a desk with a computer. Quickly head back out the way you came in.


Tier 3

Objective: Find the bodyguard’s keycard (blue)

Now that you have the green keycard, head down the empty hallway on the right. In the next room, you can peek into the next room and observe a vampire patrolling. Make sure it’s as far to the right as possible before you run past it.


There are two ways through this room. The first is to wait until both vampires disappear from view to the right, count one full second and then quickly run through and to the left. The second is to use the chair to the left of the doorway to jump over the bookshelves. This method is tricky and can take some practice, but once you’ve mastered it, it’s far and away the safest way through this room. On the other side of the bookshelf, unlock the door with the green keycard and quickly duck through.


You will find yourself in a large room with several vampires on the far side. To the right, there is a door locked with the blue keycard which you don’t have yet. You need to go up the stairs to your left, but there is a vampire that patrols them so you need to wait for him to come down the stairs and then walk to the far wall before you head up. While you wait for him, take the time to admire the vampire moose head mounted on the wall above you.


Make your way to the top of the stairs, then carefully head across the balcony and into the next hall. Continue down the hallway. At the end you will go through a doorway. To your right are some vampires that will come and nab you if you mess up the next section, so wave hello and enter the door across the hall.


There is another security camera here. You can use the blackboard propped up just inside the door for cover.


When it’s safe, continue past where you will find another room with a security camera and another blackboard you can hide behind. In the far corner of this room is a computer desk with the blue keycard. Grab it when it’s safe and head back out until you’re back in the long hallway.


Tier 4

Objective: Gain access to the main hall

At this point, you have two choices on how to proceed. For brevity, this guide will only cover the faster of the two methods.

Wait for the vampire to leave this hall and then you will find two doors that are unlockable with the green keycard. The far door just opens into a small room that’s not good for anything but hiding in, but the closer door opens to a stairway.


Go down this stairway. To the right there is another room with another security camera and another keycard.


The golden keycard is on another computer desk in the corner just to your right. You will need to do some fancy footwork to reach this card.


Once you have it, head back out of this room where you will see a gold keycard locked door just to the left of the stairs. Unlock it.


You should now be in a small room with a locked door. Use the gold keycard to unlock the door.


NOTE: The alternative method involves backtracking to the large, main room and unlocking the blue locked door on the ground floor and following the hallway to a room where you can find a crate of explosives. You will have to kill several Servant vampires this way. If you get the explosives you do not need to pick up the golden keycard.

Objective: Confront the grey

Inside you will find The Grey.


Here’s a description of the fight:

He is a vampire boss with some interesting abilities, one of which you won’t see anywhere else. The first ability is Spilled Blood. This should be interrupted by any means available. If you don’t have any interrupts, you will need to fight him along one of the walls. When he casts Spilled Blood he will drop a VERY large AoE on the ground. Run to the far wall to avoid it. The second ability is Blood Boils. At various times during the fight The Grey will run to the middle of the room. When this happens DO NOT FOLLOW HIM! You will want to be alone one of the walls. He will put out several blood waves that will travel outward from his position and cover the room. Dodge these as they will deal large amounts of damage and can easily kill you. The last thing to note about The Grey is that he has a buff on him similar to the buff you will find on spirits throughout the game. One buff will make him all but immune to physical damage while the other buff makes him all but immune to magic damage. He will cycle back and forth between these buffs during the fight, so be sure to time your consumer attacks with these so you don’t waste big hitting abilities on him when he’s nearly immune. This is one of the more fun and interesting solo fights you will do in the entire game, so enjoy it!

If you do get killed during this fight there is a shortcut back. In the room with the window that you first entered is a door locked with the green keycard. Open it and you will find yourself in a courtyard with a lot of vampires.


Head up the stairs to the right where you will encounter several Servant vampires that you can easily kill. Once you’ve done that, head across the small ledge on the far wall and hop down when above the doorway to the inside.


You will be in the large room again and directly across from the doorway is the blue keycard door that will lead you straight to the boss again. Be careful of vampire patrols when doing this.

Objective: Investigate the documents

After The Grey has been defeated, read the documents on the small table in the room. Congratulations on finishing a very difficult mission. Once complete, you will still have to escape the castle.


You can simply run out of The Grey’s room and keep heading straight, out into the courtyard and across to the small doorway on the left that is locked with the green keycard. This leads back to the small room with the window. Alternatively, you can get captured again and sent to the dungeon where you can quickly exit to the room with the window.

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