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The Reaper

Build created by Claretta
Posted by Ciritty on January 22, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on October 12, 2015
  • Abilities
  • Gear
  • Rotation
  • Auxiliary
  • Effectiveness
TypeDungeon Healer Build
WeaponAssault RifleWeaponBlood Magic
AP Cost692
AP CostQL 10.2 Epic
  • AbilityAnima Shot
  • AbilityCannibalise
  • AbilityEnergise
  • AbilityBloodshot
  • AbilityTransfuse Anima
  • AbilityHip Fire
  • AbilityReap and Sew
  • AbilityIron Maiden
  • AbilityEagle Eye
  • AbilityTwist the Knife
  • AbilityLethality
  • AbilityElemental Force
  • AbilityBrawler
  • AbilityExperience
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Suggested Rotation
Suggested Auxiliary Abilities
Ability Ability Augur signet on Chainsaw. Extra personal damage, but you need to be within melee range of the enemy to use it.
Ability Ability Useful for taking out adds.
Gear Stats
3000+Attack Rating
1000Heal Rating
650Hit Rating
300+Critical Rating
180+Crit Power
Recommended to place Crit Rating on Blood Focus and Crit Power on Assault Rifle (Crit rating when you obtain Coney Island Band).
Head:Signet of Laceration
Majors:Signet of Amelioration, Signet of Violence
Minors:Signet of Execution
Assault Rifle:Signet of Abuse / Signet of Breaching
Blood Focus:Signet of Aggression

The Polaris

Hell Raised

The Darkness War

Hell Fallen

The Ankh

The Facility

Hell Eternal

The Slaughterhouse

The Penthouse

The Manufactory

Manufactory Breached



New York

Agartha Defiled



El Dorado







Claretta’s general leech setup. Tweak depending on the situation. Note: Leech healing can be very gear dependant.

Situational Abilities

Do or Die

You can switch Reap and Sew for Do or Die if you have a reliable tank and or are confident in your leeching skills. Beware that you will be rooted while this effect is active, so use it wisely.

Anima Vessel

This is a less powerful version of Reap and Sew. Especially useful in the last hell dungeon where the bosses frequently have reflecting shields, or in other situations where the whole team is taking a lot of damage. Substitute Energise or Full Momentum for this ability if you want to use it.

Cold Blooded

An alternative to Reap and Sew in some fights where you want to rapidly heal the whole group when Reap and Sew might not be as effective, for instance when the enemy is out of reach or for some reason cannot or should not be attacked.

Blood Shield

An Alternative to Energise, useful for gaining blood resources before a short fight or when a fight has moments where shooting a target isn’t possible for extended periods of time.

Three Round Burst & Lock and Load

Useful in place of Energise and Hip Fire in short fights that won’t last long enough to make Hip Fire useful.


I’ll keep this short because you really should be reading Claretta’s guide if you want to learn more about leech healing.

As most builds that make use of Elemental Force you require 5 builders, 1 filler and 2 consumers.

As you are using blood you can tap into your health to cast blood shot, by using 3 times Anima Shot and 2 times hip fire you will be able to follow this simple rotation.

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