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NYR Blade/Hammer Confuse Tank

Build created by Chaosetor
Posted by Chaosetor on September 22, 2015
Last updated by Vikestart on October 12, 2015
  • Abilities
  • Gear
  • Rotation
  • Auxiliary
  • Effectiveness
TypeRaid Build
AP Cost822
AP CostQL 10.3 Epic
  • AbilityGrand Slam
  • AbilityDancing Blade
  • AbilityMolten Steel
  • AbilityBlade Torrent
  • AbilityFull Momentum
  • AbilityConfuse
  • AbilityMaster's House
  • AbilityBloodsport
  • AbilityIron Maiden
  • AbilityBreakdown
  • AbilityAgitator
  • AbilityElemental Force
  • AbilityBrawler
  • AbilitySeal the Deal
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Suggested Rotation
Suggested Auxiliary Abilities
Ability Ability Very handy for avoiding AoEs and moving across the battlefield. It can, however, be removed in order to do more damage.
Ability Ability Good for personal damage as well as having the advantage of doing decent damage even under buffs if an augur signet is used.
Ability Ability Gives a very good DPS increase that applies to anyone who hits the target. It can, however, be tricky to hit the lurker with crack because of its hitbox.
Gear Stats
3000Attack Rating
650Hit Rating
500+Crit Power
In order to get enough health, it is recommended to have about 6000 and use a pure health anima to boost it to around 7000. It is also possible to sacrifice critical power on your hammer and instead use critical rating as this will also work very well.
Head:Signet of Laceration
Majors:Signet of Vigour, Signet of Violence
Minors:Signet of Shattering
Hammer:Signet of Breaching
Blade:Signet of Aggression

The Polaris

Hell Raised

The Darkness War

Hell Fallen

The Ankh

The Facility

Hell Eternal

The Slaughterhouse

The Penthouse

The Manufactory

Manufactory Breached



New York

Agartha Defiled



El Dorado







This build is aimed for use in the New York Raid and it aims to turn you into a tank who is simply a DPS with some extra health. It is strongly recommended to use this build with other tanks who do about the same amount of damage as you do in order to avoid complications such as double stacks.

Situational abilities

Grass Cutter

Does more damage than blade torret, and is therefore a nice option if you do not with to have a secondary builder that generates additional hate.

Sling Blade

If combined with timber or crack, this will generate even more damage if used as a filler. It does, however, mean that you cannot use death from above.

How it works

Grand slam will build momentum for your molten steel hits, while dancing blade will force crit on Elemental Force.

Rotation With a Hammer Ambrosia

Start off with 5 Grand Slam hits to build momentum up to five. Follow up with Molten Steel. After this, you should use your ambrosia and hit once more with Molten Steel, follow this up with Dancing Blade. Finally, use Full Momentum and start your next rotation with Molten Steel. Please note that Ambrosias should only be used when Full Momentul is off cooldown to avoid messing up your momentum stacks, especially if you do not use a secondary builder as a filler.

Full Momentum

Use Full Momentum and Molten Steel a second time instead of a filler whenever Full Momentum is off cooldown.

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