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Bullet Time

Build created by Ciritty
Posted by Ciritty on March 22, 2015
Last updated by Vikestart on October 12, 2015
  • Abilities
  • Gear
  • Effectiveness
TypeSolo Build
WeaponShotgunWeaponAssault Rifle
AP Cost846
AP CostQL 10 Rare
  • AbilityScattershot
  • AbilityThree Round Burst
  • AbilitySure Shot
  • AbilityStopping Power
  • AbilityLock, Stock & Barrel
  • AbilityTactical Retreat
  • AbilityShellshocker
  • AbilityIron Maiden
  • AbilityImmortal Spirit
  • AbilityRunning Circles
  • AbilityBloodsport
  • AbilitySudden Return
  • AbilityArterial Pulse
  • AbilityRapid Getaway
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Gear Stats
1800+Attack Rating
500+Hit Rating
You can continue to increase Hit Rating and Penetration beyond the levels listed above, but don't go above 650 Hit Rating as it doesn't gain you anything beyond that point. Use the rest of your budget on Penetration Rating.
Head:Signet of Laceration
Shotgun:Signet of Breaching

The Polaris

Hell Raised

The Darkness War

Hell Fallen

The Ankh

The Facility

Hell Eternal

The Slaughterhouse

The Penthouse

The Manufactory

Manufactory Breached



New York

Agartha Defiled



El Dorado







A build that simulates “Bullet time” By heavily slowing your targets and increasing the users speed.

How it works

Build 5 resources using scatter shot, follow up with either Shell Shocker or Tactical retreat in order to apply the state Hinder.

A more advanced and effective way of approach is by building once to then activate rapid getaway with Three round burst before building 4 more times before initiating Shellshocker or Tactical retreat.

After you gained resources and caused your targets to be hindered exploit their state with Stopping power (which will penetrate) and Three round burst. Making use of Lock, stock & Barrel will allow you to also activate Sure shot.

More Survivability: If you’re in need of more survivability consider switching out Running in circles for the passive Circulation.

More Damage: If you want to do more damage and don’t move a lot this specific build can still work for you but it will lose its theme. Replace Rapid getaway & running in circles for Gross anatomy and either Critical control or Dark potency.

Don’t like cone abilities: Replace Stopping power for Tear Gas.

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