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The Whispering Tide

Posted by Vikestart on February 8, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on December 11, 2015
Event Status Event Zone End Date
Concluded Agartha Early June
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The Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen

The currently active portal leads to the Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen, commonly known as Flappy. That is a raid designed for around 40 people. If you are unsure of the mechanics involved, you can read this guide.



You can find the Custodian of Whatnots and the Custodian of Glyphs on the left and right sides of the London portal in Agartha.

The Custodian of Whatnots sells a lot of different items including event specific clothing and black bullions. It now sells purple signet bags, astral fuses and criterion upgrades as well.


The Custodian of Glyphs sells purple QL10 glyphs. These cannot be upgraded, but they are good for temporary usage or as a alternate way to acquire purple glyphs if you don’t like endgame content like dungeons and scenarios.


The Event ahead

In early June, the Whispering Tide is set to end and Tokyo will be released.

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