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The Cover-Up

Posted by Impia on February 21, 2014
Last updated by Chaosetor on April 19, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Savage Coast Empty crate (640,790) XP

150 000

PAX13 330  BB1
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This is the defense mission for the Savage Coast Lair, The Overlooked. You must complete this lair’s collection mission, Nobel Calling, to unlock this mission. The [Dynamite] is not needed at any point in this mission, though it’s a nice optional advantage.

Enemies in this lair apply the particularly dangerous Infected and Exposed debuffs in addition to a wide array of afflicts and hinders. It is strongly recommended that at least one person brings Cleansing Drone, and uses it frequently. Melee DPS are also putting themselves at much higher risk; consider switching to ranged for this lair.

The mobs in this lair have high Penetration ratings, and apply additional uncleanseable afflictions if they penetrate often. Tanks should consider bringing a high Block rating.

All mobs in this lair are immune to Hinders and Impairs.

SC The Cover-Up start

Tier 1

Get to the spring

The mission area is a small cave in the southeastern part of the lair. Entering the area will not automatically start the defense mission, so it is a safe spot to get ready.

SC defense

Plant the dynamite while defending yourself

You need to ‘use’ all six of the Unstable cliffside spots in a ring around the edge of the cave to advance to the next part of the mission. As soon as you plant the first piece of dynamite, enemies start to spawn.

SC defense cliff

Every time a piece of dynamite is planted at one of the Unstable cliffside spots, a Mop Slop shade (which is a renamed Slur) spawns at the central Filth spring. Waves of other renamed lair mobs will spawn at the entrance of the cave at timed intervals. As more time passes and more dynamite sticks are placed, more and more dangerous enemies will spawn.

SC defense wave

Don’t place too many pieces of dynamite too quickly, or you could be overwhelmed by the Mop Slops. Don’t take too long either, or the timed enemy waves will grow much stronger.

It’s best to place dynamite when no new wave is incoming from outside, and to warn the tank before placing so they can get ready to aggro the new Mop Slop. Because of this, it’s also best if just one person handles placing dynamite, usually a healer, so that too many sticks aren’t placed at once.

Pay attention to that mission counter – every time a new stick of dynamite is placed, you’ll need to come to the Filth spring to grab aggro on the new shade. You’ll have to alternate between there, and standing at the entrance to grab aggro on new waves of mobs as they spawn and enter the cave.
You might want to take responsibility for placing dynamite, and ask that no one else uses the Unstable cliffsides. This way you can gauge when you’re having trouble healing the tank, and hold off on using the next cliffside, or when you’re having no trouble keeping the tank up, and can manage an additional spawn.

The [Dynamite] special item from the prerequisite mission, Nobel Calling is entirely unrelated to the goal of placing dynamite. However, it can be very useful – using it creates a GTAoE that does about 5,000 damage to enemies. Using it does not consume it until the mission ends. It has a six second cooldown before it can be used again. It has a 1 second cast time, and is interrupted by damage, so tanks can rarely make full use of it. Anyone else in the group is encouraged to use it frequently, if they have it on hand.

Once the sixth and final piece of dynamite is placed, the objective updates:

Fight your way out of the cave and set off the explosives

Don’t worry about killing the remaining enemies, just getting everyone out of the cave alive as quickly as possible.

Once everyone is far enough out of the cave, the mission completes and the enemies despawn.

This mission awards a choice of one Summoning Ritual Fragment. The options are any one of the nine fragments required to summon the lair boss Shadow of Depravity. These fragments are:

Zeta 04 – Upsilon 01 – Omega 09

Kappa 04 – Epsilon 09 – Delta 02

Omicron 04 – Gamma 06 – Psi 03

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