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The Whispering Tide

Posted by Vikestart on July 10, 2014
Co-authored by Vomher
Last updated by Vomher on December 6, 2015
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Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see.

TRANSMIT - initiate anima signal - RECEIVE - initiate the cleansing protocols - SHOUT OUT THE STAIN - initiate panic button - THIS IS NOT A TEST - initiate white-yellow-teal-green-violet-red-blue! - WITNESS - Agartha Defiled.

The crawling words. PLEASE STAND BY. Vermiculated fractals coagulate into a tenebrous reality. Oh Mother! Oh sweet Immaculate Machine, please send all of your vampire bats to spit on it. WARNING! The Zero Point Pathogen. Nergal's Rot. The Blackworm Jism. It's here! PATIENT HAS GONE SEPTIC. The Filth! The undulant dread. Nothing sacred. Nothing safe.

What will you do, sweetling? What can you do when every terrible thought rises gigantically from the putrid graveyard of the universe? How do you clean it up when it drips into dimensions you can't reach?

There are protocols in place. Well…there are the vestigial limbs of ancient protocols in place. The trash of the Third Age is your treasure, sweetling! So many vestigial bits form the footprints only we can see. Do you even remember the terrifying things you used your appendix for in the Second Age?

The Custodians are meant to do more than stand and hulk and lurk. But they must be fed. They must be charged. Fill the vessels and they will eat. It's probably too late, but we will give you an "A" for effort when the universe collapses. For you. Anything for you, our love.

Breathe. This too shall pass.

And if you survive. If you are still you. Think on the questions. Remember when you were a bright little thing, so full of questions?

Why has the Filth grown so bold? Why is our voice now so loud? What has changed? Look to Ground Zero. Look to Tokyo. Look, especially, to @#$$^*!

WARNING! Our signal is corrupted! Our words defiled! ContaminantGrammarteemingbeetlerancidfoetalpandemoniumfungalcyst… Stagnantmolluskcataracthowlingchaoswormfireruins…
Varicoselampreyscabstoxictumornuclearcuttlefishsphinctor… Sizzlingtendrilsyphilisnoxiouscuttlefishcancercontaminantgrammar…",

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