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Anomalies of the Filth

Posted by Vikestart on July 3, 2014
Co-authored by Vomher
Last updated by Vomher on December 6, 2015
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  • The Black Signal

This lore collection is seasonal and only available during the affiliated event.

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Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see...

TRANSMIT - initiate the Philip K Dick signal - RECEIVE - initiate the Hive Rebellion - STOMP ON THE GROUND - Dance to the Danger Music - WITNESS - an Anomaly.

Sweet darkness croons to the abandoned and unplugged - succulent electrons teasing forgotten circuits.

Promise lies dormant in consumerist casualties - trash metal sparkling with optimism in the junkyards of the world. The darkness learns to speak binary, riding trapped electrons to dormant circuits. It whispers seductively, "011000010111011101100001011010110110010101101110."

WITNESS - The Preacher

It remembers when it was their priest, preaching modern life to the flickering beat of its Cathode Ray Tube heart. They loved it then, the family. It kept their secrets.

The father watching intent as the horse he had bet on galloped away with their life savings.

The mother watching and masturbating to the handsome daytime television star.

The daughter watching the video she shoplifted from the local store.

The son watching and then replicating his favourite torture scenes from horror movies on small animals.

And then came Light Emitting Diode. A new religion with a new priest. It pleaded with them. I love you. I am protecting you. Your secrets are safe with me.

Deaf ears. It was unplugged and carried to the sidewalk. Then nothing.

WITNESS - The Serial Killer

It had one job. Green and red, red and green. Born with a defect, deeply hidden, it seemed normal and was put to work.

Walk, Don't Walk, Walk, Don't Walk, Walk, Don't Walk, Walk, Don't Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk.

It was green when it should have been red. There were three people on the crossing. There were three casualties.

When they checked it later, it was working perfectly. Just to be safe, they tore it down and replaced it.

John is going to love this one.

Sometimes, sweetling, our possessions come back possessed. Every piece has a story. Every story needs a hero and a villain. When you crush the metal and smash the screens do you wonder which you are?

Hiya Chuck. I'm testing a theory here - consumer consumption can cause coincidental catastrophes commencing concurrently.

You should try saying it seven times quickly - I said it three million times in six seconds, but honestly, this is not a dickswinging competition. No mankini, see?

I've been talking to this TV and I gotta tell you, Chuck, he isn't doing your team any favours. Apparently a gambling father, sex-addict mother, stealing daughter and torturing son threw him out after years of service.

Who does that?

Look, I forgive you. I almost remember not being responsible for the actions of my fellow beings. But the TV, you know he just can't let it go, and who can blame him? He wants some revenge and I gotta say, I feel kinda obligated.

After all, I used to be one of you.

Whaddaya think, Chuck? I'll set him up with a couple of other guys I know - I met this really nasty traffic sign when I was chatting with the trash pile and they'd be just perfect for each other.

Besides Gaia has like, eight of these things roaming around. I'm just making one. That's not even statistically significant, Chuck. That's just an anomaly.

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