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A Murder of Ravens

Posted by Vomher on June 4, 2016
Last updated by Vomher on June 4, 2016
  • Multiple Zones
  • Points: 25

Chase away 500 flocks of ravens

To chase away 500 flocks of ravens, approach a flock. It will cause them to disperse and invariably summon a revenant in their place.


Flocks can be found throughout the game. The majority are found in Solomon Island. Anywhere a revenant is, a flock will be there to summon it.

Some flocks are associated with missions and will not be chased away unless on that mission. Others are associated with rare spawns, such as the Lurking Revenant in the Savage Coast (345,745).

The most efficient and reliable way to achieve 500 flocks is to repeatedly chase the flock associated with the boat of The Strange Boat Hosue in the Mist mission in the Savage Coast (150,115), which will consistently respawn so long as the bodies surrounding the boat are not examined.

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