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Due Diligence

Posted by Vomher on April 12, 2016
Last updated by Vomher on April 12, 2016
  • The Scorched Desert
  • The Angry Earth
  • Points: 5
  • Clothing: Bowler hat, brown

Use the seismograph to thoroughly investigate the tremors in the Scorched Desert

During The Angry Earth, you are tasked with investigating magnetic anomalies throughout the Scorched Desert.

How to Investigate the Tremors

All anomalies, the sources of the tremors, must be investigated.

Investigating an anomaly requires activation of the Mysterious Device at the magnetic anomaly of interest followed by replay and examination at the Oxford seismograph.

Use the item in your inventory to place it down at the location of an anomaly.

After placing the device, simply wait until a tremor comes. When that occurs, the device will absorb it and record it. Absorption is accompanied by a visual blue vortex.

Take the device to the seismograph at the Oxford Camp (725,865) and use the mysterious device once more. That will cause it to replay the tremor for the seismograph to record.


From there, use the seismograph to look at the new data output.

Magnetic Anomaly Locations

The first two anomalies are investigated during The Angry Earth; however the third and fourth are not, although it does lead you to the third during the mission.

Magnetic Anomalies

First Anomaly: At the feet of a large statue (720,950). Climb up to her base.

Second Anomaly: On a jutting boulder at the Forsaken Oasis (365,625).

Third Anomaly: At the tip of the Ankh northeast of the lift controls (330,845).

Fourth Anomaly: On the right index finger of the statue of Akhenaten leading to the City of the Sun God (755,1105).

All anomaly locations are deciphered through the Tablet translation acquired in Tier 2 of The Angry Earth.


Each stanza correlates to the anomaly, the ‘growl of the earth’.

The Angry Earth requires investigation of the first and second magnetic anomaly, but once the third one is found, it diverges.

To investigate the third and fourth anomalies, take a detour during The Angry Earth at any point before entering the Ankh for Tier 6.

The Third Anomaly

Place the device at the anomaly at the Ankh (330,845).


Wait for a tremor. As this is not part of an objective for The Angry Earth, there will be no notifications for this process.


Now take it back to the seismograph for investigation.


The Fourth Anomaly

The fourth and final anomaly required for Due Diligence is listed as the final stanza.

We come to a place.

Where the Anathema King leers.

Hands grasping the quivering ground.

Upon his index finger of the right.

The growls of the earth.

It sits on the Anathema King’s right index finger.

The Anathema King is the king of the end, the destruction, the one whose name dare not be spoken.



Akhenaten has a very large statue serving as the gateway to the City of the Sun God – the Way of the Aten.


To climb atop the enormous simulacrum of Akhenaten, cross from the cliff to the East of it where multitudes of cultists have congregated and jump to the statue.

Walk across to the other side to go to his right arm, where the anomaly indeed taunts from his index finger (755,1105).


Use the device as with all anomalies before it.


Wait again for a tremor.


Take the final data from the fourth anomaly back to the Oxford Camp and use the device to replay Akhenaten’s tremors.

With the new tremors transcribed by the seismograph, you are free to take the new printout.


After closing the printout for the last anomaly, whichever one is examined last, completion of Due Diligence will trigger and you will be rewarded the Bowler hat, brown.

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