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Hachi kiipaa

Posted by Nordavind on May 18, 2015
Last updated by Vikestart on May 19, 2015
  • Kaidan
  • Confrontations and Revelations
  • Points: 5
  • Title: Pacifist

The achievement Hachi kiipaa can only be acquired by not killing any enemies from this point until you’re in the penthouse. This is eaiser to accomplish when playing together with at least 1 other person, as one of you can keep the Mitsubachi at bay with self-healing and agitator, while the other one fetches all the keycards and open the doors. Dashes and hinders are useful as well.

Suggested build


This build is made purely for doing the achievement called Hachi kiipaa during the mission The Eight-Headed Serpent. You cannot kill any Mitsubachi in the boardroom until you reach the final onslaught. No, not even the first one despite the game asking you to. When you reach the onslaught, feel free to change to a killer deck, or just heal yourself for the entire encounter.

This is not a difficult achievement, but it may take some time due to cool downs.

This is for solo play, for group play just use one person holding aggro with heals + agitator and another operating the doors.

How to gear

Put on 6000 to 8000 health. The rest should be Heal Rating. In any case, use whatever HR and HP pieces you have. AR does you no good. If you have pieces with evade in them, use those. If not, block and defence helps. Use Brooklyn Bracer if you have that.

Heal yourself

When you aren’t doing anything else, heal yourself: 1x Nurture -> 4x Cautarise -> 1x Surgical Steel. Use Radiance if you get in trouble.

Operate doors and pick up cards

When you want to operate a door (or sometimes even pick up a card when swamped) pop both Illusion and Smoke and Mirrors. It can be tempting to just pop one at a time, but my experience says that it was not big success (unless you have a lot of evade gear). Most if not all attacks will be evaded, and you can go about your business. When operating blast doors, remember to lure Mitsubachi the the side you’re leaving, so they will get trapped.

There is one place you must destroy a wall panel to open a door. That is what Claw is for.

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