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Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn

Posted by Vikestart on August 3, 2014
Last updated by Chaosetor on January 29, 2015



Temple Hall, London (395,290)






The Templars


Special Assignment Supervisor

Known Associates

Richard Sonnac


Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn is a high ranking member of the Templar order and she is involved in the special assignments given to members who are up for promotion to certain ranks. Her attire, along with Sonnac suggesting that those who wish to rough up members of the other factions might find that Dame Julia has use for them suggests that she is also heavily involved in the Secret Wars in El Dorado, Stonehenge and Fusang Projects.

While Dame Julia is initially not very welcoming or keen on revealing details about herself, or her past, she will gradually warm up to the player as he or she advances up the ranks. She has shown herself to be blunt when talking to others and she holds the traditions and etiquette of the Templar order in high regard. Despite this, however, she also suggests that her views on the new, modern Templar idea is not entirely pessimistic, referring to a miss Plimmswood, a person from Dame Julia's past, and stating that she would approve as Miss Plimmswood was the first of the new school, even before it became fashionable.

Dame Julia is shown to struggle with technology, especially smart phones, a name she finds to be quite ironic. This may be due to her advanced age, as Dame Julia mentions fighting the Germans in the Great war, suggesting that she is at least around 120 years old. If this is the case, she is likely to have been with the Templars for a long time, this along with her overseeing the Templar secret war efforts and her supervising the advancement of newer Templars suggests that she holds a very high and prestigious rank.


Why? Is this some sort of attempt to fraternise? Well, I won't stand for it. Never mind me, you'd do well to worry a little more about yourself. How you dress, how you carry yourself, I mean, who are you? Are you anyone at all?

You'd do well to learn to not pry into people's personal affairs here at Temple Hall. We're not all of us Richard Sonnac, we're not all fond of talking about ourselves.

Memorable Quotes

Why? Is this some sort of attempt to fraternise?

I expect to see you back here before I have figured out how to hang up on you.

You may have have hoped working to save the future would be greeted with more fanfare. I'm sorry to be the bearer of little to no news. But you have our thanks.

Don't take this as a sign that we're becoming friendly. I do not fraternise with anyone, least of all those below my rank. I believe in rules, traditions, and decorum.

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