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Freddy Beaumont

Posted by Chaosetor on April 15, 2015
Last updated by Vikestart on April 17, 2015

Blue Mountain


The Deep Shaft









Known Associates

Cassandra King, Che Garcia Hansson


Freddy Beaumont, or simply Beaumont, was an important figure within the Morninglight organisation. During most of his time on Solomon Island, he worked closely with Cassandra King.

Beaumont's age is unknown, but he has been confirmed by the Illuminati to have been around at least since the 1600's. Furthermore, Beaumont claims to have been stripped of his godhood, this combined with him mentioning characters from Norse mythology and John mentioning a misteltoe strongly suggest that Beaumont is Loki.

Beaumont searched Solomon Island for the instrument that brought with it the fog, namely the legendary sword Excalibur. He is first observed while having a conversation with Cassandra King in a secret lair North of Kingsmouth by a secretworlder. The secretworlder then proceeded to the Savage Coast, where Beaumont greeted them as he entered the Illuminati vaults; he then collapsed the tunnel and had a guardian attack the secretworlder.

With the help of John Wolf, the secretworlder is able to defeat the guardian, and locate another entrance to the vaults. Upon entering, Beaumont greets the secretworlder and traps them inside. After escaping, the secretworlder finds Beaumont in the Blue Ridge mine deep shaft, where he thanks the secretworlder for removing the Gaia seals that protected the Gaia engine inside, Beaumont then elaborates on his plans to avenge his fall from godhood by using the sword Excalibur and the Gaia engine. Shortly thereafter, Beaumont easily throws the secret worlder out of the mine.

Beaumont proceeded with his plans, but was soon interrupted yet again. He was forced to engage the secretworlder, now aided by the ancient power of the Wabanaki people, a fight which he ultimately lost. The secretworlder was pulled away before they could recover the legendary blade. Beaumont then attempted to recover the sword, but Cassandra King, whom he had previously told off, returned. Cassandra picked up the blade and revealed that she had no intention of aiding him, leaving Beaumont helpless and wounded on the ground.

According to the Dragon, Beaumont is currently held by the Illuminati in one of their maximum security safe-houses. This is strengthened by Kirten Geary claiming that he is being held in a secure treatment ward of the Arkham State Hospital.

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