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Marianne Chen

Posted by Vikestart on July 25, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on September 13, 2014

Blue Mountain


Moon Bog (885,700)








CDC Field Operative

Known Associates


Offered Missions

Type The Filth

Type The Orochi Group


Being the last standing CDC operative on Solomon Island originally sent to support the Orochi Group, Marianne Chen has been studying the filth occupied bog close to the CDC camp. She warns the players to stay away and expresses her comtempt towards her former superiors.


Behind this very expensive official government suit, I'm just a normal gal. Hopes, dreams...ambitions. Faith in my superiors, in my government. I had that. Before the fog. Before I saw the Filth. Before I realized why they sent us here in the first place. All lies. Big, fat, stinky lies. You'd think a government employee - a government employee! - would be trusted with the truth. But no. I guess it doesn't matter that you've dedicated your life to public service. That you risk your health and sanity in service of your nation. I have served. I have sacrificed. I have given so much, and all I wanted in return is to be trusted. Turns out our government is more likely to share their secrets with the private sector, with the Orochi Group, than their own. What the hell does that say about our leaders? About our nation? About the future? I'll tell you this: I don't trust Orochi further than I can see through my visor, and with the amount of condensation and dirt build-up I'm dealing with - that's not far. Not far at all.

The Fog

My team and I- Well, not my team per se, more like Ernesto's team. Frank was his second-in-command, he's such a sycophant. Was. Was a sycophant. I held up the rear, so to speak, not the flashiest role but an important member of our three-man-and-a-woman team. Anyway - my team was sent here to work with the Orochi to investigate "the Filth." Couple of days later, the fog rolls in. This massive wall, moving faster than storm clouds. Thank God we had our suits, made us immune to the airborne agents. Ernesto, the idiot - bless his soul - took his mask off. His eyes just glazed over, his tongue flopped out, and... and he started walking. We couldn't stop him, he-he just kept walking. Right down to the ocean. Into the water. Under the water. Next day, he came back up. It wasn't pretty. least we'd survived the worst. Help would come. It was just a question of time. We were government employees. Leave no man behind, right? One touch, that's all it took. It seeped right through. The guys tried to fight it, but it took just seconds before they were... tainted. Transformed. I ran. As fast as I could. As far as I could.

It's spreading. I've seen it. On trees, on vegetation. On animals. There was this raccoon the other day, it had glowing eyes, worms protruding from its ears. Black ooze leaking through the fur. It left wet paw prints on the ground, and right away the grass and ground were infected. Strangest thing of all, it was like I could see straight through it, and...and I could see stars. Dying stars. Ahh, I know, it doesn't make sense. Oh God, I need- I need some sleep. It's not easy in this suit, but I'm never taking it off.

The Secret World

I really believe you guys are our only hope. We have a name for you. Did you know that? Back at the CDC. "The Bees." That's what we call you. Don't know why, heh. And we keep records. There's a whole floor related to "the Bees." I don't know what's there, I don't have clearance, but I can see now why we'd need a whole floor. If I ever get back home, that's what I want to work on. I want to pick you guys apart. Not literally, of course, I'm not talking autopsies or anything like that, and anyway, do you guys even die? I hear you're even immune to that. Boy, I'd love to be a Bee right now away.

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